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On our way!

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no..not to babyland yet.. but soon

but... our home is all clean and closed up and we are on our way to vancouver for christmas and baby having!!

i'm so relieved because the last few days have been hellish. i'm sick (sore throat and head and body and cough that wont stop and i keep peeing myself.. and sneezing and sniffling and constant snot pouring out of me) and my 2 year old is sick too and sooo clingy and cranky..

and my nesting instincts are so strong that ive been constantly cooking and cleaning for weeks now and my body is so sore, i kept thinking i was going into labour with such strong BHx and aching back...

i just want everything to be perfect for when we get home with our new little one.. so i can just let out a huge sigh of relief now, right?
im 36 weeks 5 days....almost term and almost where i need to be..of course baby will probably be 2 weeks late and i have been worrying like crazy for nothing..

anyways, we have a huge long wintery snowy drive ahead of us tomorow..so send us safe traveling vibes!
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Be safe!!! And uh...have an emergency birth kit in the car just in case. :

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best of luck fern!!

love y'all.
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Save travels, Fern.
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I hope everyone stays healthy and happy!
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You are going to be so thankful that you went through all this for when you get home with baby!! Just keep remembering that. You nest for a reason. Some nest more detailed than others. Hope you have a safe trip!
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