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I can barely stand another board I frequent. We're all due in January. There are so many posts by 36 weekers saying that their doc will strip their membraned next week, inductions due to big babies, wanting info on natural induction methods WAY too early!! Inductions for a tax break weeks early, inductions for doc's christmas vaca convenience.....

No wonder c section rates are at a peak! People have no idea what they're doing with their bodies! : There's definitely a time and a place for intervention. I know that. But seriously.

I'm so usually not judgemental, and I'm trying so hard not to be rude. I'll either reply that it's not a good idea, or I'll just keep my mouth shut. I really wsh I could just say "What, are you stupid???"

And when these inductions come back with their stories about how wrong it all went, it is so hard not to say "I told you so!"
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I know what you mean!

I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when people ask me when I will be induced or if I'm having a scheduled c/s.

Yes, I'm interested in speeding things up, but I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow! Yes, I want to beat the 12/31 "deadline" so that our insurance can't screw us over (DH's company changes providers on 1/1), but I'm not going to endanger myself or my baby JUST to get her out by 12/31 !!!

I wish more people WANTED to be educated!

There was also a woman who asked me (shaking her head) if I'd had a natural birth already. When I said "Yes. Two." with a smile, she just kept shaking her head. If I had said No, I could tell she would have gone on and on about how I would change my mind . . .
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I can't even go onto those other boards that I use to frequent!! They are already talking about elective c-sections and how they can't wait, and planned inductions!! I can't go there!! If I replied to any of them, it would not be nice no matter how I worded it so I just avoid them now altogether!
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That's hard- I live/work with 3 other ladies who are pregnant (well actually 2 just had their babies this week!). I have learned that I have to just keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself. I want them to respect my ideas and they think I'm just as insane (or naive) for wanting to do it naturally, as I think THEY are insane for wanting it done "medically." I've been a lot less upset about it since adopting this stance.
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There was a post on another board I visit once in awhile where a lady said she was going out to buy castor oil to try to induce herself that day at 36 weeks!
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That's when you just want to post:

I purposefully didn't join ANY ddc's besides mdc just for that reason. : And there's more on mdc then I would have expected too. They spoil my vibe with that stuff!!!

but now I want to know what board!!! :
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I agree...I am SOOOO anxious to get this baby out NOW! And I'm only 37 weeks today, but I know that letting nature take its course is the only way to ensure a safe delivery, not to mention having the delivery I want!! If I were to induce, that means being stuck in a bed the whole labor...NO THANK YOU!!!!
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