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what makes your baby laugh?

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My 3 month old son Jules laughs when he stands up, or sees us pretending to sneeze. He likes raspberries being blown on his stomach as well.

What makes your baby laugh. Any games you like to play?

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EVERYTHING. Silly songs, funny faces, peek-a-boo, smiles from waitresses...it's the cutest thing ever. I love that he's so happy!
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My dd first laughed at around 6 weeks - I was telling off her daddy for trying to "pull the wool over my eyes" and while I was telling him off, I had a laughing sort of voice and he was chuckling too and then all of a sudden dd made a weird noise and I looked down and she was laughing!!!!!!!!!

She laughs when she sees or hears me or her daddy do something that is hilarious to her! I used to laugh at her when she got the hiccups and yesterday for the first time in years, I got the hiccups and her eyes opened wide and she looked at me and said "Oh!" and then when I hiccuped again, she squealed with laughter! Did so every time i hiccuped... then SHE got the hiccups and was laughing after every one of her hiccups (and mine!)

Needless to say, she was quite exhausted after it was all over lol

She smiles and laughes a great deal around us but not as often around other people.

oh yeah, I was hiding under the bedsheets - wanted a break from dd, didn't want her grabbing me and crawling over her (shes 8 months now). I figured that if I hid when she wasn't looking, she'd leave me alone for a bit....and then I peeked out to see what she was up to... she had crawled over and her face was inches away from mine and she was waiting for me to come out! She was laughing her head off like she thought I was being silly : )
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Especially when u have him in the air like superman
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My baby laughs when I do yoga! We have a mom and baby yoga class and I was doing the cat-and-dog stretch on all fours with her below me. Every time I would look back down at her she would just howl! It also works with downward facing dog. Basically anytime I'm above her and play peek a boo or some variation. It's sooooooo cute! Also lately when she knows she's about to nurse she'll go, "huh huh huh!" with a smile!
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Her daddy! Everytime dh comes into the room she just looks at him and laugh. He makes funny faces and noises at her and she eats it up. She laughs when I do it too, but not like when her daddy does it!
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Let's see... the cats, bouncing on our laps, playing "superbaby", being held upside down (that's a big one!), the baby in the mirror...

Oh, raspberries, being tickled (but only with accompanying sound effects - ticky, ticky, ticky!), and being kissed on her neck. Also having her armpits washed.

I love how happy she is!
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Mine too is 16 months now. But at an early age he liked the word BOO. He would just crack up.
Now its just about anything. He can hear someone laugh on TV and he will start laughing too.
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definitely raspberries on his thighs and tummy and kissing his bare tummy and peek a boo.
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DS loves to be tickled, especially under his armpits, and on his belly. His laugh is so precious--I can't get enough of it!!
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Newmoonmomma, you stole my answer. My husband is the funniest thing my daughter has ever seen. ild
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We have a great new game- we squeze the nose for honk honk, touch the forhead for bzzz and then down to the chin for ding ding ding. So the "honk honk bzzzzz ding ding ding" routine is great fun. She grabs our noses now waiting for the response, and then goes for the forhead, and down to the chin. She loves it done on her, and on others.

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Everything makes my 6 month old laugh. I do mean everything. If a stanger says hi to him, he laughs. If I pop out from behind a pillow and yell Bo..he laughs. He is very ticklish, everywhere. He laughs at night when he gets a bath..then when I put the lotion on him. He is a very happy baby!
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Lots of things make DS laugh. The ones that work every time are doing anything repetitively so that he can anticipate it, and cleaning off his winkie during diaper changes.
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My favorite thing that would make Jonny giggle was when he would be fussing to nurse, and I'd get him ready to latch on, and he'd giggle as he latched on.
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What makes Jakob laugh...

1. Having a bare bottom when I take his dirty dipe off
2. Tickling neck, tummy, ribs and back
3. Singing certain songs, especially twinkle twinkle and one that i made up
4. His reflection
5. His Uncle Aron (anything he does makes Jakob laugh like crazy)
6. When his dad acts like a monster (Raaarrr!)
7. Lifting up in the air
8. Bouncing in laps
9. When someone says something funny
10. When he's hungry and he sees my bare breast
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Ok, I don't know why but when I show my dd a claw hand, she laughs her head off...
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the first thing that made my dd go hysterical with laughter was shaking a box of macaroni and cheese. : Still not sure why that was so funny but I called my mom so she could hear.
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The first time my ds really had a full on belly laugh was when he knocked over an empty Pepsi can onto a glass tabletop at my in-laws. I guess the noise it made just tickled him silly. He kept doing it over and over. It was great because it was at a family reunion so everyone got to hear it.

The thing that has always cracked him up is physical comedy - when we pretend to fall or stagger or bump into a wall. He can barely breathe he laughs so hard. When we were a baby he also got a kick out of us spitting anything out of our mouth - blocks, etc. We have a video of dh laying on the floor - ds would crawl over and put a block in his mouth, and dh would spit it up in the air. Ds would just howl. Certain silly noises we make make him laugh too.

He's 26 months now, and still loves a lot of that stuff. But no one makes him laugh like my dad! Ds just sees my dad and he starts laughing. My dad is very goofy with him.

My neice is 13 months and I have never seen her laugh. It's kind of funny, because she is actually a more smiley, go with the flow baby than my ds was. You can hand her to anyone, she'll sit contended in her stroller, she'll smile at strangers - all stuff that ds most definitey did NOT do. But I have never heard her laugh.
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does every child love the raspberries? i find that my ds loves the raspberries, when you talk to him with a silly voice, when you blow him kisses..... and sometimes he will laugh when you are complaining that he is pinching you too hard.....
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