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Is rhubarb ok?

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I sure hope so b/c my 9 mos. old just ate a big piece of stalk. Just LOVED it.
It's so unusual I doubt it would be on any "stay away" list for under a year.

ANyone have any idea?

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I don't know about the stalk, but definitely stay away from the leaves. They are VERY toxic and can make a person extremely ill.

Did your babe eat it raw? Bleck!
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I knew that about the leaves and I have heard the stalk should be avoided if pg. But, otherwise...zip.

Yup, he devoured it! Can't wait for him to start teething again. hehe
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Soooooo, how are those bowels today
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Amazingly fine.:

But, this is also the kid who can eat bunches of green grapes w/no ill effects.
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Gotta love a kid w/ a cast iron stomach...I have one of those too, but he has his food preferences and lets me know w/ a loud patooey as he spits out the offender. We haven't tried rhubarb yet...the patch is in a less than accessible spot, since I have few uses for it.
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Oh, go get some. Remember to pull rather than cut it off. I just made peach/rhubarb crisp. Awesome and not unhealthy.
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Funny OT story....I went into the back yard one day several years ago and I heard this rustling behind the shed....sounded like a bear...(I live in an urban area!)....I very cautiously made my way to that area only to find a neighbor I had never met raiding my patch....scared us both to death.....she apologized and thought since we seem to never use it, she could put it to use! So now it gets used on a regular basis, just not by me.....I might try the crisp though...since I have some gorgeous local peaches from the market I hope it hasn't gone to seed.
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Wow! I tried to feed my baby rubarb and he hated it. I can't say I blame him. It's not my cup of tea. If your baby likes it, it should be fine. I can't believe he ate it RAW! That's brave. Sounds like you have a natural born veg-head.
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