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How can u birth the baby by yourself?

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How can u birth the baby by yourself if your overcome with the pain?

I mean it sounds like a stupid question maybe but I am watching ucs and I see how in control the mommies are - while they are birthing...its just amazing...no screaming, they are holding their posture and holding themselves like in a squatting position or other position and some either put their hands down and grab the baby while others have their husbands catch the baby.

In my births, I am so helpless I can barely even move when the pain hits its highest - how am I supposed to hold myself up like that to birth the baby? I plan on being in my huge bathtub I guess on my knees for the birth? Even though I am sooo heavy and one of my knees really hurts.....Or whatever position works but I can imagine that I will feel weak and not feel like I can hold myself up during the contractions...

of course this is worst case scenario that I will be totally alone...or to others maybe a dream come true....but like I have said in other posts i am an hour from the hospital with many possibilities and one being dh is not here and in the city which will take him an hour to get to me and an hour to the hosp or he will be here which means an hour to the hospital....but next week he will be leaving for a week...and will come back when I am right at 37 wks...which will mean if I go into labor, I will make the decision to drive half way to a friends house which is half hour and then have her drive me the rest of the way or if things are too intense to have the baby at home....as I deliver fast.

I am just trying to cope I guess with writing all these same things down over and over again to get rid of some fears of what might could happen but at the same time I am trying to get an idea of how to be in control and on top of things and aware no matter how much pain I am in. Or else how am I to birth alone if the situation insists.........?
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Sorry to DDC-crash, but thought I'd chime in.

From what I understand, you just sort of do. I've not UC'd, but my best friend did. We both have high levels of intensity and, yes, pain right as the baby is about to be born, and from her story she just held onto her daughter's head because, well, she had to.

I think that outside of a hospital environment, you'll likely experience birth differently. If I were you, I'd try to just stay home and avoid the whole complexity of getting to the hospital, either by finding an attendant, if you want, or choosing to UC. Maybe you just spend some time focusing on your ability to birth on your own, without interferance. You can do it. Try to know that.

Good luck!
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Thanks for ur response... I am glad that you chimed in cuz after reading ur response over and over again I realized ur response really does make sense and its the best response I could've gotten. thanks.
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I haven't UC'd yet, but plan on it within a month. I have "prepared" myself as best as I can by knowing what to expect as far as the different ways people handle themselves during this time at home. And yes, I hear you just instinctively handle it different than if you were in a hospital or birthing center. So I am relying on that info also. Try positive visualization. I hear it is very strong! I seriously doubt that you will have a baby within an hour and that your DH wouldn't be there. But that is something that I can't predict either. It's just highly unlikely. Even if you deliver fast, he should make it no problem. However, for the trip, you might have to just relax and just trust that your body isn't going to go into labor before the baby is ready. (Especially since it's before technically you're full term at 37 weeks.)

I had the same concern. My husband is floating out on a ship and I wouldn't know how he would get here if he could in time if I went into labor. I just had to make myself relax and trust that my body just isn't ready growing the baby. I won't be 37 weeks until 4 days after he gets home.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
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I was absolutely overcome with pain to the pain of desperately wanting to die and had no ability to do anything CONSCIOUS at all.....but my body knew how to push the baby out, and it did...the position I assumed was a full squat, and I *did* have my dh behind me and he sort of caught her as she came out, but even if I had been alone, my crotch was like 2 inches off the floor, so she just would have been birthed onto the floor and been fine.....

My birth was sort of a cross, lol, because I was screaming and yelling totally like all those horrible TV birth shows, but yet it was a UC birth...... I was definitely NOT one of those women who serenly smiles while she gives birth to her baby by herself....I thought I would be..but..umm..no.

I'm hoping it goes better this time, but who knows?

Anyway, to answer your question....yeo, you just DO. Doesn't matter how much pain you are in, the baby just comes out. That's how it WORKS.
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This is my first UC but 2nd homebirth.. I feel more along the lines of that the baby births himself.. I just go with my instincts on pushing, etc.. and baby comes out.. once babys out, Im so overjoyed that I dont even really feel the contrax. after the birth and I can check out the baby and then all is well
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Originally Posted by bobandjess99 View Post
I was definitely NOT one of those women who serenly smiles while she gives birth to her baby by herself....I thought I would be..but..umm..no.
LOL. I'm not a UCer, but a noisy homebirther, and can totally relate to that sentence!
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It's not a stupid question!

It was a huge difference just going from a birth center birth (for DS#1) to a homebirth/UC for DS#2....when you know it's just you things fall into place and you just let them happen. And you're okay with that.

I have fast births too, and believe me, I was soooo thankful that it was just me and DP when I was focusing and saying "Talk to me" or getting naked 'cause I NEEDED TO DAMN IT! or or or or or...you don't feel inhibited because you're in your own space...it's wonderful (even if it's hard...it's MANAGEABLE)

You'll be fine.
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Thanks for the replies....

southernmommie u seriously doubt it but I know it is possible...I birthed my last ds from first contraction in less than two hours...my dd before him from first contraction took 45 minutes...and the other two also in the same range of two- three hours....so it is not highly unlikely...and given the fact how far I live away from the hospital plus how long dh would take to get here given that he works inside the city - it would hit 2 hours.....

I am with the idea of skippin the whole trying to get to the hospital thing it is really just tooo stressful but dh wants me to try to get to the hospital - he is soo against having the baby at home and would rather drive me to the general hospital that doesnt specialize in labor and deliver and doesnt have midwives and only doctors only cuz it much closer...I would rather have the baby in a ditch on the side of the road then go to that hospital!
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Well, maybe you can arrange that!

Given how fast you birth (I'm the same, my last 2 birth were between 2-3 hrs from start to baby) you can "fudge" on how far along you think you are and then all of a sudden...uh oh! Baby! Too late for hospital.
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I'm sorry to assume that your DH would get there in time. I shouldn't have assumed that.

However, I agree with attachedmamaof3. Given your quickness, you can say it's too late to go anywhere. I'm sorry he's so against having it at home. Are you? Do you want him there if he is so against it? I can't imagine it would do you any good fighting him to NOT go anywhere and him trying to get you out the door all the time while trying to deliver your baby at home! Good luck with what you figure out doing!
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