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Originally Posted by Googy View Post
I finally had a chance to read your story. How sad and scary. I am so sorry.

Its weird--I too had an uncontrollable urge to push at only 7 cm--maybe this is a very bad sign since I too endedup with a c-section???
Hmm.... I wonder if it's the body's natural way to keep a cervix open/opening when it is starting to swell? Just a thought.

I'm sorry that your birth was so traumatic for you. You did the absolute best you could - you were at home, with a hands-off midwife, prepared for a natural birth. You did everything in your power to do this naturally, so at least you have comfort in knowing that it really, truly could not be done. The way the hospital treated you proves why you avoid such deranged institutions in the first place! Hugs to you, mama. May you find strength in knowing you did everything right - and the best you could - for yourself and your baby at the most vulnerable point in both of your lives. That is absolutely commendable, and I respect you more than words can tell.
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That is so wrong!!!
But, Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. Look at her, you are not flawed , you grew her and gave her shelter for 9 months. That is amazing.
How the staff treated you was so completly wrong.
Many hugs,
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It was hard just reading about it. Tears.

I worry this will eat you, I hope it all fades soon. Your so strong but it has to be hard being strong under all the weight of that. Please get trama help if it will not leave you alone ok.

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Hugs, mama.

PMing you now.
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WOW- I think the way they treated you was horrible, you needed medical attention and that's why you were there- how dare they even waste a minute being rude about it. There was no reason for that. You have a beautiful family; You labored at home for a long time; and you did a great job. You transferrred intelligently, knowing something was wrong because you were RESPONSIBLE and did your homework; and your midwife knew what was going on, too.

Try not to be sad; you made a valiant effort, and you still did things on YOUR terms this time. If you had simply scheduled a CSection, you'd have wondered if you were a wimp for not even trying. If anything, this experience should bring you peace and comfort knowing that you saw firsthand the necessity of it.

The only thing unnecessary was the way you were treated. I would write a nasty letter to whoever is in charge there. No, I wouldn't but I'd think nasty thoughts with the best grammar in my brain and ultimately decide to focus instead on my healthy babies and my personal recovery.

So with that; get plenty of rest; accept help from everyone who offers; forget those jerks at the hospital, you don't like them anyway. And drink plenty of water. Remember, we luv you here, and I am proud of you.
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