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Breastfeeding kittens

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One of the pregnancy-related dreams I had when I was pregnant with Nicholas was that I gave birth to a kitten, and couldn't get the kitten to latch on to save my life. That dream turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy when Nicholas and I failed to establish a breastfeeding relationship, due to a multitude of reasons (c-section, he was given a bottle for marginal blood sugar directly after birth, he was impatient, I was frustrated, he was jaundiced, I was told to supplement, I brought him home on Saturday, and as of Monday, had no one in the house with me for more than 12 hours a day, since my husband had to go back to work, yada yada....)

Anyhow, last night I dreamt of the kitten again. Still a male kitten, but this time, I managed to breastfeed it. Except the milk was curdled. Can you tell I have some anxiety about breastfeeding? It's the first pregnancy-related dream I've had this pregnancy, and it's weird that it is so similar to one of the ones I had when pg with Nick.
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How strange, I had a dream I gave birth to THE cutest kitten you've ever seen..... Why do we have these dreams?
Deep breath, you'll do great!
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I have also had kitten dreams. Strange!
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Mine was a dachshund when I was pg with ds1
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Hi from April DDC!
I dreamed this too about a month ago...that our cat had a kitten but then died, so I had to nurse it...and I couldn't get it to work. I'm not lactating yet and I felt so bad...LOL!
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Crazy!!! I had a dream I gave birth to a kitten with my first pregnancy as well. I forgot to feed it and sadly it passed. Weird!
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