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Less social when it got close?

Poll Results: What was your social habit shortly before delivery?

  • 44% (17)
    Wanted to talk to people much less
  • 0% (0)
    Wanted to talk to people much more
  • 44% (17)
    Wanted to talk to certain people, but avoided others
  • 10% (4)
    No change
38 Total Votes  
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For those of you who have done this before, I am curious what your social habits looked like shortly before delivery (up to 4 weeks before). Did you want more interaction with others, less, no change, only with certain people??

My reason for asking is that I am avoiding the phone like the plague. I'm normally not a big phone person, but I haven't even called my mom or my sister or my best friend in several days, and I have ZERO desire to call any of them any time soon either. Is this related to the 9th month, or am I just being bitchy
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this time and the last i want less and less to do with most other people. i'm far less tolerant of other's quirks and more blunt about what's on my mind.
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i avoid people towards the end, mostly because i don't want to answer anyone's questions. i always feel like people see me as a ticking time bomb or something, and everyone looks at me like i'm going to spontaneously start screaming from labor pain. i don't like feeling any pressure from anyone; i'd much rather just keep to myself (and my DH and kids), who know that the baby will come when the baby is ready to come, and won't make any uneducated comments to the contrary.

now if only i could avoid my in-laws for the next 6 weeks!

have a good night, everyone,
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This pregnancy and the last I have been a bit less social in the last few weeks too. I feel like a roosting hen some days, all I want to do is sit in my nest
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I am definately less social overall although there are a few people that I want to talk to more. I spend a lot of time talking to my sister (who is a midwfe's asst, doula, generally has same views as me) and very little time talking to anyone else other than my kids and DH. Especially the last week or so last time I really didn't want to talk to anyone else. I haven't hit that point yet so I know that I have a ways to go!!
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I am definitely less social. I do not want to be on the phone but paradoxically I feel alone. What I would really like is for my dh to be home all the time but he has to work. I think the reason why I'm less social is because in being social, there's a lot of potential to get upset. For example, a friend of mine had her baby boy circ'ed at birth and since they botched it, had it re-done. Another example is that I'm lying to my mother about having a homebirth. Another example is friend of mine who I can't complain to (not that I would only complain but I feel like I can only share the positive things). I'd love to talk to my sister but every time I call, it usually goes to voice mail. All these things irritate me and make me just want to crawl into a shell and just wait till the baby gets here. Plus it's very cold and icy outside ( so I certainly don't want to be out there interacting with anyone.
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I am picky about who I want to be around. Good, supportive friends? By all means, yes! My critical, hypochondriac mom? Not so much.

I cannot be around anyone who is feeling negative, bitchy, grumpy, critical, moody, aggressive, etc....

Just doing what I can to maintain my happy bubble. :
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I'm definitely a lot less social towards the end of pregnancy.
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This is my third pregnancy and I'm less social during pregnancy period. I get too crabby talking to people on the phone.
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This is my 5th pregnancy and I have been a bit less social the last month..more progressive with each one, probably. I have very little tolerance for BS and tend to be blunt (rude?) where as before I may have ignored or sugar coated certain things. I may just stop answering the phone to protect the public.
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I hibernate. Only talk to those that are real close. And a few of them at that. Like one. I can't have too much going on.
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oh yeah, much less social. Its already started, I really just want to be home and not talk to anyone. I also just want DH to be home all the time, but of course he can't. I get really anxious when I'm away from home for too long.
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This pregnancy has been so different for me....this time around I really want to be at home all the time. I also really want to be alone during the birth and at my other two I wanted lots of people with me.....very interesting to me how different I am.
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Easter was 2 weeks before I delivered. Dh and I totally skipped out. That is very unlike me. I just had zero desire to attend a family function or even talk to anyone. For the next two weeks, I wanted to be near DH and my close friends (at that time mom & dad were 1000 miles away and I did talk to them daily). The day I went into labor I spent the morning with my best friend shopping and "nesting" and then dh took me out to dinner (I was reluctant to go but had mentioned wanting to earlier in the week.....it was a Fri night).

No other major changes, but I do remember not returning calls to people and just vegging out a ton.
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Funny that this poll was made as I was just thinking last night that I have become a lot less social. I don't really want to do much of anything.... I want to spend my time at home.
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Oops! I voted, but I'm a first-timer.

I have definitely noticed that I'm less social now. We've had a slew of house guests (9 total since we announced the pregnancy) and I'm so cranky about it. I find myself taking a lot of long baths and hiding in my room with a book. I worry people will be offended, but I kind of can't help it.
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I'm much less social. I want to be at home, hanging with my family, and nesting/burrowing in. I don't want to do things I normally would, birthday parties and social events. I'm usuually very extroverted, and I always turn inward with pregnancy, especially near the end.

I like to be busy at home with preparations, both those that make sense and those that don't - like today, I had to scrub down all of my kitchen cabinets, and I'm really itching to make fresh bread. Like, daily.
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I am much less social my entire pregnancy, but especially at the end. However, I make myself get out because I find that it keeps me in better spirits when I do get out and see friends.
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Originally Posted by lovingmommyhood View Post
This is my third pregnancy and I'm less social during pregnancy period. I get too crabby talking to people on the phone.
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Answering machines are the best!! I screen my calls all the time but thats whether Im pregnant or not! I have less tolerance for some people but not much less than usual!
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