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Ok has anyone had bleeding with a happy result?

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I'm bleeding without cramping. Not spotting, bleeding. Brick red color, not bright red but not brown.

Doc says 1/3rd of all pregnancies have some bleeding in the first trimester but of course I'm still freaked out.

Has anyone had actual bleeding that ended with a happy result? Please don't share sad stories, not because I'm insensitive - just would really rather focus on positive at this point, which is increasingly difficult to do.

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Yes, I have, it was sub-choreonic bleeding with my last pregnancy. But I had LOTS of cramping enough to have me rolling on the bathroom floor in pain and filling 4-5 pads a day. Lasted for a few months on and off. I did take it easy, partial bedrest but everything came out fine.
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With my first pregnancy I did. It was very heavy, like a period. I went in for an ultrasound and they showed me everything was fine. Actually most woman i know have bled early on in their pregnancy and have been just fine!!
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Not only did I have bleeding, but a friend of mine did too. She went to the doc and he said it was the sloughing off of the something...(can't remember what) I don't know what color hers was but "it was like a period".

1/3 of pregnancies have bleeding! Good grief. It must happen all the time and people just don't mention it.

Keep up the hope, Ashley!

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With my DD I bled at 14 weeks, brick red blood. Went to bed for two days, crying, until it stopped. Bled again at 23 weeks, that time I went to the hospital for an ultrasound to rule out placenta previa. It was fine, DD is now a passionate and sensitive 4 yo. Good luck.
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I have bled with all four of my pregnancies. Eventually it stopped.
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I bled with my daughter during the first trimester and she is now a happy, healthy baby.
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BOth of my live births I bled to about 12-16 weeks.
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I had a full blown "period" around 4 weeks. During that time I found out that bleeding during pregnancy is MUCH more common than people think.

Hope everything is well, mama.
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Yup I did for 2 days at about 12 weeks. Ultrasound showed no problems and rest of pregnancy was textbook perfect.
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I have not, but I'll be thinking of you...
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I did, with Zoe (she's 14 months now) at six, eight, and ten weeks. I had a sub-chorionic hemhorrage, which eventually healed itself.
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I did. Found out it was implantation.

My mom told me that while she was pregnant with me she flooded the kitchen floor. I am still here! She actually did that twice (with my sis too!).
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I have bled with all four pregnancies and have three healthy children and this one in the oven!
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I'm reassured by the replies on this thread - - I spotted all day yesterday and was pretty upset by it. Today it is more or less gone, although I still have some mild cramping, and I'm still a nervous wreck.

Ashley, how are you doing? Thinking of you and hoping everything is OK.
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Yes, I also had bleeding with DS at four weeks and 9-10 weeks.
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HI yes I had brownish-red bleeding for about a week at 6 weeks and a perfect preg and baby after that initial worry! It is a good sign if you still feel pregnant like food nausiates you or low blood sugar. That is what kept me believing everything was fine. Wish you some peace of mind soon.
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Not in your DDC, but I saw the post on new threads.

I had huge gushes of blood at 13 weeks. It tapered off through day 1 and stopped by day 2. I was freaked out and definitely thought I was miscarrying...although maybe I shouldn't have thought so since I didn't have any pain along with the bleeding. An ultrasound on day 3, after I bugged my then-OB enough, showed a healthy baby, and nobody could tell me what caused the bleeding. DS is now over 2 years old and perfectly healthy! My midwife (finally switched after the treatment I got with the bleeding episode) did find a white "spot" on the placenta that she guessed had something to do with the bleeding I experienced.
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I had gushing blood for a few hours at 8-ish weeks with both of my other pregnancies. I was pretty worried both times, but my girls were fine!
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oh, I'm so happy to read this thread! I knew bleeding was common in early pregnancy, but I'm 12.4 weeks & I was afraid this was "later" than "normal"

I had one episode of bright red blood earlier today, but nothing since, so fingers crossed!
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