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how many do you have and are you done ??

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how many do you have and are you done ??
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We have 3...and oh yes, we are done. If I could just give birth, but not go through awful pregnancies and difficult postpartums...then I would love to have more. But, that's not going to happen. Dh is getting a vasectomy. If we start to feel like our family needs growing again, we'll adopt. There are so many children who need good homes. I truly believe that souls seek and find one another through many different ways...not just biological birth.
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We have one. We'd originally planned on 4-6 kids, all via adoption as toddlers or older. Having an infant was a huge shift, and now we're seriously re-evaluating if we want more children at all. DH and I were always very happy without kids, and I don't think we would have felt "incomplete" if it had remained just us.

That said, I would still love to have a large family through adoption, provided--and this sounds so bougeois!--we had some sort of domestic help. Part of me feeling sane as a mom is having a manageable home, and right now that task seems way too daunting on my own.
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we have 2 and we think we are done.
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We just have Angela, but I don't think we're done, even though DH has mentioned getting snipped. I've got a feeling he's going to want at least one more in a few years, so I've made a point of mentioning considering a reversible snip instead of a permanent one. He hasn't objected to the idea, so it leads me to believe deep down, he doesn't feel totally done just yet.
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I'd like some help myself!

I have 4 and thought it would be no big deal, but my standards in child care and housekeeping have changed since I had my older kids. I am seriously stressed about never having enough time to do anything.

I LOVE this child.. OMG do I love this child!!!! I just would like help cleaning the house while I enjoy him forever and ever. I am always torn between holding a sleeping baby just a minute longer and letting go so I can pick up the mess. And when he needs me and I am only with him, I feel guilty because my mind wanders to the lists of things to do and to the boys.

And HONESTLY if anyone tells me not to worry about the house... UGH! I know that. I do. I have relaxed my standards since getting pregnant, and the house suffers (a lot!) but my mental health and stress levels are directly connected to a clean house.

This house is SO SMALL. If I can't stay 100% on top of cleaning, decluttering and keeping the boys active on putting things away, all functions of and around the house are chaotic for everyone. We can't move, sit, etc.. because things pile up too easily.
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We have three now. The oldest is my stepson. Right now we're done, but I'm getting an IUD in case we change our minds. It depends on how well he moves up in this company.

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We have 2, I don't feel done, but financially we may have to be. We won't be doing any form of birth control aside from MFI...we'll accept whatever God blesses us with.
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We have three boys, my ss who is almost 13, my 18 month old and our new little babe. We are really happy; although very stressed out at times...a toddler and a teenager all at once. We have discussed having one more and have not decided which way to go yet. If we do have one more I would prefer it to be sooner rather than later. I want the little boys to all grow up together close in age.
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We have four plus my step son that doesnt live with us. I would have had one more but dh isnt into it at all. My family feels complete but I am not confident I wont regret having my tubes tied at another point in my life.
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one, and no!
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We have six and if, in a few years, I can find my groove with homeschooling, being a doula/CBE and maintaining a decent house then I can't say I wouldn't consider another (i.e. actively trying; we're always open to whatever). I really have to be in a place where I can go through the morning sickness without feeling that my life is falling apart because I'm so unfunctional during that phase of pregnancy.

We'll see...I'm only 31 so time is on my side.
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We have 5 and I swore throughout the pregnancy that we were done, but now dh and I are pretty sure that there is one more child meant to join our family (we are kinda hoping one more girl to even the playing fields ). Not trying anytime soon though...my life is beyond chaotic right now with infant twins/5 children all 4 and under!
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I have 2- Pixie who is 7 and Peri, the newborn.

I also have a nephew who is 11 months older than Pixie that I am very close to and would like to be available for should he ever need me- either as a parent or financially. His father is not in the picture and his mother is not the most stable (emotionally or financially) and there may come a time when I need to be a bigger part of his life than I currently am, and that would be fine with me.

I always wanted a house full of kids, but I separated from my first husband I was still pregnant with Pix, and of course, didn't have any more children until Peri. If we ever want more, I think it will be via adoption, and I would adopt a child who was older, or at least at an age between the 2 girls ages.

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One and nope.

We always said we wanted two, plus an option. If things go well with two, we'll consider actively trying for more. I'll be 30 next year, so we have some time to decide, but not unlimited amounts, especially because I want to wait at least two years to try for #2.
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We have three. 2.5. 4.5 and Sam. . . . I don't feel done, even though there are days I think I am *insane* for even thinking of more, but I think DH is done. He's 40, stressed to the max with the kids (he doesn't deal well with organized chaos, lol), and don' think I can convince him of a need for one more!
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Oliver is our first, and we just got married last year! We said we wanted three when we were first talking about it, but I think two might be more realistic. I want to spend the next couple of years trying to land a better job, and also want to be fully healed from my C-section before we try again. That said, I'm 37 (today!) and we don't have forever, so I guess we'll see what we're blessed with. We have an agreement to table the discussion and see where we're at in a year. But I know we want at least one more. If we decide on a third at some point I want to be really sure I can be present for all of them... i.e. sane! Three kids might be over my limit. We'll see.

Loving this babe tho! And already looking forward to # 2 even if it won't be right away.
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we have 2 and we are done if i didn't have such horrible pregnancies i would have 2 or 3 more. i like the idea of a huge family. but i get SICK SICK nothing helps!!! so, instead of thinking about NOT having more kids DH and i are getting used to the idea of the kids growing up and looking forward to having time for each other again....we are only 30 DH will get the big V soon. it's kinda sad!
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Three. Don't think we're done yet, either.
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NAK. two. we're not done. at least one more, maybe two more.
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