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Getting Fired

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Ugh, I feel all gwiggly.

Ok, so here is the lowdown...

8 months ago started working at the newspaper.

3 months ago new ad manager comes on.

I had been putting the recycling papers in the large trash can instead of the itty bitty cardboard box they use for recycling. i was told to put them in the box "over there" five months earlier. For five months I have been depositing papers in this particular bin and not one person noticed or said a thing.

One day my boss comes to the front as he was leaving and shouts into the ad office, "someone put newspapers in the garbage and they need to go in the recycling box (not marked as such, just a little cardboard box)."

He leaves and I ask my co-worker, "so where are they supposed to go?" She tells me and I am perplexed and kind of astonished that I have not been corrected before then. I verbalize this as the new ad manager comes out of her office and blasts a reprimand at me.

I say (in the same tone she used) I'm sorry but I don't just do things because I feel like it, I do them because I was told and I was told to put them there."

She didn't like that and for 4 days ignored me (while I was my cheery self).

A few months ago I email the publisher and let him know my schedule for next semester. I'll only be available to work Mon, Wed, and Fri. he says we'll talk later in the year (this was late August or early Sept). A month ago I email him and ask if he has thought more about my situation. He says he is still thinking on it.

Last week the ad manager calls me into her office and says, "so I hear you will be leaving us."

I say, I hope not.

She says yes. I need someone who can work 5 days a week (4 hours a day). I've been there 8 months and have bent over backwards and go above and beyond. I am never late, I work extra to make sure ads are run properly. If you ask me to do you a favor I HAPPILY do it.

But she apparently wants me gone (even though there have not been anymore issues and she basically ignores me, even though I say good morning every day).

So anyway, since I have gotten this news, she has also said that if they find the "perfect" person that she will let me go.

This afternoon at about 4 my co-worker calls and asks if she has called me, I say no and ask why. She said that the manager asked for my phone number.

I have this uneasy feeling that she is going to call me tomorrow morning and tell me not to come in.

If she does this, well first off I won't answer the phone, and second I'm going in. If she wants to fire me she can do it in person.

What do you all think?

Nc is a "work at will" state and you can be fired for anything or nothing.

I am eligible for EIB though. I'll get $105 a week for 26 weeks.

Plus I have made sure I have been on time and have been very helpful and cheery.

My stomache is churning.
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nak, but that really sucks.
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I have a feeling the ad manager is going to call this morning and tell me not to come in.

But, I am not going to answer the phone.

If she wants to fire me she can do it in person.

Is that fair?

Plus I have pictures and things that are on my desk.

I am just so sad. When I started I changed my schedule for this job. It was supposed to be full time, then the publisher called and said 4 hours per day, 8-12. I said sure. Then he changed it to 10-2, I said sure again.

I have done my job and then some.

Then little miss insecure and power hungry comes in and bam! it's all gone. And all I did was defend myself.
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I LOVE the idea of making her fire you in person. I had a Research Director, big guy running lab who left it to the OTHER lab assistant (we were both 22 and it was the first job out of college) to tell me. He comes down at 10:00 and basically says to me "so I guess you heard the news" WTF?

You sound really OK about this. Are you really?

Will your co-workers be able to provide good references? How about the publisher?
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I'm sorry you're going through this. I once had a temp assignment ended by getting a message on my answering machine when I got home after working there all day (I'd worked there 4 months and it was one of those infinite temp jobs). Gee, thanks. It was Christmas time, too. Anyway, did you hear anything? I hope she does end up having to fire you in person if that is what is going to happen. If not, I hope your issues at work can be resolved and they accommodate your new school schedule. Good luck!
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No advice, just
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I'm so sorry. She sounds very unprofessional. : I agree with going in, if you're okay with that.
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This is becoming pretty comical.

I didn't get a phone call this morning, but it turns out she had tried to call me last night. We were busy and thankfully couldn't get to the phone. She still has her Florida cell phone so when I checked the caller ID I didn't recognize the number and deleted it along with a few others.

This morning I go to work as usual and as usual she doesn't say a word to me.

She leaves at 11 and CALLS ME!!!!

She asks if I can work a few extra hours next week and I say yes. She wants me to train the new girl- WTF?! Yeah, she has already hired someone. The snake. And the woman she hired is an absolute snob. She is really hateful when she comes to our office- how the hell am I going to train her.

So the ad manager says, yeah if you could work those extra hours it would be appreciated and then after a few days when the new girl knows how to take ads then we'll start cutting your hours.

I'm not really ok.I cried after she called me.

I'm so pissed.

I don't know how to train anyone.
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That's piss-poor management. You know, as hard as it sounds, maybe you should keep on being cheerful and reliable until the job is done. I have a feeling these two might be gone in a few months.
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She just sounds so very unprofessional.

I think you should keep your dignity and perhaps resign before the new woman is trained. They are not treating you with respect. Let them have a new problem--who will train the new worker? Just let them know, very courteously that you need to start another job immediately that suits your schedule better.
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What Lauren said. This is ridiculous. Don't get dicked around like that.

This is exactly what happened to me when I was 22. The new lab tech told me they had hired someone else and I had to train her before I was fired. At the time, I guess I was happy for the work, but SCREW that. Like you have time to work extra hours next week. Quit now and preserve your dignity. You can go out professionally without burning bridges. Holidays, school, family obligations, say whatever you want, but say it to their face and walk out! Do it today or Friday and treat yourself to a F#($& THIS cocktail or starbucks drink or whatever.

Hugs to you. Anyone would be crying in this situation, but I have a feeling you are going to be OK and this will be a big turning point for you.
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Oh I won't quit. I'm filing for unemployment and I can't do that in NC if I quit and we NEED the money.

BUT, I have no clue how to train another person How can I be relied upon to train anyone?

I'll be cheerful to the end, no doubt, but it won't be to their benefit.

I also don't want to give them any reason to appeal my claim.
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I'm so sorry, PD. Sometimes I think that if only there were no people around, the world would be a pretty great place to live!

Is there anyone above her that you can appeal to? You've had no marks on your record, nothing disciplinary at all. I live in an at-will state too, but you still have the right to appeal.

It makes me so angry that she didn't even bother to fire you. I guess if it were me, I'd send an email to her and cc the publisher or something to get it in writing. You never know, she is the type that might say you quit voluntarily because you couldn't work around the new hours, and then deny your unemployment claim.
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I'm so sorry. I think you've been treated very poorly! Publishing is a volatile industry but that's just ridiculous. My concern is how you can protect yourself, so here is my advice (take it or leave it).

Definitely train the new person, but see if you can make it contingent on your boss providing you with a good written reference letter. Just say that you're happy to help, but you would like that in return, and highlight the points you want her to put into the reference letter - that you are reliable, and so on.

When you train the new person, put as much as possible in writing - make a training agenda, or something similar, and tick off what you have covered. Just go down the responsibilities in your day. The up side of this is that in the future, you can say you have provided some training.

I hope you find something similar with a better work environment soon!
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I'm sorry about your work situation. It's the worst feeling training someone who's going to take over your job.
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Man that boss really sucks. I'm sorry for what's happening to you.

She sounds like the kind of person who, when confronted, wouldn't even tell you the *real* reason she's firing you (i.e. she's an insecure you-know-what).

Even though it really sucks, be super wonderful until the end, make sure your coworkers are aware of your efforts, and yes, do bargain for a wonderful letter of recommendation from your boss. If she can't be straight with you, then let her suffer and carry through with her own lie.

Re: training someone for your position, I'd recommend going through your day in your head, and writing down everything that you do, from the simplest to the more complex task. Then you simplify the document by categorizing tasks by area of responsibility, as well as by level of importance. Make it visually appealing, print it out, and hand it to New Girl. Tell her to look it over, while watching you go about your day for a day or two. After a few days, tell her she's going to be doing the job, and you're just going to be there in case she needs any help. Also, introduce her to all the various people you deal with as "your replacement", so a) people are aware that you're being replaced b) they get to know New Girl, and c) they can see how nice you are as opposed to her.

good luck!
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Thanks for all the awesome replies.

The publisher (who is behind this woman 100%) asked me what was wrong today (I was just being quiet- but still my lovely self) and I say, "you're firing me." He said, no we aren't. I said, "yes, you are." And he said, "No, things just aren't working out."

Uh...like I said.

Half- I did exactly what you posted about today.

I made a list of my daily responsibilities, then stapled examples of paperwork to the back with notes in each section to "see attachment a,b,c, etc."

I'm working on a price list for each special ad that I work on and will also make a list of the people in the ad room and news room with a brief explanation of their responsibilities so she will know who to forward phone calls to if the customer doesn't know the name of the staff person responsible. Example" Tom-traffic and law enforcement news, Stacy- general Editor and special interest stories, etc.

I have printed out a list of our line ad classifications and laminated them to my desk near the computer keyboard.

I've cleared off any unimportant information (or stuff that will be learned later) from my desk so as not to confuse her.

Everyone in the office thinks I'm nuts for going out of my way, but I couldn't not do this and I really can't blame my replacement. Well, she is a meany, so maybe she knows about me being fired too.

Ok, off to buy stocking stuffers for the DH.

Thanks again mamas. This next week should be LOADS of fun!
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Unfortunately, I have to agree with seaturtle. They are setting this up as a "things didn't work out, she trained her replacement and moved on" sort of deal instead of a "we had to let her go" situation where unemployment benefits have to be paid. I worry that they are taking advantage of your kind, professional nature to get out of paying unemployment.
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Originally Posted by Potty Diva View Post
When I started I changed my schedule for this job. It was supposed to be full time, then the publisher called and said 4 hours per day, 8-12. I said sure. Then he changed it to 10-2, I said sure again.
Maybe you were too nice? It sounds like they were pulling you around from the beginning.

I say good riddance.
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Originally Posted by GuildJenn View Post

Definitely train the new person, but see if you can make it contingent on your boss providing you with a good written reference letter. Just say that you're happy to help, but you would like that in return, and highlight the points you want her to put into the reference letter - that you are reliable, and so on.
Great idea! Definitely do this. It will be proof that your boss thought well of your work.

Places that act like this and try to prevent you from getting unemployment stink.
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