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I'm tired of.....

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Having to alternate sides when I wash my hands because I can't reach the faucet.

Having to reach into the washer sideways, and having to take my hand out, peek and then reach in multiple times to get it all.

Not being able to put a drink in between my thighs in the car.

Annoyances, nothing serious, things we can laugh at. Anyone want to share their musings?
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I was sitting down last night to watch the weather and started asking my dh to please turn it up....please hurry, turn it up...he is frantically looking for the remote when he looked over and saw it on my lap! I miss being able to see my lap.

Or my kids when they are standing under me.
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I'm guilty of the remote one too
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I'm tired of....

Having to pee every time I stand up even if it's only been 3.5 seconds since I last peed.

Having to pull up my "below the belly" jeans every 17 seconds or (as luckily only happenen once while I was holding my 3.5 year old) have my pants fall to the floor in public.

Knowing that I'm supposed to be nesting but having absolutely no motivation or energy to clean or cook everything.

Wondering if any of the diapers I'm taking all this time to make are actually going to fit/absorb/work like they're supposed to.
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I'm tired of...
-My hands going numb when I'm driving/drying my hair/pushing a grocery cart.
-Getting out of breath just from carrying ds up or down stairs.
-Doing yoga to wipe my butt properly :.
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Tired of leaning to the side to do the dishes.

Taking an hour shower to relieve my pubic bone pain.

having contractions that will be 5 min apart, but wont go ANYWHERE after like 1 hour. Man that sucks.

sleeping on my left side, and having my left hand go numb.. CONSTANTLY!

putting the body pillow under my right side, to lean me over on my left, and then using my left arm to support my belly while i try to sleep. Yea, that doesn't work too well..

Yea, trying to roll over, when i'm HUGE, with a numb hand, is CRAZY!
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i'm tired of...

... working! one week to go...

... wonky hips

... having to answer the usual annoying questions posed by everyone
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I had the remote thing happen too - only I was standing next to the bed while dh and dd searched for it in the sheets. It was right under me, but I couldn't see it. LOL
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Originally Posted by Finch View Post
-Doing yoga to wipe my butt properly :.
Yes, this!!!! And I'm tired of being so tired, the kind where you wake up every hour because you're numb/sore or the baby just kicked you or you have to go pee...AGAIN. Not much longer until it's over...
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I'm tired

of waking up to roll over so many times a night...
and then waking in the morning to find that I pulled a ligament or muscle in the belly, again, rolling over.

of the dizziness.

of dh telling me how much i need to take it easier and do less - but not stepping up to the plate to do those everyday things I spend all day doing.

of not feeling the nesting kick in yet - as I really need to unpack and clean my office.

of people asking if I'm having twins...then asking again if I'm sure.
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Originally Posted by Finch View Post
-Doing yoga to wipe my butt properly :.
No bag needed! Right on! I have actually had a cramp in my hand while trying to do this !
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Contractions. They aren't going anywhere or (to my knowledge) accomplishing anything. They just annoy and pain me endlessly.

Having to pee again by the time I pull up my pants.

Nesting and crashing, nesting and crashing, the never-ending circle of nesting and then crashing.

My job.
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the monumental effort it takes to get out of bed to go pee-27 times a night.

not being able to breathe.

my house being a constant mess because picking my kids' toys off the floor is just too difficult!
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ALL of the above.
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Ditto on everything and thanks for making me laugh with all the stuff I'm sick and tired of putting up with!!
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Originally Posted by othersomethings View Post
ALL of the above.
yep that about sums it up how I am feeling too. After staying fairly healthy.. have caught a minor cold..wouldn't be sooo bad.. if I wasn't up every hour or so to pee at night.. if I didn't have to spend my precious sleep time trying to roll over several times in between hourly pee trips.. if dh didn't snore and roll over right after me and blow snore air in my face.. if I didn't feel like I was about to POP... if I didn't have massive charlie horses .. ((sigh))
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I'm tired of
-people looking disappointed that I haven't given birth yet.
-My MIL insisting that I'm giving birth on Christmas eve/SIL insisting I'll give birth before she comes home (Dec.21) Is it bad that I don't want to give them the satisfaction? Sad thing is, I like my MIL and SIL
-Squatting to pick stuff up. Squatting in itself isn't bad, just the amount of effort it is to get back up
-walking down crowded aisles, and realizing that I take up more space when I turn sideways.
-waking myself up from snoring
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Ditto everything else that's been said.

I'm tired of every single thing taking so much energy and effort to do.
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turning sideways to barely be able to reach the bottom of the washing machine.

ditto on doing the dishes sideways

water! ugh!! I'm sooooo sick of drinking water!

Having to replace the toilet paper roll 3x/day!

above mostly due to: pee, wipe, dribble, wipe, dribble, wipe routine. (tmi, sorry!)

I'm this aweful cold on top of all the stuff that goes w/ being 37wks
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Basically, I'm pretty much tired of being pregnant.

Mostly, I'm tired of my mother telling me that I'm going to go "any day now" I'm barely full term. And she's been saying this since October. :shocked:
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