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Originally Posted by arismama! View Post
Dd was totally shocked to learn that not only not ALL children were bf'd, but that those who were only nursed when they were little babies!LOL
Yeah, Maya sometimes points out this new and interesting fact that some babies only use bottles! (Shocked.) I try not to be too sad about it, because I really believe that we mothers ought to focus on our things-in-common, but, I'm honest with her about it, too.

Maya's 4.5 and I think she's starting to consider the fact that just about none of her friends nurse anymore... I do wonder how that is affecting her. (She only talks about it in bits...)

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My 4.5 year old nurses about once a week or so, and I'm also nursing her 20 month old sister. My mom was an LLL leader, and nursed my baby sister until age 4.5- I only nursed to after 3, 3.5. My sister has the straightest teeth, and least allergies, etc. of all of us.
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Hi! Triandeming here. My 5, 3 and 7 month old all breastfeed, although it's really more the 3 yr old and baby who nurse. My oldest nurses maybe twice a day, and not for very long, and is very compliant about ending the nursing if it is uncomfortable to me.

It was a long time ago since my first was younger and I was hoping he'd wean during my second pregnancy. I yearned for him to wean, but after my first experience of tandem nursing, we worked out a lot of kinks, gentle discipline, and me just plain gaining more patience...I see him continuing to breastfeed as being very beneficial for him and me. It's been the right fit for our family, even with all the adjustments and occasional, periodic night-weaning (knowing my boundaries and communicating them in acceptable ways).

Also, I became a LLL Leader 2 years ago, after I had my second child. The first thing I did, besides lead the Series meeting for new moms, was to start a Toddler meeting for mothers nursing children over age 1!!!! I started it b/c there was no support for moms like me, even in LLL. It's hard for me to lead this many meetings sometimes, too busy, but we try to meet whenever moms request it.

You could ask the Leader/s in the group you've attended to have a toddler playgroup at a member's home, or ask if they know of any other mothers of nursing children you could talk with.
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Our DS will be 4 yo in 2-weeks and I assume he'll still be nursing.
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wow...amazing...I thought I was the only one still at it

my youngest just turned 4 last week...and he still nurses (and co-sleeps)...probably 2-4 times in a 24 hour period

the longest I have ever been away from him is six hours (when I went to a scrapbook party at my friends house!)

I love how it is the cure-all...for bumps and bruises...and soooo many times I have been so thankful he is still nursing like when he had the flu and couldnt keep down anything but his "mi-mi" and that is all he wanted

he also spent the first couple years of his life dealing with failure to thrive issues (according to doctors charts) and testings and specialists...and even his nutritionist said...that breastmilk is the icing on the cake and keep it up for extra calories even though I couldnt measure it (never pumped and dont own a pump or bottle)

Kudos to all my extended nursing mamas!!!!
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My oldest will be five in April and he still nurses. He's been slowing down for over a year. Before I got pregnant with my now six week old, my oldest would nurse about once every week or two. Then when I got pregnant, he went back to once every few days. In the six weeks we've had our new baby, he's nursed, about 3 or 4 times. He was excited that the milk is sweet. There have been times he has asked to nurse when I was too busy with the baby and I told him he would have to wait. But then when I later said now is a good time to nurse, he lost interest. I don't know how much longer he will continue. He rarely nurses in public which is his choice. Though when I was eight months pregnant and visiting relatives on Long Island, he wanted to nurse in a pizzaria. Which I have to admit was a little difficult for me, but I did it. I never hide it. Recently, a woman I am acquainted with was mentioning something from the past and said, was that when we were still nursing? And I smiled and said, well I know I was because Mez still nurses. Her eyes just about popped out of her face.

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Now I can join officially DD was 4 a few days ago. Though she has actually gone to sleep without nursing the last few night (which is nice).
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Originally Posted by beansmama View Post
DD will be 4 in April and according to her - she's gonna nurse until she's about 7 We'll see about that - lol!
Do we have the same child?
I am also nursing a four-years-old-in -April girly girl...
who wants to nurse till 10 she says:
and a little 18lb pixie boy whos 16months
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Originally Posted by loomweaver View Post
Do we have the same child?
I am also nursing a four-years-old-in -April girly girl...
who wants to nurse till 10 she says:
Okay yeah so what do you (general you) do/think/feel about this? Coz mine says pretty much the exact same thing... I'm nursing til I'm ten, Im nursing til I'm a mama, when I'm a mama I will come over to your house and nurse.

Like, when you are doing CLW and the child is, well... not leading ... WTF do you do? I'm not prepared to nurse til the end of time. I will not nurse a 6 year old, that is my limit. I told mine we would wean when she is 5.5. She was aghast, and kept bringing it up at school and her teacher told me it was causing her anxiety.

I don't want to push weaning but OTOH I do have an end date.
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I scanned all the posts, and I think I beat all of you. Mine is older than every "baby" here, but younger than the emperor. We stopped nursing in public a long time ago. Even here, I am afraid of saying the age, can you tell? She will only nurse for a few seconds at a time every few days or weeks, and each time she will proudly and happily proclaim, "MILK!" I wonder how I can lactate if she doesn't nurse for weeks on end?

I hear that Native American's nursed their babies until they were as old as fourteen, I don't think I will do that ...

However, when I started my nursing journey, my goal was 3 months, because that was what was recommended, and the more I read the longer my goal became, ok, one year, ok, I can do two, etc.

I am proud to call all of you my friends.

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You confess that you are ignorant, but then continue to spew your ignorant opinions? Classy.
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If you had come here asking an honest question about the benefits, no one would have a problem. When you come here saying you don't know the benefits, but it must be detrimental, etc, then that is ignorant, and no you cannot say whatever you want here. Do you know what site you are on?
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You are on MDC, on a thread FOR MAMAS NURSING 4 YEAR OLDS. Not 'for mamas to defend to people who are clueless why we are nursing 4 year olds.'
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Originally Posted by countrycountess View Post
So yes, I must be in the wrong place.
Wow, you figured out the mystery! Good for you.
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Like I said, if you has asked questions with an open mind and no negativity, people would have gladly answered you.

You want evidence, do your own research. I am certainly not educating someone as rude as you. Like I said, the normal weaning age is between 2.5 and 7 with an average of 4.

I bet you wouldn't like it if someone judged you for not breastfeeding, so how about you keep your judgment to yourself.

The irony of open minded mamas is burning! "Be open minded to my judgment!"
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Yes there is research. You don't want to research? Fine. Don't say there isn't any research when you haven't even bothered. I have researched it, so you are so clearly wrong.
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My children could ask for it before a year. The Canadian Paediatrics Society, Health Canada, Dietitians Canada, and the World Health Organization recommend a minimum of two years of breastfeeding, and then for as long as is mutually desired.

You say you are open to learning, but then you say nursing a four year old is ridiculous. Do you think anyone wants to educate someone who is so rude? Do you not realize that you are calling every woman on this thread ridiculous?

What is the magic thing that happens when children can ask for it? Especially when it varies so wildly between babies and children.

You aren't a parent. You haven't breastfed. Yet you know what is best for moms and children even more than them or major health organizations. Right.
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Originally Posted by thismama View Post
Okay yeah so what do you (general you) do/think/feel about this? Coz mine says pretty much the exact same thing... I'm nursing til I'm ten, Im nursing til I'm a mama, when I'm a mama I will come over to your house and nurse.

Hey!! How did you get Fern?? Though she goes one better and say that I will also be able to nurse from her then.

I recently pointed out to her that children stop nursing eventually, her response? "Well, I'm not! I'm always going to nurse!"

She will change her mind at some point? Right?
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i'm not in the club yet- ds is only 15 mos old, but i had to pop in and thank you girls for showing up at lll meetings. i went to one where i saw older nurslings (prob 3 or 4, maybe even 5 years old). i was very surprised at first because i had never seen this or even really thought about it. i began going to lll because family were pressuring me to start thinking about weaning and it felt wrong to me. anyway seeing those moms nurse, and reading on mdc has given me a lot of encouragement and inspiration. i hope one day to be a member of the club (should ds want to continue!). so thanks to you all!
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