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Yogurt for my 3.5 mo ds...?? YIKES!!

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My dear MIL babysat my 3.5 month old ds yesterday while I was at work. I called MIL several times during the day to make sure everything was going well. During my last check in of the day, she says she's out of EBM so "I can just give him a little yogurt to tide him over till you get here. It's organic." I about FREAKED!!!!

She knows that we exclusively breast feed or bottle with EBM. And we've not introduced ANY solids whatsoever and likely won't until he's 6 months old. So, MIL is the sweetest, most compassionate person I know and I get along soooooo well with her. But she's also the kind of person who sometimes says she *might* do something when in fact she already *has*.

Today I telecommuted and ds has been more needy than usual. He just wants to be nursing all the time and when he's not, he's whiney like he doesn't feel well. He's never had diarrhea before, but he got it today. It's very watery, more so than normal, and has a little bit of green tinge to it.

My question is: Do you think this diarrhea could be from solids being introduced to his little immature digestive system?

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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I personally would say yes, but my son is the same age as yours so I don't have a lot of experience to draw on (but he has never had green poos or diarrhea). I am mostly responding to give you a little peer support.

If my mother in law did that to me I would find it an abuse of trust. However it is difficult to explain to them that they didn't do the right thing, because in their generation it was the reccommended thing to do.

Sorry about the position you are in
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do you know how to create a poll? something about how nursing mothers set appropriate limits with their mother in laws.

or ask for suggestions in the title of your thread.

in some ways, the mothr in law relationship might be as fragile as the baby digestive system.

eat well, drink a lot of water, nurse that baby! rrr
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Call her and tell her about the weird poop. Tell her you're concerned and calling your pediatrician and the pediatrician will ask about anything the baby has had to eat or drink in the past 24 hours. Ask her to list exactly what she fed him--how many ounces of EBM and approximately when. See if she volunteers that she actually fed him the yogurt.

If she doesn't, then ask. The poop you're describing sounds like it could be from a dairy intolerance--but it could be other things as well.

If she admits to it, then calmly and firmly tell her that it was not a healthy thing to do with your son, and that while it might have been recommended by doctors when she was riaising her kids, it isn't recommended anymore. The baby is sick, possibly from being fed something that his body cannot handle. Make sure she knows this. Tell her you know she loves him and that she's a really good grandmother in general, but that you need to know that you can trust her to follow through with your wishes when it comes to caring for him.

If she swears she didn't give him the yogurt, then still call the pediatrician or LLL to figure this one out.

Good luck.

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I'd suggest calling MIL and just saying that the baby is having a reaction such as if someone had fed him yougurt or a dairy product and ask if she did feed the baby the yougurt that she'd mentioned, other wise let her know that you are going to have to bring the baby in for tests (there really won't be tests but that might encourage her to fess up).
But yes, from what you've described that sounds like a very typical reation to dairy. I'd also let her know that to continue to expose him to dairy will just lead to reactions that will get worse and worse over time. Good luck!!
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Thank you for your suggestions ladies. They are all good ones. My ds was up wiggling last night from around from gas pains since about 2:30a to 6:30a . I tried the best I could to make him more comfy and help get the gas out by bringing his legs up to his chest. It really seemed to help.

DS is back with MIL today. I told her about the diarrhea, gas and sleeplessness. She asked if it was from something I ate and I said I hadn't eaten anything unusual and that I thought it was strange that he had diarrhea b/c he never had it b4. She's a very sensitive woman who is very loving and generous, so I don't want to confront her directly on it quite yet. I think that if it ever happens again, I will definitely say something directly about it. I imagine she was only thinking it would be ok and good for him. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body and absolutely ADORES ds (he's her first grandkid) ...but sometimes she doesn't think about things in a logical context.

As of 8a this morning, he seemed to be doing ok, so hopefully it's passed. If not, dear MIL will get to experience the results of the yogurt!!

Again, thanks for all your support and advice. I don't know what I'd do without you ladies!!
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confrontation can lead to lasting resentment in a big hurry.

how about a thank you note posted on your/ her fridge that includes thanks for respecting our wishes that he remain exclusively breastfed!

would she be into reading simple info sheets from La Leche? it might help to remove yourself as expert. rrr
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