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hormones getting worse

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i'm sitting here watching teen nick crying. i can't believe myself.
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I sobbed uncontrollably when I was shocked by the hot water heater trying to turn it up without turning off the power(!!) It didn't hurt very much but it really upset me for some reason (probably the fact that I had been asking DH to do it all day!!!) I feel much better today. It comes and goes!
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I've been crying at least once a day for about a week now
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I haven't been crying but I have been mean. One minute I am fine. The next my head starts spinning and fire shoots out of my mouth. I scare myself sometimes. LOL Dh thinks its hilarious. Then he gives me that look, that don't-laugh-at-the-crazy-hormonal-pregnant-woman look, and then I get that I'm-gonna-inflict-pain-on-you look. Thankfully my libido is in full force so I won't allow myself to pick any major fights...I have needs ya know. (Did I just say all that? )
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Since I hit 36wks I've been a hormonal mess! I either cry or get really edgy/testy and yell which I HATE! Dh has been really supportive and said that the same thing happened last pregnancy, but we didn't have a 3 year old so I could just disappear and gather myself or cry or whatever I needed.

Thank goodness the end is in sight!!!!!!!!
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