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How much blood could be "ovulation spotting"???

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Some background: I'm tandem-nusring my middle (3.5 yrs) and youngest (almost 18 mos.) DCs and TTC #4. Started getting my cycle back about 3 months ago, but I don't think I O'd the first time until last month. The first two "cycles" I had some EWCM but not tons like I normally do, and the periods came 5-7 days later and were very short and light. So last month I had a lot more EWCM and thought I was O'ing so I used prog cream after O to try to lengthen my LP. Got AF around 9 or 10 DPO despite using the cream. (So incidentally, what does that mean? Was I not using enough to hold off AF?) Anyway, AF was *extremely* heavy and crampy/painful for days and days. So I figured that was my first "real" cycle.

I really, really, really wanted to conceive this month - so I've been using OPKs since day 10 in addition to observing CM (no temping since we've been traveling etc.) All totally negative until yesterday early am - CD 20 - got a very dark, positive OPK. So we DTD last night, 12 hrs after the + OPK, so perfect timing right?

So this morning I'm having what I thought was O cramping, but I felt wet. Figured it was just more EWCM or semen from last night. But it was blood. I was shocked to see that! It wasn't what I pictured O spotting to be (a little pink or bright-red tinged mucus I thought, right?) I've never had bleeding around O before. It was more dark red/black-brown and it was definitely mucusy but more blood than I expected. (Sorry, TMI alert!) It was more like stretchy/stringy blood than mucus with a little blood in it. It was bloody when I wiped and then I spotted a bit on a pad over the next hour and then it stopped - nothing more all day. Could this still be ovulation spotting, or is my cycle even more messed up than I thought? What does it sound like to you? Should I start the prog cream tomorrow again - how much? TIA!!
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I think I'm having o-spotting today. It's just a teeny pink tinge here and there though, not like you're describing.

I'm on CD 11 though with a negative OPK. Well, either 11 or 17 depending on which first day I count. I started and then started again a week later when my IUD dislodged.
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Nobody else ever had this sort of bleeding at ovulation? Come on, somebody tell me this could be normal, I reeeaaallllyyyy want to be pg this cycle and this would mean our timing was perfect!!!
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I am getting my cycle in order as well...I have been having random spotting all nov and this month... I too was really excited and thought that it could be ovulation spotting ,however, what I thought could have been ovulation spotting has turned into a full blown period....so essentially I think ovulation spotting is very light and not anywhere near looking like a period... I have been researching this all day and have found that the reason for spotting starting and stopping when reestablishing fertility is that the progesterone levels are fluctuating..which in my case would make sense as my temps have also gone from 96.5ish to a now even 97.3 pre "ovulation"......i'm sorry my post was not more pro ovulation but you should be encouraged either way...one step closer right!!!! Perhaps someone else might be able to elaborate more on the effects of progesterone levels ...hth!!!
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