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~Daily Check In 12/17~

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Good morning! I was up so I thought I would start our thread this morning. 39 and 1-2 today nothing really to report. I played around with some nipple stim last night and I had a few good contractions but nothing really came of it.

I survived my MILs visit but barely. Thank goodness thats done. DH leaves again today amd will be 4-5 hours away w/ no cell service most of the time...
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Morning stellimamo -

Can someone explain to me why my toddler is awake after a mere 6 hours, after a 2 hour struggle to get him to sleep? Oh boy.

Had lots and lots of contractions yesterday, nothing picked up. Was too exhausted in the evening to want to go into labor, had a huge stressful family event as well.

I'm really overtired these last few days, even with good sleep (minus tonight,) and naps in the afternoon when I can't help it. I'm thinking its my body preparing for labor.:
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Im still here .. 40 weeks plus 2 !! nothing really happening .. everything still the same and sick of waiting but hey.. feel fine, sleeping fine and just waiting ... mum had me skipping yesterday but nope still nothing, going for a hike with dog today and having a curry for dinner .. fingers crossed
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Checking in!

Today is the day my housecleaner comes! WOOT!

This is the second time I will have had my house professionaly cleaned and It is the BEST choice I have EVER made. (Even though its a bit out of our budget....once dh sees how sane it makes me, he will find a way to squeeze it in. )

So I have to keep dd out of the house for the first half of the day. Which is hard cause its too cold to go to the park!

I don't really have proper clothes to wear in the winter when you are too big for maternity.

Oh well...Target for 4 hours? That could be dangerous.

I am 40 weeks and 3 days. It's my dd's due date today. (But she wasnt born until December 26th, 2005)

Talk to you guys soon!
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I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow. I'm actually in good spirits today. Slept pretty well and just feel like baby will be here soon. And either snow is falling from the trees outside or it's snowing again!! (I love snow) I have plans for today to hopefully keep me busy as long as I can stay on task with them. I am honestly hoping to have baby today. Even woke up and told baby "This is your day!" but if it's not that is ok, as long as I can make a gingerbread house with my girlies which is on my list of plans for the day.
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39 and 4 here. Lots of contractions and heavy cramping yesterday, but nothing going on today. Just as well, as I'm exhausted. Katfka, glad to hear it's not just my toddler! DD seems to be having some stress around this baby--drew me a picture yesterday of "mommy" with a "baby" in her tummy, then told me the baby was her. "I have an idea, mom--I'm going to be the baby!"
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Hi mamas. Got a good night sleep last night, no middle of the night contractions. I'm a little over 38 weeks.
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Number me among the still pg (and past EDD).

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FINALLY some painful contractions last night! They woke me up at 3:15, coming often (every 5 minutes or so). They continued for an hour, then I had to use the bathroom for a BM, which had me thinking maybe this was my morning... but then they subsided after that. They slowed to every 10 minutes. I took a LONG shower at 6:00 am (just couldn't sleep), and now just have a very heavy and crampy feeling in my belly.

Unfortunately, the contractions have pretty much subsided now Very sad. I'm 40w3d and ready for baby!

Hopefully they'll pick up again soon.
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39w 4d, and I've been SO tired! I've been sleeping in every day or taking naps whenever I can, this is the most tired I've been the whole time!

But my freezer is stocked and the snowstorm is over, so I'm ready for this baby...
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39.4 today. My cold continues to worsen, so I feel like a big snot factory. Thinking about going to the Dr., but really, what would that do? I'm just wondering if it's a sinus infection.
DD was up 3 times last night after sleeping really well for a couple of weeks. UGH.
Anywhoo... DH is on vacation for the next 2 weeks in anticipation of baby's arrival, so that's fun! He's going to dig us out of the snow today!
No contrax or anything. No movement this morning. I may start worrying soon... why not?
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40 wks + 5 days today. Thought I was going to have a baby for a while last night. Woke up after midnight with some noticeable contractions, which got a little stronger after I finally decided to get up. Then I was hungry so I fixed a snack...and they disappeared. So all I got was 3 hours of WIDE AWAKE time in the middle of the night! Yuck.
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39 and 1. I "thought" something was going on yesterday, but also had said that it was probably my body playing tricks on me--I was right. I slept soundly until 2 am and was ravenously hungry, but drank my glass of water and went back to sleep until 6:30 am and HAD to eat right now. So now instead of being woken up by needing to pee or having a contrax--I wake up starving. I took a nap and again woke up starving! Geez! I didn't know that sleeping was such a hunger inducing activity!

Today's contrax have been mild and widely spaced..no baby today.
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Close to 39 weeks, and it looks like the baby will stay put until I finish the holiday work deadlines later this week.
I feel pretty good. I had some wicked insomnia last night, mostly because my boyfriend was snoring like a rusty chainsaw. I hate the idea of separate bedrooms but lately I've been sleeping beautifully when he's on the sofa.
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39+4 today.

Still grumpy. I really need a mood boost. I'm just uncomfortable and my pelvic bone is KILLING me!

I've tried DTD as much as I can stand and have energy for... RRL tea... spicy foods.. I don't want to do anything to push baby or exhaust myself... but I was hoping the combination of it all would encourage something... Haven't even lost my mucous plug so I feel like I'm still days away at least.

Anyhow... I'm tired... gotta go take care of the kids.
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38 + 3 here. sooooooooo crampy! i was yesterday morning when i woke up too, but today is much worse. DH and I DTD last night, and it brought on some mega contractions, but never went anywhere. for some reason, when we DTD, my SPD pain disappears. its heavenly to be able to walk without pain. I think i'll be attacking DH again this afternoon.
yesterday after waking up with AF type cramps, i had contractions every 4 minutes from about 730- noon. and then just intermittently throughout the day. though i had maybe 5 or 6 contractions that just STOPPED me in my tracks. it was only ever one at a time though. cramping pretty hard this AM, and having some more contractions. if it werent for the fact that my house is a mess, i'd be saying "bring it on" to labor. why couldnt baby have come last week when my house was clean? i managed to survive a visit with my inlaws this weeked.
oh, and i'm craving potato chips. i cant even remember the last time i had potato chips, but i want them BAD!
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41 weeks today. Am I the most past due around here?
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39 and 5 today - baby never coming. DS is at grandparents so I was able to sleep in today, which was really nice. DS was born on due date and this kiddo seems to be holding out for that too.
When DH and I were on our honeymoon in Oregon we signed up for a wine club and we get two bottles of wine every other month. When we came back from honeymoon we found out I was preggers and have not had the chance to enjoy this yummy wine. I just recieved another shipment this morning, so we now have 8 bottles and no room left in our wine rack. At least I am positive this will be the last time I will have to sign the UPS machine for clearly marked alcohol with a big ol tummy.
Have a good day mamas.
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38 and 4, lots of cramping and a few good contractions that kept me up until 1am...dd and I slept in until 11:30
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39+6? I'm due tomorrow, basically. Or the 24th. It depends on who you ask.

Either way, what was going on astrologically last night that made so many of us have false alerts? I know I get them 10 times a day. But I had killer cramps and ctxs and woke up about 3am to some wicked cramps and pains. I even started dreaming I was in labor!

Since this kid has the eviction notice before Saturday, I am drinking extra RRL, taking a little extra EPO, having lots of sex (trust me, the fun in this is gone, I can't wait for my 6 week break), eating spicy food, and trying some nipple stimulation. So hopefully she will come tomorrow after I see the chiro who will miraculously adjust me and baby will be in a perfect position.

I did lose a huge glob of snotty mucous plug yesterday. That was pretty nasty!
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