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I mean the sex of your baby Of course we all want healthy babies who arrive safely but does anyone have a sex preference?

I am pretty much torn right down the middle on this one. We have one boy and 2 girls so the thought of a boy is nice. On the other hand, DH is Jewish and favors circ (I was uneducated on the issue when we had DS) so if it is a boy, I would have to scramble to educate him. So for that reason I am kind of hoping for a girl. I do love little girls (big ones too!) but I love boys too... can you tell I am conflicted?
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We are hoping for a boy.
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I was just coming here to post this!

I've been having very strong girl feelings and strangely DH does too. I always wanted a boy though.
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I really don't care either way, but my 5yo wanted Henry to be a girl, and this time he said "please can we have a girl this time?!?" lol
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Of course the father wants a boy, me, I don't care either way. Just a healthy and happy baby. We want to be surprised about the birth upon delivery.
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While my hubby and I would really like a girl..... "I" will love either very much and I am just excited that I will finally get to be a real "mommy". This is my first but my DH 2nd.
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I have a vision of my DS and a wee DD. But, I don't know. I would love to have a mother-daughter relationship, so, if this babe is a boy, I will mourn that, most likely. That said, another little DS would be lovely, although, I will be forever outnumbered...
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Well having 2 girls already, I know Dh really wants a boy - and for that reason so do I - although secretly I don't care either way. At least another girl would be "familiar" if that makes sense. A boy would be brand new territory around here - plus I know with it would come a fight over the name being DH's "Jr." and i can't STAND that! I'd be happy with healthy. :-)
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I REALLY wanted a boy when I got pregnant the first time. I always thought of myself as a boy's mommy. Of course, I never voiced my preference until we found out the gender.

With this one, I can honestly say that I really wouldn't mind either way. I got my boy the first time around, so in my eyes, everything else is just cream cheese.
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I sort of assume that we'll have a boy, since we have DS, DH and the boy dog. It seems like maybe it's my place to be outnumbered as well.

We didn't find out last time and I carried right out front-looked pretty funny really. I had probably a few hundred people tell me while pregnant that it was a boy. People would yell from across the street! I NEVER had someone think it was a girl....so maybe there is something to the "tricks"? And we couldn't come up with any girls names, so maybe I knew too (although I think it was the entire city of Philadelphia telling me it's a boy).

I also read something that moms are about 70% accurate when guessing what gender their baby is.
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I have my 2 girls so I am really hoping for a boy.
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I'm hoping for another girl, DD wants a sister. DH has 3 boys already, and still wants a boy....He says "You got one girl, how many do you want?"
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I'm hoping for a boy b/c I have two DDs and then a DS, so it would balance out. I'm all about balance and symetry. LOL But, really I don't care either way. A girl would complicate our living situation/bedrooms,etc ..... but otherwise I don't care! I'm not getting my hopes up for a boy b/c I did with the first two and look what happened!
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Well I have two boys so we'd really like a girl. My kids don't know we're expecting yet, but my older son has been praying for a baby sister for a long time. My dh would love a daughter and so would I. So I'm spending most of my mental energy allowing myself to think about having a third boy so I can be ready if it is. I don't think I'd be disappointed if we have another boy, I'd be thrilled. I'd just separately have to mourn the loss of ever having a daughter. My gut is that this baby is a girl. But I can't really trust it because it could just as easily be wishful thinking. But I've felt like a girl was coming to us for a long time, two years maybe. So this may be her. We'll see.

We are finding out as soon as we can so that I have time to get used to the idea and also to KNIT as much as possible.
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I really have no preference. But I feel so much like it's a boy, that I can't even imagine the possibility that I'm carrying a girl. Nor do I think about girl clothes, pink diapers, etc. We do have a girl name ready, but I have a hunch I won't need it this time. So bizarre. Never expected I'd feel so strongly about it.

Dh says there's one of each. It is nice living with an optimist.
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I want a girl so I can buy girly wool
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I have no preference. For my first two kids, I secretly had preferences both times. But now, I really am neutral about it. I have very strong girl feelings. I had a dream before I knew I was pregnant, and DS and DD and another little girl were all with me. I didn't tell anyone about that dream, and the next day, my little boy asked "Mommy, you have a baby in your tummy? A girl baby?" He's asked me that almost daily since the first day he asked. He's only once asked about a boy baby, and then immediately laughed and said, "NOOOOO. Silly. It a girl baby."
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We are hoping for a boy....I have two girls and a boy already, plus DH has two girls from his first marriage, so another boy would help balance things out a bit.
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We really don't care either way. DH says he doesn't know which he'd prefer at all. I always thought I wanted a daughter for my first child, me being the oldest and all. But I started to feel when we were thinking about TTC that a boy as a firstborn would be awesome.
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Have yall seen this?

Know your baby's gender by 7 weeks gestation

DP wants a girl and has been having vivid dreams of us having a girl since we started talking about having a baby together. I would like a girl too but I hope this one is a boy for my DS to play with. He's such a lonely child. He talks about going to the "boy store" to get a bunch of boys for him to play with.
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