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question for our chiros

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ok, lauras, i have a question for you--

i had 24 hours of back labor with a 10 pound OP baby before my emergency c-section. i'm finding that, at 3 weeks postpartum, i have far more pain in my lower back (where i felt my contractions) than i do in my surgical incision! is it possible that caitlin did some kind of damage to my back during labor???
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I'm no chiro, but I say YES!
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What about the epidural? My epidural with Pixie caused ALL KINDS of back pain. It lasted almost 3 years.. and it wasn't just at the epidural site... of course, I had back labor with her too, so.....
Okay, I'm no help! LOL
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I treat a lot of post partum moms (and prenatal too) .. we see all kinds of "stuff" from L&D as well as epidurals.. so the short and is YES, if it is from the epi it is much harder to treat and often needs dural torque work and more cranial sacral work (which some chiros do but most don't).. start with regular , good, basic chiropractic and go from there.. expect to be treated for at least 4-6 wks regularly , might take a good week or two to really see results so try to be patient.. If no help after 8 wks then try cranila sacral and or something like reiki and or accupuncture... hugs
LAura (one of 'em anyway!)
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