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From Mamasoleil:
today I was talking about his birth with a friend, and he was sitting on my lap, and I look down, and he's looking at me, with a big smile...like he was remembering how smooth the birth was too!!!!
I am really starting to believe that some of Ethan's disposition/personality is due to our gentle beautiful birth experience. Samson sounds the same! Just to add, I birthed to an old Willie Nelson cd (Stardust, very soothing and quiet) and now when I play that music, Ethan falls asleep almost instantly! Anyway, it is interesting to think of how the vibes at a birth do play a role (not just the place/type of birth.)
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I totally believe this now. I think it can be a real factor in how a baby adjusts--my first birth was so traumatic and my son was strung out, as was I. Second birth so easy and I felt so empowered--dd seems so much more relaxed. I'm sure there are also all kinds of other factors, too, but I'm convinced that this can make a difference.

On another note, dd has been having a lot of gas distress right after she nurses, even when I burp her. Anyone else finding this? Like all day and into the night last night. Weirdly, when I nurse her lying down, it doesn't happen. Or at least she goes right back to sleep. Any ideas? I am thinking about foods... I may post this also on the breast feeding thread but thought I would ask all of you whose babies are around the same age--maybe it's developmental (she's three weeks today).
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Alright Mamas, how's it going?
Yesterday was a full calendar month since Samson's birth. I get my pics back tomorrow, so I will post one then.
He has grown so much. And it seems, faster than Soleil did. I think he will be fairly tall, he is super long!!!
1-Anyone else looking into EC? My old boss, who is from India, told me she did this with her kids, and that it fully worked. At the time I found it interesting, of course she didn't call it EC'ing...So I'm interested.
2-How are your other children doing as far as adjusting to the new dynamics? I'm still having a trying time with Soleil. Our relationship has changed drastically, we both feel detached to tell the truth. I'm struggling to change this.

Mamasi: Samson does have gas distress between approx 7pm and 9pm...at least I think that's what it is!


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Mamasi, what's EC? I feel silly for not knowing!

The gas thing--I think it actually has to do with how Ruth nurses. When she nurses lying down, I don't think she gets the overactive letdown which makes her cough and swallow more air, which may explain why she sleeps better, is happier at night?

I have mastitis, sadly, I think. Sore places on left breast, chills, aches... no fever yet though. I have been so psyched that my milk supply seems so much better this time around--too much milk maybe. I've been really almost doing all the parenting on my own as dh started a new job this last week and has been gone from 4 am to late at night. I think I overdid it, but then I think so many moms do this all the time.

As to older sibs, my ds has been pretty good, although he had a total fit about wanting dd's pacifiers (yes I broke down and used them with her, just like I did with ds). I finally held him and comforted him and promised I'd buy him a matching set. He was watching me rock his sister a few days ago with a funny, sad expression. When she had fallen asleep, I asked if he wanted me to rock him while we read book--he was so happy but I don't think he would have ever asked. So I'm trying to pay a lot of attention to his signals. Last Sunday was our meltdown day--crises all day. Since then it's been better. He's starting to show more protectiveness of his sister. Yesterday our old babysitter visited and then we were going to meet her for dinner at another friend's house and ds thought she was offering to take the baby over there, and he said, "Don't take my sister!"

All these observations are a bit random but I guess I'm saying she's growing on him and I'm learning his signs of being upset and trying to talk and deal with them.
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Big sister blues!

Well mama's River is growing like a weed as well! Getting more and more animated everyday! Lilyana is still having issues but i finally realized that they are mostly due to boredom of being stuck inside most of the day! So I have been making a concious effort to take her out to do things when we can manage! As some of you know this is no small task for us since we live on a farm 40 minutes from town over a dirt road! I really realized she wants a playmate and since we are new to the area and rarely in town we dont have a playdate friend yet! S o I have been going to the park to meet friends at least once a week at the farmers market! I do have a funny story to tell though!
My mom and dad came into visit from out of town, and we went swimming at their hotel.. We were playing Seamonster and my mom was sitting out of the pool holding River. We were really getting into it and for those of you who have 3 or 4 year olds you know how involved these pretend roles get..Lily has the tendency to lose reality, so anyway Matt, lily and I were pretending to be mermaids who were trying to escape the seamonster(my dad) He was coming after her and she was like"no, seamonster you cant eat the mermaids" so my dad says well then what do I eat? Lily looked around with a desperate look on her face and says " we have a lil brother you can have!" She never looked so serious! It was hilarious we were laughing so hard, I couldnt believe she offered her brother up to the seamonster!!! it was too much!!!!
Anyway those little ones will come around but patience is key!!!
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Willow~ :LOL That is hilarious. (you have to change your sig line!)
I'm relieved to know Soleil isn't the only one with big sister blues!!!

Mamasi~EC means elimination communications. It's a practice seen in many cultures, I know India for sure. Where the moms wear their babes, but baby does not wear diapers. The moms pick up on cues from the baby, then hold them away while baby relieves her/himself. It's really quite interesting, and would love to cut back on my diaper laundry! :
There's a whole forum dedicated to this at MDC. I'm just learning more about it myself.


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Hi mamas!

My baby girls turned a month old yesterday! It has been really tough. I've had quite a few breakdowns where while sobbing I tell my husband that having twins is impossible, and I simply cannot do it. But finally I am getting more sleep at night (meaning maybe 3 hours total : ), I guess because the babies are getting more organized and I am learning better how to nurse them and help them sleep. So I think I am starting to see that I might be able to do this afterall.

mamasi - My babies also do better when nursing lying down. When they nurse together football hold on the twin pillow, they seem to get into a grunting contest. This can go on for well over an hour! Grunt, grunt, nurse, nurse, grunt, grunt, nurse, small scream, nurse, grunt.....and repeat.

And I also got mastitis, in the second week I think. I didn't take enough preventive action at the early signs and ended up with a 103 degree fever. At that point I took antibiotics for a week because I was too exhausted to fight it myself. For me part of the problem is that nursing still is not very comfortable, especially when they are both latched on. But it is slowly getting better. BTW, there is a thread on mastitis that has some recommendations about drinking small amounts of unfiltered apple cider vinegar as a preventative and cure. I tried for a day or two, but then stopped.

mamasoleil - I had my mind set on EC'ing before I found out I was having twins. It seems very cool. The baby potty was the second baby item I bought! Anyway, I can't manage it yet with twins. In fact, they are still in sposies, not even cloth...Sigh...So many of the things I was hoping to do with my baby aren't happening with twins. Only have time for nursing right now...I keep thinking once they have better head control maybe I will be able to handle both at once easier.

I am venturing out into the real world by myself with both babies for the first time tomorrow. I am going to a mom's group. My midwife and doula will meet me there to help out, but getting there will be on my own. I have been out a few times with my husband and the babies already, but not yet by myself. I still don't know how to sling them both, so I will be slinging one and carrying the other.

And one of these days I am going to get some birth announcements printed.

wow, the babes are still asleep - I might even have time to read the earlier posts on this thread!!
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Hey August moms! Got a question for ya'll. Has anyone taken the plunge and had sex yet? We tried it yesterday, and it was quite horrible. Started out as tolerable, but then when we shifted our positions, I felt like somthing stretched and ripped, or did somthing awful. I've felt like the sO.B who stitched up my tear mutilated me, after all she was as ticked with me as I was with her(long story). The pain I felt just couldn't be normal, but I really don't know, this was my first vaginal birth.

So, can anyone tell me what's normal? Ha, that's not asking too much is it? I go to the midwife this Thursday, and I'm actually looking forward to having someone check out my nether regions. I'm 5 weeks postpartum today, but things have felt o.k. for the past 4 weeks. Hey, I appreciate any advise you can give me.
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Skye's Mama~hugs to you dear mama, I cannot imagine how full your hands must be. you are amazing, keep on keepin on sistah!

LuckyMama, haven't tried yet, last time I waited 6 wks.
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my mom was with me for three weeks and is gone now. it is better and worse. she was helpful but i think it was hard on charlie to have three people (me, dh and grandma) telling him what to do and two new people (baby and grandma) in the house which took away from attention from us, even though grandma gave him attention and all. she also can get on my nerves. anyway I am surprising myself on how well I am doing so far adjusting.

Wooby, thanks on feedback with charlie and actually he is having less tantrums etc. since grandma left. it has been especially hard with the c-birth cuz i can't pick him up. but i have cheated 6 times when he fell or something, it is so hard to remember. i can't wait to dance around with him. I love him so much. I know we need a chunk of time together soon and have daddy be with the baby so i do want to do that.

tnrsmom, you should see her thighs! lol. and i am so sorry your daughter has some health issues. i am sending you prayers and love.

mamabeard, angelyn loves the shower too! charlie did also. and he loves swimming, running through the sprinkler etc.

mamasoleil, you may want to check out danskos or mephistos. they are my favorite shoes! and i have found good deals on ebay.

i think we will do our first road trip this weekend to go see jerry's grandpa, he is 97 and in a nursing home a few hours away

and i am getting birth announcements done this weekend. yeah.
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I am late to this thread..... I haven;t had much online time since birth, but I'm glad to have found this thread.....

Sophia Jade was born Aug27, at home. But it was not a water-birth as planned. The labour took too long, and in the end I was all numb and feeling very weak. After trying to push for an hr in the tub, my mw dec'd I need to get out and onto the birthing chair, There after 3 pushes, Sophia was born!!
The past weeks were quite hard, but not becoz of Sophia!! She's a v good baby., The main thing really was that dd1 Val had such a hard time adjusting to her new sibling!! It was stressful...... but getting better.

I only browsed thr' the posts very quickly, glad to know mostly everyone is doing fine!!!! Sorry I cannot respond specifically but I;m thinking of you fellow mums all the time!!

Gotta run....
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hey ladies

well, i took Romy in for his two month appt today
He weighs 13lbs 9oz. i didn't catch his length but ped said 95th percentile for both

she tsked tsked me for not vaxing, but thats ok. she's pro cosleeping, pro breastfeeding (extended), pro family bed and pro delaying solids... she's pro vax too but she respected my decision to delay (probably decline)

then we headed over to wic where i was promptly declined. dh does piece work so some months or weeks are better then others. they did an average of the last three months and we made too much. i guess thats a good thing, but wic sure helped

anyways, he's smiling up a storm and oh so chubby. My girls love him to pieces.

and yes, we tried sex and it sucked. we're going to try again in another few weeks.

and Roman loves the shower too!!

heres a pic of my breastfeeding advocate. (the big one has a shirt too but she was at school. she's 14 and hers says "use em or lose em. breastfeed to stop breast cancer")
zoeys says "don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful. i was breastfed"
and Romans says "nice legs, but i'm a boob man myself. 100% breastfed".
not the most flattering pic of romy, but oh well. LOL

take care ladies. glad all are well
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It is so fun to hear about your babies. There are a lot of similarities between many of them as well.

Jacob is 5 weeks and is 12 pounds. 95th percentile for height and weight. He has been smiling and cooing since week 1. Its just amazing. He's so funny, when I tickle his lips with my finger he'll coo and smile. Just melts my heart!!

Poor guy broke out with baby acne last Friday. He looks like a teenager with really bad skin. I hope it goes away soon.

I had a scare on Tuesday. I felt a large lump in his left breast. I have heard of babies having breast tissue early in life but didn't realize it was that hard or large. The doctor said its from breastfeeding and should go away in a month or so. I joke that he is really a breast guy, he loves mine and even developed his own .

He is still very mellow and is a great nurser. He's so different from dd who was very high need, colicky and not a very good nurser. This guy is a champ and has been since 20 minutes after birth. It is such a relief and certainly makes things easier for me since dd needs a lot of attention still.

No sex yet in this house. I'm scared to because I have a major tear up above. Not sure if it will effect anything.

So how are all the other little August babies doing? Any fun stories to tell??
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Hey sistahs! I started a new thread:


So, c'mon over!!!!
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well, my daughter is now 5 weeks. I never posted my birth story but it went well. When I get a chance, I will. Homebirth, tried for a waterbirth but it didn't progress.

My baby is ***wonderful*** and I am in love with her! She likes to be held during most waking hours though so that makes it hard to get stuff done. She currently strongly dislikes the sling and the Baby Bjorn so it's the arm hold for now. She loves being held in the "colic" hold and loves going outside. She sleeps if she's in motion. But when am I going to get my naps? Oh well.

Nightime sleeping is going great though I love having her nuzzle up next to me which means the arm goes above my head.

Ok, there she is waking up!
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