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I've been planning all along to use my regular naturopath as my baby's pediatrician, but as the time gets closer, I keep thinking maybe I need to actually interview her or something...in some way make sure she's on board with our choices. Anything you think I should talk to her about other than vax, circ, vitamin K (...and some other newborn stuff we'll probably refuse), breastfeeding and when to introduce solids....that's all I can think of.
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the stance on babys sleeping habits.. cio vs. cosleeping vs. other gentle sleep routines, etc..
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Approach to antibiotics and other interventions in the case of illness.
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i just told our old ped in tahoe what our choices were. i didn't care if she was on board or not. we went to see her as a last resort. and if i wanted another opinion, i went to our naturopath. then i made up my own mind.
in our new town we found a homeopathic md who's philosophy seems more aligned with our own, but i still don't feel the need to go into any kind of detail about any of our individual choices, as that is what they are. individual choices. what rootzdawta mentioned would be important to us, as we utilize the doc for extreme illness. general opinions/ideas on child-rearing, including our family's stance on vax, do not involve our doctor.
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I have a great ped that I love, but I drive a long ways to see her (1.5 hours), and she is about 2 hours from where I deliver, so I'll have to use one of hte local peds for the babies while in the hospital. I decided not to do any interviewing, but have instructed DH and my mom that there is NO vaxes and NO circ, other than that I"m kinda okay w/ the vitaK and eye goop. I figure if anything else comes up, I'll just tell the on-call ped that I'll speak to my other ped about it. Mabye I"m a bit nieve, but I really don't expect a lot of problems now, since I"m so far along. Before I was really nervous about it, but now I just feel like everything is going to be fine, I may need to use the bililights or something, but nothing major. The ped's office I am going to use I went to w/ my first DD a few times. I know the ped and I'm fine w/ expressing my opinion on anything htat happens to come up the first few days/week. My regular ped is really cool w/ me choosing which vaxes I want and encourages BFing and cosleeping, but I don't consider discipline or sleeping arrangements part of her job to council me on. I go to her for medial advice, not parenting advice.
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