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yes cat naps, but i get 1 good hr during the day, and 1-2 good hrs in the evening before i go to bed. tonight i think i will try to put her "to bed" upstairs in bed instead of keeping her downstairs with me. wish me luck...

this is from november-


i like having babies around, i don't think i will wait as long as i did to have another. maybe we'll give natural child spacing a try!
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Banana: goodluck tonight! Loved the pic, it is so cute!

Karen: I wish you posted about the Happiest Baby DVD white noise about a week ago I forgot about that (well we did buy the DVD more than 2 years ago) and we just spent $59.95 on an actual white noise machine

Suz: we have a air purifier for my DS and we looked for another one for DD but no one is selling them locally anymore : They are great aren't they? Blocks out the noise completely. Your boy looks so pleased to be taking a photo with Santa Very cute!

marly: wow only 1 year difference for your sons and I have 2 years between my children. Glad to know that they are close. Gives me hope that things will get better. It is hard now but I'm hopeful that they'll be good playmates together.

Aimee: Glad that Lincoln's reflux is under control. My DS had it and its awful when it affects their sleep. My DS was a catnapper because of it I'm sure. Sorry about Pierce's belly. Glad that he is putting on weight hope he comes home soon!

Heather: I'm trying to watch and listen to my DD for her routine but I'm afraid that I'm just not getting it I'm just trying to go with the flow at the moment.

Got to go, baby is paging me.
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Hi everyone! Wow, this thread is rockin!! I scanned all the posts, sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. I am so happy!

I am about asleep on my feet - I volunteered at dd1's preschool's pancake breakfast this morning - nearly four hours of cooking, cleaning up, etc., with Ellen on me in the carrier. Whew! Won't be doing that again. But it was a ton of fun, and Sofie had a ball.

I have a cat napper too. Just like dd1, though, so it just seems normal to me. What takes me by surprise is that she will fall asleep without nursing, and that she sleeps three to five hour stretches at night.

Ellen is just a love. Not that Sofia is not sweet as all get out, but she has this bouncing off the walls intensity that Ellen doesn't have, and it is a nice break. Also, Sofie is very much an extrovert, whereas I sense already that Ellen is an introvert, like dh and I, which will also be a nice break. Not sure I could have two recharging their batteries by bouncing off of me all day!

Aimee, I think of you often. Hoping and praying the boys are both home soon.

Candy, yep, I think of having one more. Most days. Then other days two seems just right. I think next fall we might reevaluate and see where we are. Unless we get a surprise (and given that both our girls are IVF babies, it would be quite a surprise!) in the meantime. Which would be SO wonderful!

Oh, that reminds me - anyone here good with dream analysis? I had the nicest, oddest dream the other night. For some reason I was at this party thrown by Warren Buffet, and he was giving away $160 million dollars. He threw a pearl necklace into the crowd and whoever caught it won the money. In my dream, I stood there with my hands out, but not really expecting anything, and the necklace actually floated down right into my hands! I just feel like this dream means something. Guess I should play the lottery this week, just in case, huh?
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hi all

not much time to post, but soooo glad to read about how everyone is. i miss you though i rarely have computer time. we have alllll been sick here. baby noah the worst with rsv. thank God he is better now... asleep in the sling as usual. he is my first baby to not nurse to sleep. he has to be walked around and bounced and really needs white noise to finally go down to sleep at night. waking up... more later

peace jen
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Oh man I'm so hacked. DD is 10 weeks old and it looks like AF is back. This is the earliest this has ever happened. I was so hoping it was just a bit of spotting but it doesn't look like way. I'll admit that she does like the paci. I've never had one that would take one before. But I think it's more because she's a good sleeper at night. If she's in bed with me she only snacks once or twice during the night.

I'm seriously bummed though. I have PCOS and have rough cycles. I was so hoping to keep it at bay for a year or so! Does anyone know if there's a way to ward it off longer? Maybe if I hide the paci for a while?? I really don't give it to her that much. Only when we're in the car..
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Aimes- *hugs* Grow strong boys, the October Moms are thinking of you and wishing you lots of love!

We are done having babies...three is just right.

Sorry t hear about rsv...I hope everyone is doing better.

well off to do laundry....Erin is now 13lbs and 23 3/4 inches long and outgrowing all her 3-6month outfits already. She seems to be all leg. Anyone know of 2piece jammies that are nice and warm and won't ride up on her tummy. 6-9 jammies are too big but 3-6 are too small. wow, i can't believe hw big she is.
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so tristan is 2.5 months old now-gonna be 12 weeks on monday. he was 11lbs 4 oz and 23" on the first at his 2 month appt. hes in mostly 3-6 clothes now, there are a few 3 month outfits that still fit. he is such a happy baby! so alert, always looking around and smiling and laughing and talking. he loves people. we had pics done at the beginning of dec i got back last week- we just got a new scanner, so i need to get them online. we did christmas pics yesterday, olan mills has a free new baby package that has to be used by 3 months, so he got double pictures. they want be in til the 2nd, but thats ok.... i have pics in the link in my siggy, but i need to add new ones
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Stacey, I heard that you can try to ward off your cycle by taking baby to bed for a day and just nursing like crazy. One girl even said she did that and pumped in between nursing, and that worked for her.

I hope AF goes away for you!
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Originally Posted by cherubess View Post

marly: wow only 1 year difference for your sons and I have 2 years between my children. Glad to know that they are close. Gives me hope that things will get better. It is hard now but I'm hopeful that they'll be good playmates together.
they're actually 19 months apart, but yes, it does get so much better. they love each other and play so well with each other

dd was 11lbs and 22in at 2 months and still fits in her 0-3 months stuff. She has to wear 3-6 month pants, but that's just because I don't have any newborn stuff. Hopefully she will stay in the newborn stuff for a while. her brothers were both in 3-6 month stuff at 1.5 months old
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Originally Posted by mrflowers View Post
Stacey, I heard that you can try to ward off your cycle by taking baby to bed for a day and just nursing like crazy. One girl even said she did that and pumped in between nursing, and that worked for her.

I hope AF goes away for you!
I think I'm going to try that when DH is home this weekend. I was thinking about it today and I really think AF was probably brought on by us being sick a few weeks ago. DD didn't want to eat at all for several days and maybe that brought it on..Bleh..Who knows though? Hoping it goes away!!
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Can I re-join??? I sort of lost you all after DD was born early (9/3), due in early October. She was born at 35 weeks and it was CRAZY at first. But, I was originally hanging out with you ladies!

It'll be fun to hear how everyone's LOs are - I'll try to catch up!

Oh - here are pics of Isabella. http://s191.photobucket.com/albums/z...ginator=bottom
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Aimee - I'm glad the boys are making progress, but sorry it's so very slow. Hope Pierce can come home soon!!!

Isabella is 15 weeks, which has FLOWN by. I swear she keeps getting funner now. On the high needs side, but I don't mind at all. She just wants to be close to momma. 11 lbs 12 oz on Monday at the cardiologist.

On napping - she catnaps if I put her down. If I wear her, she'll sleep well. I got a 3 hour nap earlier today and she's now been asleep for 45 minutes (and is waking up...) I LOVE my mei tai!!!
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this is a crazy all over the place thread...

aimee- your boys have come so far, i know they have a long way to go, but they truly are amazing!

ok, i know thins makes me a lame mothering member, but what does AF actually stand for?

and a mei-tai, how does it work, why do you like it so much. I really want something that is truly hands free for a small infant, preferably something that goes on my back. does that exist? i would get sooo much more done.
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I got the Mei Tai Baby, since DD is small and I wanted the snap at the bottom so her legs don't get too splayed out and so we can do forward facing (Bjorn-like). www.meitaibaby.com. Got the headrest, too, but haven't needed it yet since DD's so small it supports her head now.

It fits me well - the Ergo just doesn't fit me for some reason.

So, I love that it ties, but not so complicated as the Moby wrap that we started with (love that too, but too hard for out and about). It's just really comfy on me and DD seems to love it. You can supposedly do a high back carry (check out youtube) with small ones in a mei tai, but I haven't tried it. Seems very popular with the babywearing crowd, though. It is hands free except when I bend over to like pick something up off the floor - then I hold her head. I can do normal cleaning (laundry, dishes) with her in it.

I could get very into this babywearing thing. I want a soft structured carrier too now (interested in the new Pikkolo, but it's pricey!).
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banana, AF= aunt flo= gettin' yer period
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babywearing... i was soooo excited about the moby wrap before ds was born. i used the maya wrap sling with both dds and loved it but wanted to try something new. i let myself splurge on the moby. however, i have also found it complicated to get on and to change baby's position in... also hard to nurse in. in the maya i can get it on, him in it and latched on in the grocery store with 3 year old in tow and noone even realizes there is a baby there!! i hope i like the moby better when he is bigger and can be in the hip or back hold. he does like the front cuddle hold early in the day for a nap but usually i already have the maya on so i just stick him in there....

cat naps... oh yes... as long as he is in the sling he will sleep longer. he sleeps for longer stretches early in the day. as the day progresses the naps get shorter and he gets fussier. evenings have been a challange at times

rsv... thank God we are all better including Noah. no more wheezing and only occasional coughing. overall it was a mild case but still scary

cloth diapers... i need inspiration to break into the cds again..: it has been crazy since noah was born. my mom broke her leg and i was busy taking care of her and my kids. as soon as she was better we were sick. i am overwhelmed with the amount of laundy my 3 kids and husband and i produce anyway without adding cds... anyway i'd like to use them but can't face more laundry right now.


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We aren't cloth diapering either...with three kids, it just is too much work right now. I want to get some fuzzy bunz again, since wraps are nice but aren't working as well. My goal is to get her into cloth by 6months. I figure I have 2yrs of diapering ahead of me, so I will get to use my diapers eventually. I do feel bad about adding to landfills but when I was just coping, there was no way I could add one more chore to my list. Now, that we are getting into a groove it isn't too bad but still I haven't found time for more laundry.
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just wanted to sat hi to everyone.

typing with one hand as my little baby sleeps in my arms. what an experience this has all been and what a joy! didnt think i'd make it those first few weeks (bad baby blues) but did and things have gotten much better.

veganone - isabella is beautiful. love those photos.

banana - always love 2 read your updates.

marlygf - you make me think i want to have another sooner than later.

I'm not cd'ing yet either, even though we have 6 wks free diaper service. its all prefolds and they are just too bulky right now.

here's a pic of Maya during tummy time.

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Aw, Maya's adorable!!!

We don't CD either - did some research and decided that being in a drought-ridden state (CA) with adequate landfill space, we'd rather do landfills than use more water. Depends on where you live as to which is better environmentally... Just what we decided, though! Oh, and I'm also lazy! CDing is so cute, though!

We use 7th Gen disposables.
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Add me to list of excited about the Moby, but finding it a bit too hard to use at this age. He loves a pouch sling either fleece or one we got from sewfunky.

We use cloth, but disposables for out and about and overnight. With two in diapers it is cheaper, but oh the laundry!

We went to the ped today for a weight check as his reflux is flaring again. Gaining slowly, but the ped was happy with it. This is my third refluxer and it hasn't gotten easier to see him hurting. Any other reflux babes here?

VSC--glad things are looking up! Mya is such a sweetie! Looks like she loves tummy time too!
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