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Matey had her baby

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Amanda (matey) had her baby boy, Jack Valentine, this morning at 5:57. He was three and a half weeks early, so it was a surpise, but he's perfectly fine. He's 5 pounds, 12 ounces. I just left the hospital. I'm an IRL friend of Amanda's, and she asked that I let you ladies know her great news. He wasn't too interested in nursing after the birth, and they haven't let her see him yet since they took him away for his bath, because he's not warm enough yet. Whatever.
Labor and delivery went wonderfully. She had no drugs. She only had to push for about three minutes before her little guy came out. I'm sure she'll post more details later.
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awesome! can't wait to hear the whole story! happy birthday, jack!!!
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Wow great news! Glad to hear they're both doing well, please pass along our congratulations Happy birthday Jack!
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How exciting! Thanks for sharing the update.
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congrats Matey! Great job!
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Congratulations Matey, on your unexpected surprise!
Hope everything is ok with you and little Jack Valentine!
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Congrats Matey!! Hope all is going well. I will be thinking about you today
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Wow!! Congratulations!! I am glad everyone seems to be doing fine and I know she is anxious to see her little babe!
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Yippy! Congratulations Matey! I'm glad you both are doing well. I look forward to hearing more details!
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WooHOO!!!! Congrats!!!
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Woo Hoo !!! Congratulations Matey.....Another baby for the Jan DDC. It is finally our turn!
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: Welcome Baby Jack!!!

And congratulations Matey!! I can't wait to hear the birth story and see pics!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Happy Babymooning!!
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Wow! Great news! Thanks for the update.

Welcome Baby Jack!!!!
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HOORAY!!! Congrats Matey!!!!! Welcome baby Jack!

I am anxious to read the birth story!
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Congrats and welcome Jack!
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Congrats! I hope they bring him back soon. I noticed your location and I had a very good friend who had a hard time w/ the staff in one of the Spfd. hospitals, they had him in NICU when he really didn't need it (full term baby). I really hope he's back nursing w/ mama soon!

Welcome, Baby Jack!!!
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Baby Jack! What a great name, I love it!!
Happy babymoon and great Job Matey!
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I know ... I can't believe the whole "warm" thing. What's warmer than right next to mama's breast? Argghhh.
Amanda was getting really frustrated after four hours and no baby.
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Wow, another January baby, here already!
Congratulations, Amanda, and welcome, Jack!
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