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I had my first at 35, my second at 37, and my third at 41.
The third one was my easiest pregnancy, easiest delivery, and easiest baby.
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I'm 37 and am hoping to have another one before I'm 40, so I guess I'll be 38 with the next one or 39 but I reckon my cut off point will be 40 until I get there and then I may change my mind!! just for you information dh is quite happy having lots of kids (he's one of 9) so it's a sort of my body, my decision kind of thing.
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I'm right there with you, but I am already 40. I cannot make a decision and I hear the clock ticking!!!!!! LOL
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I had my first baby at 37 and the second baby at 40. I run marathons now at 43 and am more active than many women I know who are much younger than I am.
At 37, I was financially and emotionally ready--any YOUNGER to ME would be TOO YOUNG! LOL!
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I don't think you are too old! I, personally would prefer to be done with childbearing by early to mid 40's. As a Doula I have had clients having their first child in their mid 40's without any trouble at all. Just beware that some OBs and MWs will try to tell you that you are "high risk" because of your age
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I think It all depends on how you feel. I don't think there is an age limit. I was 20 when i had my first then 32 when i had my second, i think i'm a better mom with my second than i was with my first. I'm 35, soon to be 36 and i'm not ready to quit. So I personally don't think 38 is too old, i think 38 is the perfect age if you want another. I did go through the same thing though about the age limit, only because "others" in my life convinced me what their idea of too old was. But now I Know I'm not too old, and neither are you
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I don't know for me yet. I'm 35 and don't have a partner. If I got pregnant now, my kids would be 8 & 10 when the baby came. I sometimes feel done and sometimes hope for another or even another "pair" (because there are such great things about having a close sibling) with my limit being sometime before 45.

But then I have all these plans for my life that are so much easier to follow through with older kids. . .

There were great things about having babies in my 20s but there are great things about being a more mature parent too.
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My personal cut off was 30 (and I ended up giving birth to my second and last at 26).

But if you feel physically up to it (and there's no reason why you shouldn't), I would definitely try to get DP on board and have another baby.
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I had my first at 37, my second at 39, a month before turning 40. I don't have a problem running after kids, picking up toys.... I was definetely not mature enough in my 20s for kids. It's a nice asset to parenting, when you are old enough to be confident, but not cocky, if you know what I mean.
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Dh's mom (and dad, they're the same age) had Dh at 30, dd#2 at 33, and dd#3 at 36. His grandmother had his dad (her last of 6 living babes) at age 40 (she lived to be 92, btw).

I'm curious as to how it would be easier to adopt an older child (and really 18 months isn't THAT much older), either financially, or physically and emotionally. Adoption can be expensive even with aid, and adopted kiddos come with their own set of challenges that can be just as draining (and rewarding!) as having a newborn. If he hopes to adopt later, when you're more financially set, that's cool, but you'll be even older. I'm not trying to discourage you from adopting (I think it's a wonderful thing), but just trying to point out it isn't necessarily an "easier", less stressful route. And the older the child, the more adjustments that you and dh will need to make.

It's a tough decision, but I don't think that you're old enough that age should be the deciding factor. GL!
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I am 36 having my 8th baby. This pregnancy has been kind or rough and I am really feeling warn down at 28 weeks:yawning: I guess it may have something to do with chasing a 3 and 1 yo also. This will be my last thought. I'm tired and ready to have my body back. I think that if someone wants to have a baby in their 40's great for them. Kids keep you young.
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I haven't read the other replies, but I just had a baby last month and I will be 38 in January. I didn't have any problems with pregnancy or labor - though I have to say I was feeling my age by month 9 . Now that DS2 is here (DS1 is 4), things are going fine. True, I don't have the energy of a 20-something, but I think mentally I'm much more stable and easy going than I was 10 or 15 years ago.
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I just turned 40 this year and have a 14 month old. I would love to have one more but my Dh does not. I do get tired chasing around my toddler who is into absolutely everything but so are all the younger moms in there 20's! Personally, I think I have more energy and patience than I did when I was younger.
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I had ds #1 at 21, ds #2 at 24, and dd at 29. I said I wanted all of my children by the age of 30. Well, I remarried in June and DH and I will have our first babe in March. That was unexpected!!! If she is on time I will be 42, otherwise she will be my birthday gift as I turn 43. Yes, we have discussed having another and he has left that decision up to me and my body. Other than being tired a lot, I have truly enjoyed this pregnancy. BTW this is DH's only child, so that has made it even more fun!!!
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Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd View Post
True. HE thinks we are too old. Among other things, mainly money issues.

About the adoption thing - I have very mixed feelings about it. It's not an option I want to consider right now, I guess because I am still attached to the idea of having a pregnancy, birth, newborn experience. I have to be able to really let that go before I can consider the idea of taking in an older baby.

Deep down inside, I want to have another. I agree with DH that newborns are a PITA, and yes we are broke and our house is too small. There are plenty of good reasons not to have any more babies, yes. But the heart wants what it wants, as they say.
But isn't adoption very expensive?
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I've already replied on this thread but wanted to add that - I personally, wasn't ready to have a babe in my 20s - not saying that's every one but I wasn't ready, I had 3 miscarriages, I had honestly given up hope when I fell pg with dd - I was 30 and had her at 31 I think something inside me clicked and I really wanted her, I was far more in tune with my pregnancy and 'in love' with my baby than I think I would ever have been at 24 (first miscarriage).
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I don't understand why your DH thinks adoption is a more viable option than another bio-kid?

My son was born right after I turned 40. He is two now and if I hadn't been through 7 miscarriages and if we had more money, I'd go ahead and try for a third child. So I certainly don't think you are too old.
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i am 36 with one babe and while i want another i feel like i would be too old by the time a second one got here. the risks of all sorts of problems increase dramatically after you are 35. i made 35 my cutoff for getting pregnant and barely squeaked in under the wire. if we have another we will probably adopt.
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You're totally not too old! If you desire a baby, and your dh is on board, then I don't see why you shouldn't try. Love is what your baby needs, and it sounds like you have plenty of that!

Heck, I was just reading an article today about mothers around the world having babies at 60-65. :
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My mom had her youngest at 39. He is the youngest by a lot, but he is so well loved! And my mom actually wishes she would've had another. And your kids are still so little- I don't see why not. I think if you're going to do it, start trying soon, but if you can talk DH around I say go for it. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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