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Born naturally in the hospital 14 minutes apart. Baby A was vertex. Baby B footling breech.
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Mine were born about 5 1/2 hours apart! Furie was a natural birth, and Fenix came via c-section because she wouldn't descend at all and the drs. feared infection, so...A couple of hours after Furie was born the drs and nurses started disappearing, and one of the obs said he had never seen so much time between twin births before. If only he knew...
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58 minutes - I remember expecting it to be about 15!
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4 minutes

E was vertex, J was breech extraction. I remember thinking after E came out that I would have a little time to relax, but then the doc was pulling J out.
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21 minutes
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2 hours & 32 minutes.
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3 minutes- 0303 and 0306. homebirth labor turned transfer hospital c-section. double footling breech- the resident tried to pull two feet out until she realized they belonged to two seperate babies and had to put one leg back in and find a match for the other. she got DS, but DD got freaked out by that and pulled her legs up high, so it took a little effort to get her out next. hence 3 min vs. like 1 min.
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3 minutes: home waterbirth Chloe (baby B) came out like a rocket. i could have used a break but I always joked she would have come first if she could have shoved her sis out of the way.
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10 min, but Rena (twin B) was an emergancy extraction (vacuum, she was vertex but flatlined).
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Mine were 12 minutes apart and a home waterbirth. Baby A was head first but LOP so pushing him out was a bit hard, but baby B shot out. He must have got a slight shock and breathed in some fluids, as he didn't breath on his own right away my midwife had to breath into his mouth to get him started.
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1 hour 58 minutes
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Originally Posted by mumm View Post
47 min.
Same for me....47 minutes. Both were vaginal births. Baby A was head down and Baby B was breech. The turned her and I began pushing soon after. Baby A was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and B was 7 lbs. 1 oz.
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15 minutes, home water birth. The 1st baby seemed to just come flying out and he was born in his sac and posterior too!
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17 minutes. . . A vertex, B a double-footling breech (born without intervention).

I think, though, that it was more like 10 minutes. The hospital recorded Twin B as 4:27am. But our photos of the birth show us smiling and holding both babies at 4:25am (by the big clock above the hospital bed) and I know they were fooling around with Twin B for a few very long minutes after he was born.
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3 minutes. baby A, vertex and baby B, a double footling breech both born vaginally.
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Naturally, 12 min apart because I told the dr. that I needed a minute to collect myself before I did that again .
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2 minutes for both

My girls, born vaginally, were 2 minutes apart and so were my boy/girl twins who were delivered via c-section. I thought it was interesting that even though they were delivered differently, both sets were still two minutes apart.
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20 seconds... emergency c-section @ 31.5 wks
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22 months.


sorry, couldn't resist. I don't have twins, but I've got two peas in a pod with the sibling set we got!

back to your regularly scheduled thread.
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mine were 1 minute apart. I never went into labor, and had a c-section because the presenting baby (Alina) was breech.
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