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you have to upload a picture to the internet and then type the link of the url here. I upload from my web site, but you can use snapfish and some other free upload site too i'm sure.

heres one i took of Roman this morning. i can't believe he' s a month old already
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Okay, here's a link,,,,hope this works!!!Thanks for the info CM...by the way, I also can't believe Roman is a month!!!! And how cute is he!!!!
Here's a pic of my two babies...sleeping. Well, Soleil is pretending to sleep...hee hee



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Here's a link to an album I started, just click on the desired pic, and it zooms in. IF anyone is interested in seeing my family that is!!!


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Image #2<p><table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=#666666><tr><td width=125 height=125 align=center valign=center bgcolor=#ffffff><img src="http://thumbs.villagephotos.com/4575414.jpg" border=0 onclick="VPimage.src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/357496/sleepingbabes.jpg'"></b></td></tr></table>
Image #3<p><table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=#666666><tr><td width=125 height=125 align=center valign=center bgcolor=#ffffff><img src="http://thumbs.villagephotos.com/4575415.jpg" border=0 onclick="VPimage.src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/357496/soleilsamson1.jpg'"></b></td></tr></table>
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Here's some links to more pics. IF anyone is interested in seeing my family that is!!!



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it worked and you have a beautiful family!

i love the one of the two of them sleeping. well one sleeping and oen pretending. LOL

and thanks bout Roman. i know..i can' t believe how big he is. or how cute he is!
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Okay, I know we are all busy adjusting to our new families, admiring the new babe, and just on a major high....
I'm just wondering how everyone is doing?
All is great here, Samson is so beautiful, had a growth spurt today I think, fed every hour...for a while too...does anyone offer both breasts? Or just one per feeding?
I'm starting to master the pumping...I like having bm on hand, just in case, and eventually, when I'm confident and Samson is confident on bf'ing, I'll let Soleil give him a bottle of bm, I think she'd enjoy that!!!
Oh, Samson is calling.


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I've been lurking for awhile on the August mamas threads in I'm pregnant. I found them so inspiring and helpful--thanks to all of you, even if you didn't know it. You all are courageous, strong women!

My dd, Ruth Jacqueline Amanda, was born on August 22, hospital birth, not ideal but actually so easy compared to ds's birth. We had very limited options given that we live in a rural area and didn't have a lot of money. Given that, I was happy with how things went--what a difference it made this time to feel every bit of the labor and work with the contractions to push dd out! And it was a lot easier to recover than the first time, even though I tore a little bit more.

I'm hoping to participate in this thread--just wanted to introduce myself. How is everyone handling the night feedings? I started a thread on growth spurts, b/c I'm wondering if that is why my girl is unhappy for a few hours in the late evening. I'm not yet restricting my food intake--ds had trouble with dairy, garlic, some vegies, onions... Well, I'm not eating any garlic or broccoli or onions as prevention--but I am eating some dairy. I'm waiting a little longer as usually it takes two weeks for these intolerances to show up.

What about you? Any foods you are avoiding?
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Good Morning!

Things are good here as well. Thank goodness.
I think Darius had a bit of a growth spurt...a little fussy and wanting to eat a lot and sleep for a hour or so....He had a drs. appointment yesterday and he's 9 pounds now and his heart and lungs are sounding great !and Today is offically one week that he's been home with us....yay!

Thankfully he's a calm,happy baby must be an August baby thing.

mamasoliel...I offer him both breasts sometimes he takes it and sometimes he doesn't....if not I just handpump..dunno if thats the correct thing to do but it works for me.
Beautiful family

Congrats mamasi!
The only thing I've restricted from my diet is black beans...I don't eat a lot of dairy...maybe a piece of cheese at lunch but the black beans made one fussy babe .

well take care ladies.....and enjoy your day!
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Just checking in while the wee one sleeps. Sophia is doing the growth spurt thing too. Eats, falls asleep,wakes up 1 hour later starving. I usually only offer one breast, but today my other breast starts to leak sooo badly and ache, I have been offering both, she gladly accepts and nurses
I haven't noticed any food intolerances, accept broccoli, very gassy and unhappy baby!

MS, your pictures are beautiful! I love BW photos.

And,yep,Sophia peeled and is still peeling.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Pictures of River Zion and big sister Lilyana Rain

Hey Mama's River is now one month old! its hard to believe! He is really starting to open up, he's taking in more and more of the planet earth everyday! River went through the three week growth spurt, he gained almost a pound and now weighs 9lbs. 11 oz his birth weight was only 8/4oz so hes chunking up!
Anyway I hope I figured this out right so you can see my little ones these were taken when river was just 3 days old! I am going to borrow my friends digital camera tomarrow and take some more so i'll keep you posted!

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Hi mamas! My Sebastian slept pretty much all night!! I am amazed! He ate one and slept through the night! Yahooo!!
And you know what? He snores! It is so cute! He sounds like and old door when he sleeps - but in a baby way.....lol. He is so beautiful! I am so in love with him........
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Hey mama! Hows it going? Has the nursing improved? I checked out your pictures they are so sweet! Sebastian is precious! Well I have been thinking of you and hoping all is well with nursing!

Well we had another hard night last night I finally had to admit to myself that River is a Colic baby every night between 12- 4 am at some point he wakes up and screams for an hour or two to no avail? He has such a hard time passing gas or burping and he only poops once a day? I've already taken him to the ped. and our midwife and everyone says its just a variation of normal! My work with LLL also leads me to that point, but i have to say going through this for the first time as a second time mom its really stressful. He is in so much pain when he has his spells I just want to take it from him! the colic pills( homeopathic) dont really work and we even broke down and tried mylicon which is also useless, i guess we just have to get through it! It doesnt seem to be connected with what i eat as II have been following the bland diet and nothing has changed, it must just be immature digestive system? Anyone have any new tried and true methods which arent the obvious ones we already have tried( colic hold,rocking,etc.) I just wish he didnt have to go through this!!!
Anyway, Iam going to try and lay on the couch and rest a bit!
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Willow Tree ~ thanks for asking - breastfeeding is better now, although at this moment it's worse again. It's up and down all the time. But the latching is better. It's funny how one time it's my right breast and then it turns around and the left one is hell.....interesting. But yes it is getting better.

Sorry to hear about River having so much problems with colic. Sebastian had it too and I bought him homeopathic spray for colic relief from http://www.hmedicine.com/shopping/pr...8/b_king%20bio (well, they had it in our local health store) And I have to say it does work with him. I sprayed it once and few minutes later he has been able to fart, poop or burb or whatever was making him missarable.

Also - I tried to see your photos but it aksed me to log in....could not view them

Hope tonight will be better for you.....
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Willow Tree~Sorry to hear about your 12am to 4am ordeal...
I'm SURE you have, but have you tried rocking him in your arms, in a cradle position, but with his stomach against yours? The warmth and pressure against his tummy might be nice for him...?

Samson is 3wks now, and also getting extremely chunky!!! No idea what he weighes, but he's wearing sleepers that Soleil wore at 3mts!!! She was quite the peanut!!!

Pavlina~I'm relieved to hear that the bf'ing is getting better! And I'm proud that you are hanging in!!!

My nipples are a little tender, I don't think we have a proper latch at night when we are tired, but during the day, it's perfect!

Traixa, thanks for the compliment!!!
I've also started offering both breasts, it gives me much relief!!!

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Hi mamas, I have to share something with you. I went to Pediatrician last Friday for our first check up and was ready for the PKU test .....and to my surprise doctor never did it, and of course I did NOT remind him and because Sebastian has dropped some weight he said he needed to weight him again a week from that day. And he looked at our file and says - oh, you live on Milledge Hgts? I live right behind the corner so I will come to your house and weight Sebastian so you don't have to come to my office!! And yesterday he called me at home to tell me he was gonna come by that afternoon...and he did come with a scale in his hands!! Isn;t he amazing??!! And I also asked him about the PKU test, b/c my MW told me it's the one test I really wanna have done......so I talked to him about it and he says, it's not necessary. He says - I look at Sebastian and see that he is perfectly healthy and normal looking baby - you don't have to be worried there is something wrong with him. I was amazed, because PKU test is pretty much law....
Then he says - I will see you in 2 months, if you think you need to come. He pretty much said that healthy babies don't need doctors! He even said: You are not gonna vaccinate him, are you? Then you don't really need to come unless you think it's necessary!
He is GREAT! He is a little over 30 y.o. and I am so happy we found him!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you.......

And wanted to ask you something also! Do you mamas feed your babies every time they show interest in eating? No matter how offten it is or how long they have nursed for?I am asking for this reson - my mom thinks Sebastian is still too full from previous feeding b/c milk his coming out from his mouth when he burbs. But he looks obviously hungry (to me), so I feed him anyway. What do you think about it?
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Hey mamas! So good to see everyone over here now. Becca is doing great. She is 1 week old today. She was 8/2 at birth and at 4 days she was 8/8. Obviously no feeding problems here. Pavlina, I basically nurse her anytime she fusses at all.: I figure, if she is not hungry, she won't eat. BF babies are excellent at regulating themselves.

We do have to go see a cardiologist next week as they detected a fairly loud murmur. They are not *too* concerned though because of her weight gain.

gotta go, the little ones are calling.
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Yeap...whenever Darius is hungry I feed him and if he's not hungry he wrinkles his nose and puckers his lips when I offer...its really cute.
I was told by the lactation consultant that worked with me that baby's will let you know when they want to eat and when they don't ...

Tnsrmom...Good luck at the cardiologists next week!

everyone take care and enjoy your day!
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hey ladies

checking in too
and yes, Roman is fed whenever he shows interest. He's a spit uppy baby so he'll let me know if he's not interested

he was 7/2 at birth and at his one month appt he was 10/8 so he's doing so well (check out the pic in the sig link below)
he's 6 weeks now and a chunky monkey. he even has a double chin. LOL

and he sleeps! 9pm-1:30am, nurses a bit then 1:45-5am, then nurses a bit and we go back till 7:30 or so.

right now reading bout vax and planning to argue with me ped or not go back at all .
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Steph, good luck with the app't...I have a murmur, and I'm healthy as an ox!

Willow~how's it going?

CM~I can't believe the growth Roman did in a month!!! I'm so looking forward to weighing Samson on Tuesday...it's his 1month check up that day...
He seems to have really filled out, and when I put him next to my friend's babe, who is a week younger than Samson, but weighed 3lbs more...they virtually did not seem much different in size, length...so forth.
So, it'll be interesting!!!!
I also feed Samson whenever he's searching...sometimes I get it all back, but I'm not going to start guessing whether he's REALLY hungry or not, and surely not going to let it cry....

I'm not leaking *as much* as I was, still soaking my pads, but overall, it's getting better. I had stopped bleeding, and it started again...did this happen to anyone else? It's been almost 4wks since the birth....hope all is good. I'm not bleeding HUGE amounts, it's just not consistent, and driving me batty!!!

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I broke down last night and gave up breasfeeding! Not for good, but for couple of days at least! Sebastian would not latch on for 40 minutes and when I had him to latch on on the other breast he would open my old wound and my nipple was litteraly hanging half way on my breast - OUCH - and that made it. I could not do it any more. I have pretty bad yeast infection my breast are itchy as hell, one is very red and I just don't know what to do! I bought a breast pump last night and am pumping right now and giving him from a bottle until my nipples heal a little. Bought some accidophilus bacterias for both - me and him but what else can I do? What can I do about my itchy breast?? I was crying so bad last night when he would not latch on for 40 minutes _ I just could not figure out why not! He wanted so bad but we just could not do it......
I did not know breastfeeding was gonna be so hard! If I would have known it I would have taken some class.....
Anyway, I have to go now to by some better bottle..........
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