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I finished my little heavy baby! :)

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I just finished him last night. Isn't he cute?! I am totally in love with this little fella. Its for DS3 for Christmas (and if he doesn't love him as much as me I'm claiming him back LOL) He's so lovely to cuddle, I couldn't put him down once I'd picked him up and even found myself kissing him like I would a real baby.

It's the first time I've ever made a doll before and I am so proud! He tells me he doesn't want a face cos he's perfect as he is. I made some mistakes - I don't think I did the head quite right, he's a bit chubby cos I put a little too much millet in and the neck opening on the bunting is too small BUT I love him anyway.

I'm feeling a little guilty at the moment cos I've had to put him away in a box till Christmas Eve so none of the kids spot him. Good job its only one more sleep! I can't wait to see how DS reacts to him
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Sweet! He looks awfully cuddly. I love that you left the face plain, leaves lots of room for an active imagination!
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So cute!
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You did great!!! That baby will be well loved!
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He looks so sweet! I think you did a great job.
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He's beautiful! I know how it feels to get emotionally attached to the Waldorf dolls you make. They are so sweet, aren't they?! Did you use a kit for yours?
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I've been wanting to try this pattern...
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I love it. I made one just like it except mine has an embroidered face - it's in my blog if you'd like to see. Your hands came out much better though, which I noticed made your bunting sleeves fit better. How'd you manage that? My hands came out soooo small....I must have messed something up somehow!
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aww thanks I was so nervous about making it after seeing everyones gorgeous doll pics on here, so I'm glad you think he's cute too!

My littlie loves his new baby, he strokes it and pats it gently - so sweet! He likes to snuggle up with him when he's getting sleepy and takes him to bed at night. Unfortunately its a little heavy for him to carry around right now and he has to ask us to pass it to him if he wants it. But I'm just happy that he loves it too

My 10yo DD has asked me to make her one next but I will get the stuffing and fabric from a UK store to save on shipping, I might make her the bigger doll tho.

I bought the little heavy baby kit from Joy's waldorf dolls. The shipping to England was really expensive (same price as the kit!) but it got here quickly and I got him made for xmas. I'm still waiting for my DRD kit to arrive so DS2 will have to have his doll for his birthday in March instead.

I did my sleeve elastic 4" instead of 5" cos I read (on here I think) that it came out too loose if you used the measurements in the pattern. I thought my hands turned out really small too, I think the tighter elastic in the sleeves just make them look a better size
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