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Tell me about your 10 week old---

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i know all kids are different, but just a general idea of what a child this age could/should/may do...
-i get this 'e-newsletter' weekly and it says things like being able to lift their head while lying on their tummy, holding rattles etc and moving them around, able to keep head 'up' while in carseat, cooing, gurgling, etc..

what's a reliable website wehre i can get a general idea of where she's at...

also weight, height, any and everything just tell me about ur little one

edited to add more 'milestones'
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Ds has been lifting his head while on tummy for over a month now, although we rarely do it because he doesn't seem interested or his arms aren't strong enough. But he'll always hold himself up off my body. He doesn't grab for anything yet, I don't think he's really discovered his hands...although he's started pulling up his shirt or reaching at my mouth. But he could care less about any toy. He keeps his head up in the carseat but not as well when asleep. (or maybe it's because dh takes off so fast it almost gives the poor kid whiplash: ) He loves smiling and cooing when he wakes up from a long nap and is fed and his bum is clean. He *loves*being talked to. I'm not sure his stats, but he's growing like a weed and on my bathroom scale he's about 16 pounds. He's wearing 3-6 mo clothes already.
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DS is 14.5 weeks now, but I think I can remember what he was up to a month ago. Let's see. He weighed about 13.5 lbs and was entirely in 3-6 month clothes and medium dipes. Lots of smiles, lots of coos. He was discovering his hands and stared at them all the time and brought them together. He had very good head control (it didn't slump over), but hated tummy time--he *could* lift his head up, though. He was batting at toys but didn't start to reach for/grab them until about 11-12 weeks.

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