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Where to store Board Games?

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Where do you store board games? Do you use them a lot? We have the ones for adults (never get used) and the ones for kids (get used much more). but the boxes are different sizes so storing them is hard. Suggestions?
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I have many, many cabinets in my kitchen and 2 of them are dedicated to board games. One below the oven (it's a built in oven) holds ones that little kids can play, and one above the dryer holds ones that bigger kids play.
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We haven't gotten to the board game stage yet but this is how I store Abigail's puzzles:

Puzzle boards are propped up in rubbermaid tub sans lid.
Pieces go in quart size ziploc and are stored in said tub.

For board games:

Ditch the box
Each game gets a labeled gallon ziploc bag for pieces and instructions
Game boards get stacked together on shelf
Game Piece bags are stored in rubbermaid tub on same shelf next to boards
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Ditch the box! that is genius!
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we keep our grown up games in the top closet shelf in our guest bedroom because we don't play them as much.

but the kids board games, puzzles and card games etc are on a low, deep 3 shelf book shelf in the family room, keep all puzzle pieces in ziploc bags in the boxes, if the box gets trashed, I cut the pic of the puzzle and put it in the baggie too, then it goes in a puzzle basket. I keep all the card decks, small hand games etc in a basket there too. its been working great for awhile now for my 4.5 and almost 7yo, and can stay pretty tidy and organized looking. I'll have to come up with something else in not too long though, I'm sure my 7week old will love to pull and dump in that area in a few months

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We have a closet in our hallway with several shelves. That's where all our art supplies and puzzles live, and board games are stacked on the top shelf.
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also... when I put puzzle pieces into a baggy I write the #of pieces on the back of the pic of the puzzle (from the box)
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we tried ditching the boxes, but then they never played with them. The bags didn't stay nice, either. Plus, it was harder to find the boards.
Now we keep them all in their boxes on a shelf in the laundry room. I love the idea of a cabinet though and if I had a spare one, that is where they would go
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We store them on a low shelf in a closet, lined up on their sides like books. That way, the kids can pull out a game without having a big pile toppling over.
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