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Her little yoni, questions...

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Hi all. I'm comming back from a long vacation from Mothering to see if any of you mothers have some insight into something I've noticed with my daughter. She is 8 mos, and a couple of weeks ago I noticed a thin film of skin growing over her vagina, trying to close up the opening - close to the labia. Well when I wiped her, it hurt her a bit and the film tore away some. I thought it didn't seam right. Later, the rest tore away, with minimal complaint from her.
Well, the other day I notice that it looks like her little Labia lips are growng back into the skin around them. What was once a perfectly formed little Yoni (girl parts) now looks different. Her inner lips are stuck to the outer skin, and her clitoris area just seams like a bump - it used to be more of a fold.
Why is her little Yoni growing back together??? What if I'd never noticed?
We have a doctors appointment for Wednesday, but I thought I'd see if any of you had any similar experiences.

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Wow! I dunno. I hope everything is okay though!
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This does happen to baby girls sometimes.. it happened to one of the other moms around here recently.. I don't remember who but you could do a search... I think her thread was actually titled "yoni" too!

She was able to take care of it pretty easily I think.
I have a ds, so I don't have any experience with it myself.. but don't worry, it can be taken care of.
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What's happening is called "fused labia" and it is pretty common. The allopathic remedy is to apply an estrogen cream to her labia (your ped can give you a prescription). I'm not familiar with any alternative treatments, maybe ask or do a search in health and healing?

Good luck .
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I just wanted to let you know that I have heard of this although I can't remember where, she will be ok. I think it's sort of common. I know that there is a natural remedy , I'll try to look for it for you .
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DD had this a little bit and we were kind of leary of the estrogen cream. Our pediatrician told us to use Vaseline or some other ointment that is slow to absorb on the area after every diaper change. It seems to have worked. At 16.5 months, there is no sign of the adhesion. We still put ointment on it, just to be sure, though.
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Thanks for the replies. I can see how an ointment might prevent further adhesion, but what about what is already fused? I guess I'll find out at the doctor's tomorrow. And I sure hope there is something natural...
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I just found a page at http://eu.amershamhealth.com/medcycl...ED%20LABIA.asp that has a bit more information on the whole issue.

Good luck at the dr!
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my dd also had labial adhesions. we massaged the area with vaseline at EVERY diaper change until she was normal again. and we continued to apply the vaseline every day for a while afterward to ensure she stayed open.
your ped may open her up in the office. ours did the first time it happened. he used a q-tip and vaseline.
it's just something you have to keep on top of now that you know what to watch for.
oh, for the massaging, i used a ton of the vaseline and the middle knuckle of my middle finger so the pressure would be gentle and just rubbed for as long as she would let meat each diaper change. i changed her every hour then, so she would get more massage time in. i don't think my dd's case was quite like your dd's but we had her back to normal in a day. thank god. it was so stressful for me. i cried and cried because i was convinced i was an unfit mother and the stupidest woman alive. i still have those moments, but you know, there's nothing in my baby "manuals" that talks about yonis sealing themselves so i forgive myself for that one.
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My dd has this problem. I was a bit worried about it and took her in to our (thankfully, very progressive) pediatrician. He said don't do anything. He feels the hormone creams are questionable and an unlabled use at that. He says it goes away naturally by puberty (usually long before) and there is no need to do all the massage or creams or worrying about it. Whew!

I was thinking maybe it was a throwback protective measure.

Just wanted to mention that there are alternatives to the hormone creams and massage.
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the problem with doing nothing is that if the adhesion covers the urethral opening, urine will collect. if the adhesion is just over the vagina, it's not imperative to act, but when it gets so large that urine cannot pass, you have to do something.
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Originally posted by Elphaba
the problem with doing nothing is that if the adhesion covers the urethral opening, urine will collect. if the adhesion is just over the vagina, it's not imperative to act, but when it gets so large that urine cannot pass, you have to do something.
Yeah, I brought that up with the physician. His take on it is that the force of the stream of urine keeps it open. He has never seen (in his practice) skin grow over the urethra to the point that is hindered urination.

Of course, if I notice a problem in that area, I will take her back in!
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This is a really interesting thread. My mom has told me that my labia "grew together" when I was a baby, and at the time, they attributed it to poor hygeine (i.e., dad got the blame for laziness during midnight changes). The hormone connection is fascinating, because as an adult, I'm generally anovulatory and have other androgenic symptoms that have been blamed on PCOS, despite the fact that I don't really have many other PCOS symptoms. It's stunning to think that the fertility issues I've had as an adult could have been predicted in my infancy.
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Well the doctor (also very progressive) said not to worry. Actually, her adhesion was no longer over her vaginal opening, it was just the lips looked fused to the skin around them. She said "some of us have long lips, some of us have short lips... She will change during puberty and be just fine."
I am making an effort to massage a bit of salve into her labial area whenever I think of it.
She didn't mention that it was a symptom of androgeny in any way, and I can't help but hope not. The wierd thing is that my son has the smallest penis I've ever seen (although it still works fine : ). That is part of why I took dd in. I thought maybe my kids had some genital problems. But doc's right, we are all different. So my son won't be well hung and my daughter will have little lips - big deal. I trust they will have many other virtues far more important!!
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I'm glad your doctor isn't concerned. I didn't mean to worry you about possible future problems, and I should hasten to add that I'm just finishing up a very healthy, happy pregnancy.
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