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how is everyone feeling today?

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I'm 5 weeks today. had my first mw appointment yesterday, and I think it went well. physically, I'm doing ok. I haven't thrown up again, and my boobs aren't hurting nearly as bad as they were. I got some sleep last night.

Emotionally, on the other hand, I am not doing so hot. This is our first pregnancy, so I'm pretty nervous. Not so much about what will happen in the pregnancy at this point because it's pretty out of my hands, but about motherhood, labor, and bfing. Just your normal first time mom worries I guess.
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I am sure you will be fine. It is normal to be worried. Your life is about to change.

I am feeling pretty sick. I have started a new job, and i throw up everyday while at work. I am so tired, but that has a lot to do with the fact I work until midnight every night, and have to be up with the kids at 7 am. I also have a lot of anxiety, since this pregnancy is on the tail of several losses.
I am looking foreward to the second trimester. when I wont be as sick or tired, and I wont be working retail during the holidays. LOL
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I actually woke up feeling great. Lots of energy, hungry for a change and anxious. And then about an hour ago, fatigue hit me and so did nausea. I don't want to be too sick because my DBF is taking me for a night on the town. He's put a lot of work into planning this and I would feel bad if I felt awful all week. He's leaving to go home to MS for Christmas tomorrow and I'm going to miss him. Boobs are still sore and my face is breaking out slightly.

I agree on the feeling nervous. I'm going to be a first time mother too. I can't believe it's happening and I keep wondering if I'm doing or will do something wrong. Geez! Pray for me, ladies. LOL
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I'm still having a fair amount of morning sickness, but no vomiting. The challenge is that I get nauseated on an empty stomach, so it's really hard to deal with things like cooking dinner or working up the motivation to go to the cafeteria for lunch. I need to do a better job of snacking.

My breasts are so, so sore. I broke down and put on a maternity bra today. So I'm sagging all over the place (Size E + non-underwire = lots of sag), but at least I'm a little more comfortable.
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Dd and I are sick with a cold I feel better today than yesterday but I'm going to try and take a nap because I want to be well enough to go to a concert tonight. Dh and I are going to see the pianist Jim Brickman. I have a weak spot for good piano music...I even want to use it for pregnancy/birthing music. Very relaxing.

On pregnancy - my bbs are sore but that's about it. I'm surprised I'm not super hungry yet.
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I spent all morning forcing myself to not barf. Then at about 2, I was starving and wanted to eat every unhealthy thing imaginable. Dh took me to Boston Market - dear sweet man.
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I'm feeling pretty good, just VERY tired, and very sore boobs. Everytime DD nurses I want to scream!! Today I am SOOO Hungry too. I am 6 weeks. The sore boobs came this week and so did the tiredness.
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So far, I don't have many symptoms other than that I am ravenously hungry. Oh, and I'm a bit of an emotional basketcase too. One moment I am overjoyed and the next moment I am panicked at the thought of 2 under age 2 (plus my older children)!:
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I am feeling good. A little tired (probably unrelated). I have been going through waves of nausea followed by starvation. The worst thing is that I fell yesterday, and my back is killing me. I cannot get comfortable, and I do not want to take anything. It kept waking me up last night (probably why I am tired).
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I'm at 4w1d today, so I'm still feeling rather symptomless. I am feeling tired, but I am not sure if it's the pregnancy or the cold, dark weather. I went in to confirm my pregnancy with the nurse's station in family medicine. I thought they were going to do all the bloodwork, but I just peed in a cup. My providers don't see pregnant women until 10 weeks so I guess I'll call for an appt for sometime early February.
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I'm tired, tired, tired. Just sleepy all the time. The fatigue is back full force this time around. I find myself having to nap during lunch in my car and then leaving work about 20 minutes early to get home to bed. I don't sleep well during the night. When will the restless nights end?! Then my DBF (he's a jerk to me right now is all over the place. I suggested we go to the bank and add his name to my account, he said let's wait a few weeks he has another idea in mind.
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doing better.

less gas and constipation today. i did have a bowel movement (modest) this am, and no nausea.

i'm eating fairly normally, i just have to eat as soon as i feel hungry or i'll get gassy/sick feeling.
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I'm not answering in case I jinx myself.
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Hungry and a bit tired. But, I've just had morning sickness that goes away mid-morning thus far. With my last two, I had the all day nausea.
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Feeling pretty good still. I have some nausea, sometimes terrible nausea, but generally it is tolerable.
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Today has been a really good day. 7 weeks now and today is literally the first day in weeks that I haven't been bone-tired. The exhaustion has been insane, but today I felt really pretty good. Tired, but not inhumanly tired. Nausea, but under control. I ate really well today too -- lots of protein, lots of food, which seems to help me a lot.

Thanks for asking!
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I feel totally normal, which makes me paranoid. Oh wait, I am a little um, constipated. I don't recall that being a pregnancy symptom but it's not something I usually have a problem with.
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No worries, Sigrid, it is a preggy sign!

I'm feeling no nausea now, but nothing sounds tastey either. Ugh. Food - who needs it!

Otherwise, my foot is being stupid. It twitches so much it's sore. Sometimes flat painful.

Hey, anyone know if muscle cramps get better in the second tri like everything else seems to?
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I felt fine, but tired. DBF and I woke early to get into work early for my appt this afternoon. I got a call 20 mins ago that the nurse called in sick and they had to reschedule me for almost another month! So now we're having to rearrange schedules and get that figured out; not to mention $1,000 copay I have to pay at my first visit. I've considered just putting it on a credit card and pay that off, but heck, this is just a lot of money. I'm a little stressed about money right now.
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Originally Posted by Sigrid View Post
I feel totally normal, which makes me paranoid.
I feel totally normal too - and also am paranoid about it. I don't think I've ever been so anxious to go to the doc before. I can't wait to get the reassurance that everything is alright. I know I am pregnant, but it's unnerving that I don't feel like it!
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