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Friend with nut allergy (question about baking)

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I'm hoping someone can help me. Every Christmas I bake goods for all my friends and family, but there are 2 people who can not have nuts.

One has Huntington's disease, so he can't swallow them, but if flakes or something get on his bread, it's not going to kill him.

The other has a severe nut allergy.

Usually, I'll bake his first, then the stuff with nuts, or bake them over someone else's house where no nuts have been in the oven.

My problem is I already baked everything with the nuts, and I can't go to anyone's house. I'm really worried that if I bake in my oven it will hurt him. What do I do? He in school, so I can't ask him and his wife is sleeping (bless her pregnant heart ) Everyone says I'm worrying too much and just bake it.

Do you think I should bake it? Should I wait a day? Scrub the oven? Or am I being a mental case and the stress of baking 120 loaves of Amish 10-Day Bread has gone to my head?

Opinions?? TIA
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If you are worried, you could clean out the oven first. I'd definitely make sure you use different pans b/c you don't want any cross contamination.
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You are not worrying too much, you are being very considerate. It's tough to find people not dealing with allergies personally to take them as seriously as necessary. I would scrub anything that came in contact with the nuts as well as the oven and leave it open and ventilate it well for a while and wait as long as possible to bake. How long ago were the nutty things baked? If he has airborne reactions, I would still worry and probably try to figure out something else for him. And I would let him know that you baked the nutty stuff first so he can judge whether it's something that might cause him to react.
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Thanks for your responses. I cleaned the oven and aired it out. I wasn't worried about the pans, since I got a new one for his bread and it didn't come in contact with anything nutty.

I'm going to deliver it to him tomorrow and tell him what I did. I don't know what I was thinking, why I didn't bake it first, like I normally would! I talked to his wife and she said she doesn't clean the oven, just lets it air out. So with me doing both, it will be fine, she said. Whew!
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That's really awesome of you
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Originally Posted by Jessviola View Post
That's really awesome of you
Yes. That.

My dd has a nut allergy and I never worried about the oven. I'd be more worried about the pans. To be sure, I'd bake nut free stuff with parchment paper, or a new pan as you did.

I wish I had more people like you in my dd's life.
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