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Let's stroke each other

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Shamelessly stolen from TAO, but more fun here where I know you mamas better:

"Write something nice about the mama above you. (uhh, on this thread, not irl.)"

Who here couldn't use a little stroking?
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Boogiemonsters in the U.S. are supposed to be meanies. But you're the sweetest boogiemonster I know! (Not that I know others, really.) Must be the Canadian thing

Annnnd you have the CUTEST lil Lucy Mae!
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Gina is the most organized momma I know. That's quite the feat in my books!

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Da WIC Lady's got a killer sense of humor---Hon, you crack me up every day
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I love Lizzies siggy quote.....I wrote it down even. I think iggys reflect a lot about a person and from her siggy we'd get along great-plus her DD's middle name is Quinn as is my DS's name.
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Nicole has the most gorgeous children! OMG!
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non-flaming mama? that makes you my hero right away!!!! the internet needs more people like you

and i am not sure but i think once i misread your username and for whatever reason ever since then i think of cake when i see it now. yum, mama, yum!:
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Annika's babies are going to grow up thanking their mama for giving them the coolest, most masculine, kick @$$ names (and for being such a great mama too).
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you're so cool for starting this thread and OMG- you are so crafty.....
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You have given life to six girls!

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Originally Posted by melissakc View Post
You have given life to six girls!

melissa, i find you such a thoughtful mama and friend (if i may be so lucky to call you that!). i think you always have such bright, compassionate things to say.

plus -- you're super cute!
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Yay! I get Robina!

You are a super hip mama with a gorgeous girl that I can't wait for Django to meet! And you have fantastic tattoos!
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I have so much respect for the fact that you had a homebirth for your first baby, Heather! I think it says a lot about the conscientiousness of your approach to parenting and means that Django is a lucky little baby. What a cool name for your son, btw!
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Jessica, you are a strong mama. Such a hard pregnancy and waiting so long for labor to get going....you ROCK!
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Lindsey is my hero for birthing 2 beautiful girls with great names vaginally, with one being breech!!

(And, you always are so sweet!)
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I wish I had Monocyte's eagerness to jump back into the baby-making experience. I'm kinda jealous! Or a scaredy-cat
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celeste.. anyone with six gorgeous kids is a hero in my book, wow.. three has my hands full!!
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Laura is always a great source of sympathy and information!
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Erica - you are always there to support other people, even when things are tough for you and you've got a real way with words.

Plus you get extra points for calling me Ed, being an Anthro grad and getting my obscure references.
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Edwina is ALWAYS there with sympathy, empathy, and knowledge for everyone in our DDC!

AND she was on TV with cute, wriggling Sils feet coming out from the sling.

AND she didn't send me a nasty gram when I told her that the video from said TV program meant I got to see her right boob for 45 seconds.

(What?! It was above the wriggling Silas feet and below where they cut her head off!)
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