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Charlie & Lola

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on Disney via BBC -
DS & I love this cartoon

"I have this little sister Lola...."
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I LOVE Charlie and Lola!
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We love them too! The books are great -- Lauren Child is a fantastic author.
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LOVE love it! Especially how big brother Charlie deals with little sis Lola in such a loving, positive way.

We also downloaded the theme song from iTunes
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I'm such an anglophile, naturally I love it.

But YES, big thumbs up for how Charlie interacts with Lola. Especially during his birthday party -- he is very mad at Lola for taking over, but he takes her to another room to calmly discuss it with her without an audience.
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" I absolutely, positively do not like TO-mah-toes"

I so love the dialogue
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We love Charlie and Lola around here too. Oldest DD brings home the books from the school library for everyone to read.
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I love Charlie and Lola! Finally, a children's program that's actively enjoyable for adults.

They are very sweet to each other, and also convinced my daughter to go through a brief but passionate phase of eating many "moon squirters" (i.e., tomatoes).
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We love Charlie & Lola! Such a cute show.
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Originally Posted by polka123 View Post
" I absolutely, positively do not like TO-mah-toes"

I so love the dialogue
This one was just on the other day. I said, "what do you think about Lola?" My picky eater dd1 said, "She sounds like a very fussy eater." Later on at bedtime I asked them what Lola did eat and how much you miss out when you don't try new things. We had fun saying TO-mah-toes.
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My 4 year old loves it. Helps her get in touch with her English half. I like it too.
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I watch Charlie and Lola, and I don't have any children yet
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I'd also like to add that I love that Charlie and Lola share a bedroom. My family thinks I'm nuts, nuts, nuts when I say that If we have another baby and it's a girl, she'll share a room with DS until he approaches his teens. I think that it is completely appropriate for a brother and a sister to share a room. Especially if DS turns out to be a sweetheart big bro, like Charlie!
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I love it. Very positive interaction between Charlie and Lola, unconditional love.
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That is one of my oldest DD's fave shows. For her it is right up there with The Wiggles, Johnny and the Sprites and the Doodlebops! Lol. It is a cute show and I love the English accents!
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Oh, me too! Love it, love it, love it.
You all might Kipper, as well.
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