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Help me do my own prenatal care

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Since we moved we now live 50+ minutes from my midwife. The plan is to rotate prenatal visits between her house and mine, but it seems like things always get snarled up. I would like to start doing my own prenatal care because I do not know how often I'm going to get to see my midwife during this pregnancy-our schedules are just constantly conflicted! I figured all the UC'ers will know what I need to do/what supplies I need to buy. Thanks!
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I don't do anything at all unless I have symptoms.

I eat lots of good food, try to push protein and fluids because I can forget about those things sometimes unless I really pay attention, and I take fish oil and a prenatal vitamin.

Sometimes if I'm really curious I measure fundal height.
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Oh and we have a sticky on prenatal self care, right up at the top o' the forum.
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Yes, I just finished looking through it. Some good links in there, but I could use more!
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To do your own prenatals you really don't need much.

I have been doing all my prenatal care. It consists of measuring my fundal height, and taking my BP {I just do it at the store}. I record my weight because I'm curious, and I sometimes listen to FHT, but not very much after he started moving all the time. I have a doppler that I rented from babybeat.com because I am a surrogate and it let's me record the heartbeat and email it to the parents. Otherwise I probably would have gotten a fetoscope to listen to the heartbeat. So my "supplies" include my bathroom scale, my tape measure I use for sewing, a doppler, and the BP machine at a store.

Some people do the urine strip tests, others don't. If you want to do them maybe your midwife will give you a few since you normally only test every 4 weeks {like you would at prenatals.}

There's really not much to it, mainly just paying attention to how you feel and your overall well being.
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I do the same thing as Trish. Except I very rarely take my BP b/c it's always low/normal and it's quite frankly a waste of time for me.
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My BP is always low, in fact I have sometimes ridiculously low BP during pregnancy, it isn't uncommon for me to have my upper number be 90 or below. A fetoscope might be a nice investment, though. I'll get the pee strips too because I'm prone to bladder infections. I tried to look at the tests for vaginitis on the site listed in the sticky but it wouldn't work. ( I'm still battling BV. Currently trying TTO in there...hopefully it works) We need a scale too. I never bothered to buy one because no one here has a weight problem. Seems pretty simple, at least for someone healthy/low risk like me. Anyone have some good resources for buying supplies?
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I just use a regular stethoscope (Omron Sprague or something on amazon for cheap). I use the scale at my chiro or when we go to the store.

Sometimes you can find the vaginal tests at CVS or whatever drugstore. You can also just test your bp while you are there.
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