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How far apart were your twins born?

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I thought this would be interesting to see everyone's experiences. Mine were born naturally 1 hour and 1 minute apart.
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Seven minutes.

K was vertex at 12:28 a.m. and O was double footling breech extraction at 12:35 a.m. (after attempting to come feet first with a fist...)
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Six minutes.

Natasha was sunny side up and Nathan was face down. I was overcome with the urge to push and Nathan practically fell out. I guess the fact that he was 1.5 pounds lighter than his sister might have something to do with his quick arrival.
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Mine were born thirteen minutes apart--one at 11:58 p.m. and one at 12:11 a.m., so they have separate birthdays. They were just shy of 33 weeks and tiny: 3 lbs 15 oz and 4 lbs 4 oz, so they were easy to push out. It was a quick and strange labor, as I was supposed to be keeping them in.
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7 minutes apart, natural hospital birth.
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Mine came by c-section. They were 4 minutes apart. DS was second, and they rushed to get him out because they believed he was in distress. He was; he didn't breathe well on his own for three hours after his birth.
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10 minutes (natural home water birth). Cate was heavier than Colette, but only by 2 ounces.
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1 minute -- emergency c-section...
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mine was an emergency c-section - 2 minutes apart.

My SIL had hers about an hour apart - baby a was vertex & baby b was frank breech
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Mine were about 9 minutes. On the birth certificate it says 2 minutes, but my mom was with me and we both know it was way longer than that, we estimate it at 9 minutes. I pushed out baby A and said something like, "Okay, I'm done, I want to go home now!" and then had to be convinced to push out baby B (feet-first breech).

Almost five years ago...
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1 minute apart, emergency c-section.
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36 minutes apart, Lillian was born vaginally, then I was wheeled next-door to the OR for a non-emergent, but still medically necessary (you don't mess around much at 29 weeks) c-section for Kate, my little contortionist.
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8 minutes apart. and the second baby was posterior, bigger, and still in her sac. homebirth
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Vag birth at 29 weeks, 6 minutes apart. Becka was vertex and Kate was frank breech.
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Both born vaginally 4 hours apart.
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7 minutes apart - vaginal birth in a hospital (both vertex).
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1 1/2 hours between at an intervention free hospital birth.... no one was telling me to push so I moved around patiently(or not!) until DD #2 was ready to be pushed out....


DS 6 DD 2 Twin DDs 13 mos (who will not currently go to sleep at 2:18 am
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47 min. It was long enough to let me snuggle with baby A. Once she started nursing though, I knew things would move quickly enough. Baby B came quickly once my contractions started up again. The placenta was harder to deliver than my tiny (6lb 9 oz) baby B. Maybe cause I was just done with the whole thing and ready to move on!
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2 minutes - C-sec.
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35 minutes.KK was vertex,born at 0809 and CC was a frank breech born at 0844.
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