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Are you sticking close to home?

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Or just going about business as usual? I'm now 38 weeks and feeling like I should probably stay home.... but I'm soooooo bored! Trying to convince my hubby to take me out for dinner tonight while we can still get out of the house.
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I'm just about 37 weeks, and staying home more due to lack of transportation. But this weekend, as long as my doc gives the ok, I will be traveling about 3 hours to do Christmas with DH's family. The way I see it, it's going to happen when it happens. I'm not going to stop my life til it does.
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Stay within a certain range if it makes you more comfortable. Like maybe 5 miles, or 10. Do what you feel is comfortable. I pretty much stay close to home anyways. I'm hibernating nowadays!
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Get out now, while you can. Enjoy these last weeks with no baby here yet. Go on LOTS of dates. Probably flying is a bad idea, or road trips, but anything else is fair game.

Unless you feel like hibernating, then do that. It is the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, after all.

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I am staying close to home. Once the first niggly contraction of labor happens for me..I typically only have 2 hours until the birth. I don't know what would happen if labor started by my water actually breaking because it has always been followed by a head. I don't want a Walmart (or ..insert other germy public place) baby.
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Find out your insurance rules too -- some companies won't cover out of network emergency birth if you were more than X miles from home.
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DH would go absoluately insane if we stayed close to home. As it is we're on weekly appts to the OB in the city (2 hrs away) so close to the hospital at least, lol!

However, I was thinking yesterday that DH had better get ON THE BALL if he wants to do any snowmobiling this winter b/c another 2 weeks and I will not be thrilled at the idea of him being on top of a mountain and unreachable. I won't be driving myself 2 hours to Billings, so it would have to be a totally unplanned UC hba2c And let me also say there will be no leaving Mommy w/ a newborn, 2yo and 4yo for Daddy to go play in the snow, either!

Poooooor DH!
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We're going to my uncle's house on Sunday (1.5 hrs from here), but after that, no out-of-town trips. And Sunday is completely weather- and baby-dependant. We aren't promising anything to anybody - that way we can always bail if I'm just too tired to go.
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Business as usual here.
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I'm now 37w4d and I've pretty much been "business as usual". I stopped working a few weeks back and have been spending the days running errands, mainly within 20 minutes of the house. We spend a lot of our weekends at my parents house (an hour away) and that hasn't changed. On occasion, I have actually driven there for the day and have felt fine about it.

I'm not sure I would venture much more than that distance on my own though. I am planning to go see my grandfather for lunch and he's about 1h15m away, but my brother will be with me.
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I drive 30 min. to work and back again, but that's been my longest trek since Thanksgiving. Friday's my last day though, which is good because babe has dropped and I'm having a hard time getting around. My MW and most of my errands are within 25 min. or so from the house.
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My dh's father died on Friday and I'm 36 wks, driving 1.5 hrs each way to go to the in-laws for mourning, funeral prep, service, etc. It's been ridiculous and hectic, but has to be done. Last night I thought I was in labour but it quieted down after 2 hrs. My midwives agreed that it was important for me and us to be with family right now. If I end up going into labour while we're out of town, I'll just have to go to the hospital there but at least our doula lives in that same city! So she'd be there! Next week is Xmas so from then on we'll stay close to the city.
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i'm going on a 7 hour (each way) road trip on thursday. will return on monday. DH is driving. i figure there are hospitals on the way. my older sister (our end point destination) is a midwife - so i'm fine once i'm there. plus, i'll only be 36 weeks on friday. i had my other kids at 38 and 39 weeks, so i figure i have a few weeks to go. might as well see family now.

7 hours is a longish drive...but we'll make lots of bathroom stops and i can get some last-minute knitting done!
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i've never stayed close to home near the end with any baby. i'll be 35 weeks tomorrow, so if she's anything like the other two, i've still got a good 4-5 weeks. my dd's preschool is 30 minutes away, and the grocery store 45minutes. we frequent those places regularly, lol.

target is the closest thing at 10mi/20min, so sticking too close is really not an option, especially with dh deployed.
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Im actually traveling MORE often than normally... DH is living in Jacksonville while we are still in Ocoee until he gets our old house ready for us to move in.. (install a new backdoor that the tenant busted out, have people install new carpet, get the carpets cleaned, touch up paint, change the locks, and deep deep deep clean the place lol)... He left yesterday (Sun) and I will be driving up with the kids on Christmas Eve so we can spend Christmas Eve with his family in Jax... then we are picking up his dad and sister and bringing them down to Orlando on Christmas Eve evening to do Christmas Day down here with my family.. then the next day, Im driving them all back to Jacksonville and coming back to Orlando...

Im taking DS on Saturday to Epcot for the Candlelight Processional that Edward James Olmos is reading.. hes doing it in English and Spanish and DS is Mexican and I think hes finally old enough to respect the whole thing lol.. so we are gonna go do that just the 2 of us...

New Years Eve, DH is driving down here and my parents are watching the kids for us to do the Magic Kingdom (yes, I will probably end up renting a wheelchair that day LMAO)

We are moving to Jacksonville on Jan 12 (at least thats the projected date that dh thinks he will have it ready by).. so moving then, and then driving back to Orlando that following Monday (14th) to pick up the kids from my parents. and then driving back to Jax that night lol..

all the while, Im due Jan 24, and this is my 4th kid.. sooooo plans could change at any point lol.
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Business as usual here. Especially now that I feel good. After being sick for 5 weeks I am like a new woman now that the illness has passed. Woohoo!
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sorry I posted twice....my silly post written from a pregnant brain is below....
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And I have been another one the "staying close to home mamas"......today I went five miles and worried that I had gone too far. It just felt weird to be that far from home! Thank goodness I live in the city at the moment and the nearest store is a block away......I don't know what I would do living 15min from the nearest store......not I don't love the country I totally do ..... now I am starting to
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Business as usual here too. But we really can't drive too far...after a few hours, you will loop back around the island and arrive where you started
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....today I went five miles and worried that I had gone too far.
REALLY? you are all making me feel funny about driving 600 miles away this weekend .

in all seriousness, what could happen 5 miles away from home that worries some of you? i must be missing something...
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