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Diaper Sewing Swap - post your ISO and FT here...

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Please post here

ISO (please include sizes)

For Trade:

I'll match accordingly and post back with assignments next week - since this forum isn't as frequently visited as others! You can request more than one item - please specify how many and note that you ***will be required to send out an equal number of packages*** to the number you request.

All swaps must be sent no later than September 30th - that should give us all PLENTY of time to accomplish our crafts!!

ONE item is as follows:

1 crocheted/knitted soaker


1 pocket diaper

2 fitted diapers (flannel with Aplix or the like)

1 fitted diaper made of organic materials or hemp with snaps and a doubler

1 wool cover

1 WindPro or MM Fleece or PUL cover

I hope that covers all options! :LOL If you think of something just add it to your list - it's not excluded if it isn't here - I just forgot it! :LOL
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My ISO -
for a 19lb 18 month old -
measurements are 16.5" rise, 16" waist, 11" thigh

natural fibers, please

knited/crocheted soaker - Med? all wool

Wool cover

hemp fitted diaper


PUL Pocket diapers with cute outer

Malden Mills winter theme fleece cover or AIO with hemp soaker or Pocket diaper
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DS is 20 pounds and 15 months old. Don't have exact measurements.

I would like to do 1 swap (but would be willing to do a 2 for 1 applique/WIO):

Fitted Diaper (higher end one) size M or onesize
Wool Cover size M/L
Appliqued wool cover or WIO
Wool Soaker (knit/crochet) size M/L

I can make:
Honeyboy using windpro outer /hempsoaker/ microfleece or knit print inner - any size
Fitted (organic/hemp/knit print) any size with or without microfleece inner I have Goodness Gracious pattern (very nice) as well as HB.

I have windpro(many colors), MM and tonitex microfleece, hemp fleece, hemp french terry, organic sherpa, natural sherpa, BKT, Girl and Boy prints (liliparis and PRR).

I have a snap press and snaps.

Just changed my number to 1 : I keep changing my number sorry. Just overwhelmed so should just do 1

Thanks a bunch
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I'd like to do two or three trades if possible
Atley is about 12-13 pounds, with 8" thighs, a 16" waist and a 15" rise (16" for covers)

Hemp Fitteds with snap closure
Pocket Diapers (with a hemp insert, maybe?)
Knitted Wool Soaker
Cute Side Snap PUL covers that have withstood tests of heavy wetters

Can Make:
Adjustable Size Fitteds (front closure)
Sm-M-L fitteds (front or side closure)
Hemp Prefolds with cute snappi-able outer
Front Closure Gussetted Wool covers (with applique if desired)
**All can be either snap (nylon professional) or Aplix closure**

You can see pictures of my work here
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My lil man is 23lbs, 31 inches tall...so long and skinny. I don't have exact measurements but he usually wears a M in most WAHM dipes.

Knitted wool soakers
Wool cover M/L

I can make:
My version of a quick dry HB AIO (has a partially attached soaker that's not part of the inner layers), with WP or MM 200 outer and flannel or microfleece inner. Any size

Fitted dipe in either the poopockets or HB style: flannel/hemp fleece/microfleece outer, hemp fleece inner and microterry soaker (or hemp soaker). Pinnable or aplix closures. Any size.

BTW my fleeces and such are more "boy" than girl. Of course I wouldn't mind picking up some cute girlie prints! LOL

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DD is 21 mos, 24 lbs. Waist 19-20, thighs 11, rise 19.
1 trade please

Wool cover or AIO
Wool soaker
any AIO

Fleece AIO
Wool AIO
both side snapping and appliqued, please specify boy or girl
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I can do 2 or even three trades.

My ISO (for a slender 25 lb. toddler):
knitted or crocheted soakers
pull-on wool covers
(size medium or large)
Mommy-made cotton/hemp/natural fiber pull-up-able diaper. Can be a beefed up training pant or a side-snapping diaper that can be pulled up and down.

I can make:

Fitted diapers with hemp, organic sherpa, organic terry, or organic jersey (snap or aplix, snap-in soaker). I have lots of fun fabrics for outers.

Wool covers (snap, aplix or pull-on)

Hemp or organic fabric "prefolds"

I can do aplix but prefer to do snaps.

I can do a WIO with a snap-in or an appliqued wool cover..I noticed several of you have mentioned those..but I think those should count as two items...what do you ladies think? Don't mean to make things more complicated!!
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I'd be cool with a applique WIO or WIO being worth twice as much.
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I agree - a WIO (wool shell with snap in contours with or without applique) counts as two!
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This is going to be fun!

My DD is 7 mos and weighs 13.5 lbs and is 25 inches long (in other words TINY!) Her waist is 14 1/2 inches

I will do her measurements later.


wool cover
HB style


crocheted wool soaker
cute PUL/microfleece covers
pocket dipe

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My big little guy is 35 lbs, 36" tall, and I just measured him : 19" waist, 22" hip and 14.5" thigh. We generally have good luck with a rise of about 20"
I can do 2, or 3 if we are short a swap partner.

Fitteds or AIO (or WIO) that will fit him. I'm not a big fan of HB, sorry. They fit him in exactly the way a diaper shouldn't. Pocket diapers are good too.

Knit wool soakers, either daytime (trim) or nighttime (really thick, but you will never get a leak)
Large, XL and XXL fitteds with aplix. I have no idea how to make sm or med dipes.

Edited to add: I think I can really do as many soakers as needed. I am working on perfecting sizing, and have somehow ended up with 3 nb/small soakers and a couple mediums too.
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Shelby is 20lbs and 29" long...She's got 12" thighs, 19" waist and about a 18" rise (I like high rise though so I normally make her 19"+rise diapers)
I can do a few if we're short someone to swap.

Wool Front Aplix Covers
PUL/Micro AIO's -pocket style
Hemp prefolds

Can trade:
hemp (w/ print outer if desired) fitteds
pul aio's
fleece qd aio's
pul covers (print outer if desired)

I can sew just about anything - so put me where needed...I have a variety of knits, wovens, velours, pul, fleece etc...
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OK, my little one isn't even born yet and therefore I have no measurements. She has 2 big sis's who were 6.75 and 7.75 pounds at birth, but this one has a 2 vessel cord, so she is expected to be smaller (I don't think very much) so still well within the newborn range.

ISO - nothing that requires pins or snappis...I prefer Aplix or snaps (probably Aplix as it has a bigger adjustability). I need some small nb dipes, been making covers and dipes in this size so I would prefer some in the

SMALL (bigger than newborn) range. Again Aplix or snaps...either dipe or cover.

I can knit almost anything, in the middle of a small knit pair of soaker pants (for lack of a better term) will fit a kid about 12 months. They are homeless right now, I would be willing to trade these for something above or I can start fresh with something else.

I can also sew covers, AIO's, diapers...but there seems tobe more of a desire for knitters here so put me down to knit........

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I'd love to make newborn dipes They're so cute!
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I'll do two if I can get something apliqued or one otherwise

dd is about 30 lbs. 14" thighs 21" waist 18" rise

wool soakers or covers in large or to fit the above measurements
windpro AIOs, appliqued is prefered
really any AIO is good

I can make anything, I'm working on my first crocheted soaker so not those yet
I do hemp fitteds
pul aios with outer prints and snap in or sewn ON (not enclosed just attached at one end)
windpro covers
pul covers with outer prints

I love to try dipes by other wahms
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Bump (and I think I could make 1 wool cover in size Large if necessary). Yes I could LOL I just made one today and it looks pretty darned good.
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Just checking in to see where we are with the swap.

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I was sort of wondering the same thing. Sandra? Everything ok?
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I asked her in chat the other night, she said as soon as she finishes up the swaps she has going on right now she'll post a list
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Sorry - the morning sickness has me floored - and off the boards most times.

I'm trying to get this organized still - let me go through the list and pair up people - then I'll post here - on this thread - hopefully by day's end.

Thanks for your patience.
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