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August Mamas

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Well, some of us have graduated, and we will soon be joined by the others! The pg thread has been quiet, I suspect alot of labouring/birthing going on!
Samson is 6 days old today, and is doing really well. He does not cry, he loves to snuggle, therefore, just loves his sling. He feeds every 2-4 hrs, and has already surpassed his birthweight.
Soleil has been an amazing helper, but she is letting me know that she's not quite as prepared as I thought she was. She has colored on my newly painted walls, she yells, she does NOT take no at all...and she is quite demanding. We talk everyday about it, and I KNOW that she's trying to adjust, but MAN, it's so NOT easy...I'm so used to my little girl who just went with the flow, and was easy going....I know she'll be back soon, but it's still not easy.
Gotta go, she just went outside!!!

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Thanks for starting this thread, Mamasoliel. I can't believe Sam is already 3 1/2 weeks old!!!! Time sure has flown! I start school next monday, so I am working on adjusting to "school hours" this week, luckily I only have one, three hour class each day, Mon-Thurs, so I hope it will be a smooth adjustment.

DP and I disagree as to Sam's haircolor -- my hair is red and she says Sam's hair is red, but I see his hair as sandy brown with red highlights... we'll have to see what happens, his eyebrows and eyelashes are so blonde they are invisible... maybe his hair will all fall out and he'll end up blonde.... who knows!!!!! I am the only redhead in my family and the donor for Sam was blonde headed, so everyone in my family was hoping Sam would have red hair.... I think that's why they are trying so hard to see his hair as red.... go figure.

Can't wait to hear from all the other august mama's, although I know I am on the 'puter less now that I am getting so much less sleep....! :

Off to bed..... dreaming of some good 's.

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Oh Mamasoleil! Thank you so much for starting this thread! I kept thinking we needed it...

My dd is going through some of what Soleil is. She is yelling (rarely did before) and is QUITE demanding. She wants to nurse everytime ds does. I am letting her so far as I know she is just testing. She breastfed all through the preg., but not THAT frequently! I know they will calm down with time.

Birdwomyn~Good luck on your school transition!

I am having doubts about NOT having rhogham. I am RH negative, we don't yet know Ethan's blood type. Will find that out next week. So, it may be that we needn't worry, But, if our blood did mix, I believe it is too late postpartum for the Rhogham. My midwives assured me all is well, I had a nontraumatic homebirth, no epis. or tearing, and cord was not cut prematurely. Any perspective on this?
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I have no experience with rhogam personally (I'm B pos).
But am a nurse and your midwives are right about not really needing to get too worried. Since the birth was non traumatic, every thing should be just fine. If you ever get PG again, You could get rhogam then.

I am soooo tired all the time! I feel like I could nap all afternoon!
How is everyone else managing sleep?
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Traixa2~Thank you for easing my mind! I did not know that I could get the injection once preg. again!
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Hey mama's!

Well I hope all of us august mama's are enjoying our new little blessings! We sure are! River is such a peaceful babe he will actually sleep anywhere, which was not my experience with lily she would only sleep in my arms or the sling! I love him to be close so i wear him in the sling alot anyway! My biggest hardship has been a bout of colicky gas he gets at night! I feel so bad you can tell his in pain, and i havent eaten anything gassy.... I tried homeopathic colic tablets and they seem to help a little bit but we will see how tonight goes! Poor lil boy! AS far as the sibling thing goes lily is just now showing signs of change in herself, she will not take any direction with being gentle towards him and she has been very very bossy! I know this is all part of it but it is frustrating because I feel so loving towards her but at the same time I have to insist that she is gentle and it hurts her feelings if I say anything to her! I wonder if any of you mamas are going through this?
I feel like the fact that she was in the birthing tub with us when he was born and she cut the cord gave her a very empowering role in his life, she doent sem jealous of him she just acts like she is his mom too and we cant tell her what to do when it comes to him!
Anyway I feel blessed that she doesnt feel angry towards him at all she loves her brother and wants to cuddle him all the time!
its very sweet!
Well enough ranting I just wanted and needed to check in!
love and blessings,
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As far as I know, the Rhogam can be administered (sp?) up to 76 hrs after birth. For what it's worth. I had it, I'm negative, and Samson is positive.
Soleil and I had a better day today. I guess I just wasn't prepared for her to test me like this. But we did not have any power struggles today...thank goodness, not sure I can handle any more!!!!
Byrdwomyn~That's hilarious about the hair coloring!!!I guess you see what you want to see! Samson's eyebrows are also really light. But his coloring is like Soleil's was, except her eyebrows were red.
Gotta go, my household is chaos.

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Willow Tree~We posted at the same time yesterday!!!
Samson is also really mellow and laid back, he just does not cry. The night of the 13th, he cried all night, and I thought I may have an unhappy baby, I was worried....but he hasn't cried since!!! He is just so content, everyday he spends more time with his eyes open, just taking in his new surroundings! He's so beautiful, I'm so in love with him!!!
feel so loving towards her but at the same time I have to insist that she is gentle and it hurts her feelings if I say anything to her! I wonder if any of you mamas are going through this?
I hear you, though Soleil is really good to Samson, she's been really difficult towards me. I'm glad she's not taking it out on the baby..though yesterday, marked a week since Samson was born, and we had(Soleil and I) NO power struggles! It was so nice. Today, she's sensitive, but still no struggling over power. I just have to let her hold Samson as much as possible, so that it's not always ME holding him, kwim??
Anyway, gotta go.

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Mamasoleil and Willow tree~
Dealing with the sib thing here, too. DD also cut ds's cord and was a bug part of preg and birth. She is rough with him and angry with me. When will this pass? I want her to be ok...

Ethan is doing great. He rarely cries and sleeps sooo much. In fact, dh has to keep reassuring me b/c I think he sleeps too much. He is beautiful and so far a very easy babe.

Let's all hang in there together and hope our firstborns make this transition...
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we're here

Roman is one month old today! Time really does fly doesn't it. he's a very mellow little man - unless he's really hungry and then he lets us know it. He's a charmer with the ladies too - wakes up just to flirt

Tons of hair, big gray eyes (will be brown soon i'm sure like my other kids tho) and found his thumb which he likes to suck if i'm not quick enough with his milk. He's a champion nurser, gained almost 2lbs at his 2 week appointment and is already out of newborn dipes, covers and clothing and into smalls

going to my 4week post partum appointment this afternoon but feelign very very well. no bleeding at all now.

my girls just adore him and sometimes I have to fight to get to hold him if he's not nursing. And daddy loves walking ro und the house singing to him.

go see my kids?

ok. better get moving here. have dipes to wash and breakfast to make and a baby to sing to.

congrats to all the new august mamas!
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CM, your kids are gorgeous!
Sophia is also a really mellow babe, are all August babies?
So far no real big issues with the sibs, but then the girls have already been through the baby thing with Russ. Russell has just been clingy and whiny when he's tired, but other wise he seem s to be doing great with Sophia.
I'm more worried about 2 weeks from now when Phoebe and Rose go back to school. Hey, good thing DH is still unemployed:
Well, Happy nursing all!
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Hello everyone!!!
I feel so out of touch with everyone!
Wooby~day nine here with Samson, and things are definitely improving with Soleil!!! I think the lack of sleep also had/has a lot to do with it. The night Samson was born, Soleil never went back to sleep, she was too excited!!!!
I've also decided to give her more space to be defiant, I was really tired, and calling her on everything. Well, this was NOT the right approach, and I realize that now..she needs her time to adjust.
As for little Samson, he is just amazing...he will fall asleep after hanging out on his nursing pillow, I do not have to rock him to sleep. He loves to snuggle though, especially at night. I love sleeping with him, he's so cozy! He has also found his fingers to suckle on, something Soleil never did.
CM~Your kids are really gorgeous. I'm trying to figure out how to post pics, my dad is lending me his scanner, so I have to find a way to post them now...I'm really quite computer illiterate!!!
Traixa, will send you that sling, just have to remember where I put it, it's not where I thought it was!!!!:

I"m going over to the pg board, to see who's doing what!!!

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Peeling and rashes

Hey mama's
Do any of your babes have newborn rash? River has a horrible case of it all over his body! I wish there was something I could do? Also he is still peeling? All of these things are driving me nuts any good advice? lily never had these things? I want to take his picture for announcements but iam trying to wait until these conditions are resolved... Maybe I'm being a little anal but I hate seeing this rash all over him its like baby acne!
Other then that all is well here! I also noticed with Lily that the more space I give her behavior the better she acts. I feel like I need to just relax and know that things will be okay overall with her! I feel bad that she has been watching TV kinda a lot but my midwife put me on 7 more days of bedrest due to my stitches not being healed! Looks like I did too much too soon! And after shes played with every toy ,game and art project possible i just give in and put on PBS.. I hope that her brain doesnt rot from this although countless other nature mamas with two kids have assured me it wont!
Anyway feeling a little guilty
Rivers awake gotta jet!
love, willow
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As far as the peeling goes, have you tried rubbing olive oil on him? This is what i've been doing, and the spots I missed are also peeling, so I'm trying to be more diligent about it, he loves these 'massages', cause that's what it ends up being. No, the TV won't kill her brain, it's not long term anyway, you need your rest! AS long as there are NO commercials, then I think she'll be alright.
Samson has been feeding every 45 minutes today, he must be having a growth spurt??Soleil went to gymnastic camp today for the first time since Samson was born, and she LOVED it, and I felt good knowing she was having fun. Samson and I got to bond fully uninterrupted, and I also finally emptied Soleil's closet and organized it, this was no minor feat!!!!
How is everyone else doing? Oh, Willow, about that rash, my m/w said it was the skin adapting to the outside world. Samson isn't too bad, but I remember Soleil had quite the rash.


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Just a quick check in. Hope everyone is well. Ethan's color looks so good today (day 9 here) and he is still soooo mellow! I guess it is an August babe's thing! He is such a peaceful baby I was worried... but now I think it is just who he is! My midwives think it also has to do with his birth experience (gentle transition, never away from me, no stress, no bright lights, no interventions, no needle sticks, etc.) Aren't we all so lucky?
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Hey mamas!!!
Little Samson was peeling a lot too, and the olive oil wasn't cutting it. So, I went on a mission to find a cream that would be mild enough, but not perfumed as all baby products seem to be.
Anyway, I was successful, there is an Aveeno Baby Lotion, there are 2 actually, one is fragrance free, which is what I got. And his skin is SO much better!!!!FWIW, I thought I would share this.!
So, how is everyone enjoying their babes?
I'm still going thru a transition with Soleil, and I'm thinking of starting a thread just on siblings adjusting to their new family....
I feel for her, I really do. Four years of being the only child....I'm so relieved she 's not taking this out on her baby brother.
Samson is still spoiling me, he's so peaceful, and feeds like a champion...I've noticed that every second day, he feeds every 45mins/to every hour, then on the off day, he feeds every 3-4 hrs, anyone else? Seems like he's slowly building up my milk supply!!!
Anyway, just checking on everyone!!!


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Hi mamas. I finally found a bit of time to stop by and say hello. I think it is so funny how everyone seems to have calm August babies. Jacob is so quiet too. Our 1st night home from the hospital he was non stop nursing and or crying but since then he's been so alert without crying, sleeping or nursing. Hardly any fussiness. It is 100% different from Nicole when she was newborn. He is such a good nurser as well. Again, totally different from dd. Nicole is doing ok with him. She can be rough and not too careful around Jacob, and there is no way I could leave her alone in the same room with him. She is also being defiant. I'm gonna try to leave her alone like some of you said and see how that works.
Since Jacob was 2 weeks overdue he had very wrinkled and scaly skin. Now every part of his little body is peeling like a sunburn peel. I keep thinking I'm going to find a pile of dead skin lying around him in the morning . I've been peeling a lot of it off and more comes off in the bath. Hopefully in the next few days he'll be less dead skin and more baby instead of the other way around .

Great to see you are all doing so well. Take care.
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is anyone else RAVENEOUS???

i had romy at 1am and was begging for food by 3am. And its been nonstop since. I'm always hungry, always feeling empty. i'm drinking TONS of water but man i can eat!!

mostly healthy stuff, bu t well...sweet tooth kicked in too.

i'm eatin MORE then i ate when pregnant (yes, i know i'm making milk but c'mon i'm eating like a pig. oink oink) and whats up with having cravings nOW??

ok. its been an hour i think..time to have some yogurt. lol

oh! and Roman peeled too, i used some burt bees buttermilk on him and it did the trick
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Hi mamas!! Great tohear everyone is doing so well!! My Sebastian is so cute! The first night was pretty bad - but my mom took him for the whole night and we slept really well and get the rest we needed and I only came to nurse him! I tell you - what an amazing help she is!! Plus she wants to be with him all the time since she will not see him probably for next 8 months...or who knows when I will go back home to Europe to visit. I really don't know what I would have done without her - she has cleaned the house, does all the cooking - GREAT!! I can only enjoy time with my DH and DS now!!
We have mastered nursing so fast!! I was impressed, but my nipples are not! It's hell! It's only really bed few first minutes of nursing but still......they are pretty bloody and sore.
We had such an amazing homebirth! I don't really feel like writing a birth story, but it was amazing. My midwife did such an amazing job! And my recovery is so FAST! I can not believe it. I am so glad we did it at home! No hospital, no blood drawing, nothing.....I have had my son in my arms from the moment he was born up to now! And I have to cry every time he looks into my eyes! His look is so powerfull!!
He does not seem to be liking the a/c thou! He loves being outside in that hight heat, but inside - he cryis a lot. So we are all getting used to sweating a lot and no or very low a/c - how about your babies ladies?
OK, I should have some photos tomorrow, I will post them as soon as I have them!
Enjoy your loved one's all of you!
Take care,
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I'm putting in a link, hopefully it works, of my 2 kids.


no, didn't work...can anyone tell me how to post a picture????
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