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Well I have cleared out so much before xmas and then brought twice as much stuff back in the door with xmas gifts, holy crap we were spoiled. Back to it today, now I really have to declutter so everything new can have a home
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Originally Posted by GinaRae View Post
I also undecorated yesterday afternoon -- literally at 1pm or something I commanded the husband to help out. My poor kids! Two came in from the park to find the house cleared out.
Aww, poor kiddos! My 3 year old kept saying "But I like the Christmas tree lights! I like to turn them on!" So the only thing left is a naked Christmas tree with lights...
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I started last night. I couldn't take the piles of crap around here. Any ideas where I can take new in box children's gifts other than goodwill? I want kids who need them to have them. It's mostly little tikes stuff.
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Oh it would be GREAT if you found a women's shelter and delivered the gifts there for their use now for birthday gifts or play rooms and next year for Christmas gifts.
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This feels so good. 1 box full of ruined items from a flood in our basement 5 years ago. Only 3 more boxes to go. 2 shelves cleared off in the same closet.

20 more items gone. New total:
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Originally Posted by GinaRae View Post
Oh it would be GREAT if you found a women's shelter and delivered the gifts there for their use now for birthday gifts or play rooms and next year for Christmas gifts.
Good idea! I know of a place to take it then. I guess I had toys for tots on my mind but I figured they aren't accepting new gifts right now.

So I started last night with my laundry closet. I think phone cords multiply when one isn't looking. I also got rid of some seriously old floppy disks. Oh and 4 empty bottles of detergent. I think that's 9 months worth. I'm so lazy sometimes.

I also went through my closet today. I found a bunch of clothes that I hate hiding in a hamper.

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Toys and a few clothes... 71/2008
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I cleaned the guest bedroom closet today. It's a rarely used room, so it becomes my "I'll just put this here until I know what to do with it" room. I cleaned and organized it before Thanksgiving, but kept a lot of stuff we really didn't need. I ended up with 5 large garbage bags of toys, clothes and miscellaneous household items like candle holders, books, etc that we'll take to Goodwill this week and a large garbage bag of garbage.

I actually didn't count, I just tossed in bags. I'm positive we'll hit the 2008 goal and go beyond though. I'm just going to keep focusing on an area until it's done.
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Updated totals

The baby has had a couple of great days where I've actually gotten a little more done than just runs to the laundry machine. I wish it was deep cleaning, but if all I get done is more decluttering, I am okay with that too!

Total: 260/2008

-- Freecycled: (55)clothing items,(1)3-pack rolls of film,(30)1/4 yard+ fabric,(1)gingerbread house kit, (3)new calendars

-- eBay/Half.com: (15)sewing patterns,(2)pair shoes,(54)clothing items,(6)baby gear,(1)book

-- Trashed: (1)pair shoes,(2)ornaments,(2)t-shirt,(1)box of checks,(1)windchimes,(1)washcloth,(3)toys,(4)broke n crayons,(4)btls of meds, (8)sewing patterns,(3)paints,(1)VHS,

-- To yard sale pile: (13)baby/kids gear,(10)clothing items,(1)health/beauty(10)kitchen items,(2)Chritmas gift card tins,(2)dog neck ties,(1)angel pin,

-- Returned: (1)bassinet,(5)maternity clothes,(3)clothing/shoes,

-- For FINs: (6)clothing items,
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I just attacked the front part of my laundry room, and can officially add 41 to to my total. I'm up to 62/2008.

My mini-goal is to get to 100 by the end of the year. I thought I was going to have a hard time letting things go, but once I got started, it's actually been nice, paring things down.
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17/2008 not much but it is a start.
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an even 50/2008

I went through my dresser and one of the closets.
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If you guys are looking for places to donate all your clutter, this may help.
(yes, i have this list posted on my fridge). You do usually have to mail donations in (unless you live near the org.) but it can make a big difference.

Backpacks and winter gear
*Help Lakota Sioux children and adult on South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation. They also except Toys and clothes ect.

Boots, hiking
*Boots for rangers accepts shoes in excellent condition for African rangers who patrol park boundaries and wilderness areas.

Business clothes and accessories
*Career closet provides interview clothing for women
*Career gear provides interview clothes for men.

Formal clothes and accessories
*Cinderellas closet offers free prom dresses for underprivileged students
*Fairy Godmothers does the same
*The Glass slipper project in Chicago also gives free formal attire to needy girls

*Cityteam Ministries serves poor and homeless in CA.

Wedding stuff
*Making memories Breast Cancer Foundation

Coats and hat/scarves/gloves
*The New York Cares Coat drive
*One warm coat

eye and sun glasses
*Unite for sight sends used glasses to children and adults to Nigeria and Uganda.
*New eyes for the needy takes all conditions (including broken ones) and distributes worldly

*The Humane Society of the united states excepts fur to use as bedding for newborn animals. Most wildlife rehabilitators do too. To find one near you go to

*Indigo Rescue sells donations to benefit animal rescue programs in Oregon.

*Suitcases for kids Donates suitcases to foster children

Rain gear
*Real Change publishes a weekly newspaper sold by homeless people in Seattle and need rain gear for the vendors.

*Nike reuse-a-shoe recycles old athletic shoes which are turned into athletic surfaces. accepts all shoes in any shape

*Soccer for life, send old soccer shoes/cleats and equipment to children in Honduras

Ok Im done
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I just sold one of my favorite slings. I don't really need 5 slings, now to part with some more..

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Up to 81/2008!
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34/2008. I just went through one drawer in the kids room and went through what will be donated from Christmas.

Oh make that 37/2008, I forgot to add in three shirts that DH does not want. I can't understand why he would not want to wear a collared shirt with marlin fish all over it??

We love to fish, but not wear it on our clothes.
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Holiday closet done. Three more large bags for Goodwill.
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freecyled shipping boxes/packing peanuts -- plus cleared out a bunch from the garage for goodwill.
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How many items before you see a difference?

I am trying to figure this out. I think I am going to take the one-room-at-a-time approach, to maximize my need for immediate gratification. Right now, I am just going through the house willy-nilly and not really seeing a difference.

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Yep! I think I'll do one room at a time too. That way I won't get discouraged and quit. Haven't started counting yet, but I will by Jan 1
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