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New here.....

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I'm so sorry to join in so late.... I've been lurking for a couple of months and have really learned so much! I feel so inspired by all the women here... it's great to see so many like-minded moms!
I experienced infertility for the first part of my marriage... after 7 years, we adopted a beautiful girl. Then we had a surprise pregnancy, my son. Now we're having a third child and I feel so blessed that I finally have the family I prayed for... for so many years! I've had a great pregnancy, and I'm between weeks 33 and 34.
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Welcome! It sounds like you have a beautiful family!

Now we will have another birth story to read! Yeah!
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WELCOME mama!!
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Welcome! It will be great to get to know ya!!
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Hi! Welcome!
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Never too late to join the club!
Welcome Photogirl!
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yay! another mama joining us......welcome!:

What a wonderful story you have.....how has your pregnancy been?

I am excited to have our third also. I am having another home birth in my new birth tub!

Glad you are here........
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Awww, congrats. That's so neat that you're pregnant a second time after having infertility issues!
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yes welcome. hope to get to know you these last few weeks.
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