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I'm up for it. My goal is 2008 out- 0 in. I have done a lot of decluttering over the past year, but in the past few months I've been spending money like crazy because I'm bored. So I'm back to full capacity here. I just took a bunch of things to goodwill yesterday. I'll start counting tomorrow though. I'm not sure if I have 2008 things here but I'll do what I can. I'm fairly certain that by July I'll be down to bare necessities.
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Originally Posted by MonkeyPrincess View Post
So, my main goal is the clothes - I am giving myself the entire month of January to do this. February will be the month to go through the play room - ruthlessly, of course. Then the rest of the year will be taken up by the basement....yikes!
I think it's a great idea to focus on one area at a time for this challenge. I know that the first thing I will do is use January for the baby's room (that he never uses.) It has a closet the full length of the wall that has been used to house things that have been decluttered from other rooms, boxes with dh's stuff from the last move, and a lot of my stuff from the last move. Ugh. DS only gets about an 1/8th of the closet space. I also want to get the crib that has never been used out of there and into storage (in case we need to protect the next baby from DS.) I'd like for that room to be an open and safe play area for DS and his friends at playgroups, as well as an organized space (in the closet) to hold things as we attempt to sale them.
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5 more today. That brings me up to 10/2008.
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i'm late coming to this, but yes!!! i would love to try and rid our house of 2008 next year!!!
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If you could see my house- ESPECIALLY the attic and garage- you all would tell me that not only should I WANT to do this, I HAVE to! Even looking at all the Christmas presents laying around makes me want to take them back!

I want to get this house cleared out so we can all focus more on DOING what we like to do rather than just having stuff (even if what I like to do is crafts, which DOES require "stuff"-right now I can't even do them , as I have no room!)

I'm going to try and get started this week, but I expect I won't get REALLY going until next month, when DS goes and spends the night with grandma so we can attack the attic-already had this planned before I saw this thread.

The monthly accountability threads will really help me stay motivated!

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Today... 3 pairs of shoes to the goodwill box... that makes 6/2008
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i'm in. quite a bit of mine needs to be sold--we need the money.

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Not doin' so hot.

I'm feeling like I should CLEAN before I declutter, and once I get it close to clean, I'm ready to quit. Any suggestions about how not to get bogged down in just cleaning?
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Did a little more today. 10 items today. New total: 23/2008.

I clean and declutter at the same time. I have my garbage bags/donation box and cleaning supplies with me and I just pick a spot and go.
I have been working on a storage closet in the basement that is really gross because I rarely go in there. As I cleared off a shelf I would then clean it. All I can say is "nasty"
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I'm in! We live less than 800 sq ft for a family of now six. I'm determined to continue living here and have my home full of children and not junk!
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Okay then...

I cleaned out a storage bin under my bed....but, I didn't feel right counting each individual piece of paper...(Lots of awards and certificates from elem/jr high/high school) so, I counted it a pile of mine as one, and the pile of my DH's as one...but, really, it was like fifty...but, it's kinda stinky, cause, it's still under my bed, so, it doesn't really "FEEL" like I decluttered any..you know?

Off to go after some movies in the entertainment center!
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I'm in

I started with the TV stand. Got rid of blank cassettes (I know...cassettes. Last owned a tape player in the last century ) and movie cases and old recordable dvd's that only worked in the player they were recorded on...and the list goes on.

Also found EIGHTEEN never-been-opened movies. Those are now listed on half.com

I'm at 175/2008

I plan to remove one comparable item for each item coming into the house from Christmas. My husband is all for it but the kids are giving me the 'she's kidding, right?!?!' look.
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Does my garage count in the challenge? I put stuff out there for the yard sales and then eventually clean out clutter or have the yard sale. So do I count the garage in the challenge and count item by item... or do I count the item once it's gone from the house to sit in the garage?

Also, I feel weird having new things come in as old go out (like new baby clothes to replace things he's grown out of, etc)

Total: 103/2008

-- Freecycled: (24) old t-shirts, (1) 3-pack rolls of film, (30) 1/2 yard or more scraps of fabric,

-- eBayed: (4) sewing patterns,

-- Trashed: (1) pair shoes, (2) ornaments, (1) old t-shirt. (1) old box of checks, (1) windchimes,

-- To yard sale pile: (2) toys, (6) receiving blankets, (2) baby jackets, (2) baby t-shirts, (1) baby outfit, (1)bag of baby socks, (1) btl of hemp lotion, (8) oven mitts, (2) washcloths, (3) hand towels,

-- Back to friend: (1) unused bassinet,

-- Store returns: (1) baby outfit, (1) baby outfit, (1) baby shoes,

-- For FINs here on MDC and on another group: (4) knit scarves, (1) jog suit, (1) sweater,
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updating total...


Clothes, DVD, VHS, Knick-Knacks

Planning to tackle car trunk tomorrow (I hope that counts)
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Updated...11 more things in the past five minutes, so I'm up to 21/2008.

I'm starting to feel a little bizarre, finding things to get rid of and counting in my head!
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This sounds like a fantastic goal! I didn't know where to start. 2008 items it is. I think I will count paper separately and have the same goal in mind-2008 pieces of paper.
I think I'll keep my goal a secret though, cause dh might get all excited and start throwing things out the front door My clutter drives him nuts!

We just did a thing at church to help out 75 needy families (almost 200 children) and we donated a bunch of stuff. I was there and saw several items I had donated and who got them. it was a good feeling to know that those items were blessing someone rather than setting around in our way collecting dust!!!!
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My big decluttering challenge of 2008 begins today!!! I am so excited and already have a rather sizeable pile of goodwill donation started. I am feeling very motivated and just had to share with all of you.
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I undecorated for Christmas last night - dh thought I was insane, and kept counting down how many minutes we actually had left of Christmas day, but I couldn't stand it anymore!

So I got rid of tons of lights we can't use (the net kind that goes over a bush, we don't have any anymore!) and beads/berries for the tree, a bunch of "filler" ornaments that didn't really have any significance, an old stocking, some candle holders, and some other stuff I don't remember.

But I'm still not counting anything until January 1st! It just feels good to see it in writing!
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Originally Posted by mamavegan View Post
...I'm giving myself permission to wait until January....
So am I! I need the extra time to recooperate from the holidays.
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I also undecorated yesterday afternoon -- literally at 1pm or something I commanded the husband to help out. My poor kids! Two came in from the park to find the house cleared out.
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