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c'mon mamas! I'm gettin' lonely here

last count 1842/2008

2 small piles of trash/junk decluttered from my car
1 old sewing machine
2 cookbooks
1 box of 'yoga cards'
1 vase
1 cat food bowl

new count 1850/2008
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We had to move all our office furniture to get the carpets cleaned and the walls painted, so all the files came out of the filing cabinet so we could move it. I'm sloooowly going through them before they go back in and culling a bunch of the old paperwork. So...

7 files paperwork decluttered and recycled
plus freecycled/donated/trashed
1 popcorn popper
1 bag of popcorn kernels
1 bug zapper shaped like a tennis racket
1 hand blender
1 bubble blowing kit
1 plastic container
1 poster

new count- 1864/2008

I'm going to try to help DD1 go through her toys since she just had a birthday. Other than that, it's the filing cabinet and DD2 seems to have just gone through a growth spurt. The garage is a huge project, but I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get to that. We'll see...
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freecycled, donated, trashed:

3 piles of paperwork
6 bunches of fabric
8 spools of thread
sewing kit
embroidery hoop
7 cds
2 books
gift packaging
2 halloween makeup kits
2 toys
2 bags of halloween erasers
broken camera
broken mp3 player
24 pieces of jewelry
12 hair items (clips, scrunchies, etc)
bunch of pencils, markers, pens from dds' room

1942/2008 :

just a bit more!
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last count 1942/2008

11 journals recycled
24 books freecycled
17 socks and undies from dds
1 pair of jeans

plus bunches and bunches of paperwork from the filing cabinet that I don't know how to count, so I'm just posting that I did it.

Only 13 things to go!!!! :

Anyone else still working on their 2008??? Post those numbers Mamas! You can do it!
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13 assorted things.


I'll probably not make it, but I'll be trying for 2009/2009.
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I'm in!!

I'm getting rid of all the POS toys that DS has gotten in his kid's meals (wwwwhhhhhyyyyyy do we need a plastic thing that looks like a spilled milkshake?
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Last count: 1995/2008

2 magnets
5 cds
1 ceramic dish


I actually did more decluttering today, but it's still in a box in the living room so I don't think it counts til I get it out of the house I can't believe I'm going to make it... the crazy thing is, if we were to really move, there'd be more to get rid of! yikes- how can we own so much stuff???

Thanks for posting StoneFence and loveandmore- it's nice to see the thread still alive!
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8 pieces of clothing
4 cd-roms
1 deck of cards
1 duster
1 wallet
1 calculator
1 dvd
1 sewing elastic
1 set elec cords
1 remote control

2023/2008 : :
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20 more items of clothing donated.

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15 spice jars and bags of old spices.

I consolidated and recycled extra plastic spice jars. I have so much room in that cupboard now.

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i'm hoping to get a few more items out of the house this month, we'll see. newborns and housework- good combination, eh
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