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Traveling with unvaxed baby

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We're planning on going to Ireland early next year with ds, who will be about 7-8 months. He won't have had any vaxes at that point.

Could anyone point me in the direction of links about traveling outside of the US with an unvaxed child? Are there any laws we'll have to deal with? I'm not sure where to look, and I need to know what we're in for.

Thank you!
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from a link here in archives

"Article 6
What about international travel? May I go around the world without vaccination?

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva grants American visitors the right to REFUSE shots when traveling internationally. However, if an area you wish to enter is infected, you may be detained until the public health servant gives you the "go" (at his discretion). Thousands travel world-wide each year without shots - so you may if that is your choice. Many of our co-workers have traveled over much of the world and have never taken any immunizations, nor were they ever detained.

It would be wise to request a copy of Foreign Rules and Regulations, Part 71, Title 42, on immunization when you receive your passport. Never forget the basic rule, "No one will vaccinate you against your will because by doing so they assume full responsibility for the consequences both legal and medical."

Rule No. 7: You may travel wherever you wish in the world without vaccination. The worst that can happen is that in very rare circumstances you may be detained temporarily."
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Thank you so much! That's exactly the information I needed.
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