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At the end of the November declutter thread I was at 105/2008

41 outgrown boys clothes to a friend
11 things to a MIN
5 items to a pick-up charity (2 pairs shoes, baby toy, maternity shirt, baby hat)
1 pile of newspapers recycled (I'm counting these because they were being saved from the day my sons were born. I was supposed to save them forever I guess or cut out headlines and make into a special keepsake. Well, who wants headlines about the DC sniper or the war....5 years later they weren't done anyway....and now I don't need to feel guilty anymore)
Sold 1 ball pit (and 100 plastic balls!!!)
2 items trash - old sandals and unrepairable backpack
1 clothes item donated to foster care program
threw away 2 fridge magnets I hated
freecycled bath gift set and a T-shirt with a saying I despised

New total: 171/2008
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Way to go Jennay. I bet that felt cleansing.
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I'm in.

I started this morning.

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I'm starting to count now too and i have to write everything here otherwise i'll never keep track!

6 shirts/sweater to FIN
4 pairs of tights to FIN
3 piece sheet set i wasnt using to FIN
4 re-usable shopping bags to FIN (wasnt using these either, i apparently have an addition to non-plastic shopping bags)
5 pieces of baby cloths to FIN
1 returned pair of shoes (doing it tomorrow, but i'm putting it on the count today)
1 envelope to send stuff to FIN (excited about this since i always keep packing from things shipped to me and rarley ship stuff out)

i've got a boat load of things to sell on ebay or craigs list. I'm on my way to clearing out the junk and since i'm also compacting i wont be bringing in more to replace it
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Look at all you cheaters!!! I'm kidding. Decluttering is great no matter what.

I'm giving myself permission to wait until January. I've decluttered 177 out of my goal of 150 for the month and am behind on getting holiday gifts ready. The hardest part, for me, is the waiting to continue, but I'm doing my best to wrap up things for other people first.
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I'm going to start on New Year's Day. I have stuff in mind to get me started. Problem is, Christmas comes right before New Year's. Argh!

I didn't count my donations to FIN.
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getting a head start b/c company's coming

I started this morning. I bagged up two garbage bags work of donations for Salvation Army. I bagged them in the garage and stuck them directly in my van. I got about 40 items in each bag (they sort it there), and after doing the math, I realized that I will be removing approx. 50 bags of clutter from my house. That is a lot of stuff--stuff that can be used by others, stuff that I shouldn't have bought in the first place, stuff that was trying to fulfill a need I thought I had, just stuff.

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ok.... **deep breath** i'm jumping on board. we're going to have monthly threads, though, right? you know so we don't have a 90 page thread.
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Monthly threads for sure! ("2008 in 2008 declutter - January thread" and so on.)
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count me in!!! I have been TRYING to get organized recently but it's proven to be a major challenge with four kids and no help. Wish I had the money to pay someone else to go through and get rid of all of the CRAP piling up behind closet doors and on shelves in this house.......
I like the accountability that this thread presents.
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i'm in
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I finally cleaned out the active part of our cd collection yesterday. I got rid of all the scratched cds, the Kindermusik cds no one listens to anymore (those went for donation), and finally put everything in the binders we bought years ago, recycling the liner notes and throwing away the cases.

(This entire 2 hour project was started by my inability to find the one Christmas cd I was looking for.---Reason #109202 I need to declutter)

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i'm . . .

believe it or not, i've been decluttering for all of 2007 too, but i have a hard time getting the stuff actually GONE. i have many boxes of already-decluttered items in my garage, waiting to be hauled away. i have a lawn bag of clothes in my bedroom and another in the basement (and several more bags worth of clothes that haven't been sorted and bagged yet). i have boxes in my basement i never unpacked when we moved into our house three+ years ago, and some of those hadn't been unpacked from the previous move.

i have soooooooooooooo much decluttering to do. and we are a family of four, plus a dog, living in 720 sq ft. yikes. we need the space.

klaus 9-8-05
sonnen 3-25-07
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I'm not sure if I HAVE 2008 things :
But I do need to declutter so I'm joining!

167 items per month, it's a deal
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I am so in for this!! I am joining the compact also so this I think will really help me out as well, and I know that I have over 2008 items to get out of my house one way or another!:
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I am getting so excited about decluttering 2008 in 2008 as well as compacting. This is the perfect time in my life because I have been CRAVING creative action in my life.

The way I see it, you can not help but become more creative when you slow down and stop buying more and more, you have to reuse and recyle what you have, you have to THINK about what you really need and how to obtain it, and then decluttering helps get the energy flowing throughout.

Now just let me get through the consumerism of this next week and I will be a compacting decluttering maniac.

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I'm in, this is a perfect motivation for me.

I've realized that I go about this "decluttering" and "simplifying" business all wrong and have for years.

I tell myself "my books will be organized if only I had a bigger bookshelf" and just today I thought "if I buy pretty wicker baskets for my son's small toys it will stay organized" but at the end of the day, I'm just bringing in MORE stuff to hold my stuff! Sigh. I'm terrible at this.

With the goal to just get rid of 2008 items I have another way to inspire me...other than buying pretty baskets.

I'm taking before & after pics too. My house is a pre-holiday cluttered disaster right now. PERFECT for taking the "before" pics!
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I'm in. Are there rules on what counts?
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I got busy clearing out my closet tonight and one shelf on the bookshelf. The end result 118 cd's, videos, items of clothing, and books hauled out to the van to drop off at good will and alot more to go. I think I will end up surpassing the goal of 2008 in no time.

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