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Outie or umbilical hernia?

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DD is 7 weeks old and her bellybutton keeps sticking out more and more as she gets bigger. Lately it sticks out about half an inch when she cries. How can I tell if it is an outie or an umbilical hernia? It's only the bellybutton stump itself that sticks out.
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Usually with an umbilical hernia, it will bulge out a bit more if the baby tightens their belly muscles (like straining to poop) and then go back to normal.

My son had one, and the doc told me as long as it was not hard, warm, or painful, don't get too worried. It went away by about 4 months.
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Does it look like the picture : here?

If so, it's an umbilical granuloma.

My son had one - at about 1.5 months old, we were trying to decide what to do (take him in to the doc where they would probably have 'burned' it off with silver nitrate (??)) when my husband found a link online to a pamphlet (I can dig up and post the link if anyone wants it) from the UK that suggested putting table salt on the granuloma a couple of times over a couple of day and it would dry up.

We put salt on the granuloma once and the next day it had started drying up and within a couple of days it had completely dried up and fell off.
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My baby had one

The doctor caterized it when she was 6 weeks.Hers bulged when she cried also.It looks fine now.
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It's definitely not an umbilical granuloma, it doesn't look like that picture at all.

It is a hard little stump that sticks out in the middle and looks sort of like this: http://hernia.tripod.com/umbilical.gif

It is not a big soft lump like this: http://www.ubhtnicu.com/images/jpegs/freddiehernia.jpg
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My daughter had one. She was a preemie and developed hers when she was about a month old and it went away on its own by the time she was 6 months old. At one point hers was pretty big. It stuck out all the time but it was soft when she wasn't putting pressure on it but it felt hard when she was trying to poop or when she was crying etc. Here is what hers looked like. BTW her belly button is now an innie and is adorable, you can't even tell she ever had an umbilical hernia!

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