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Breast feeding kit for dads

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I know this is an odd question however is their a harness or some such device which allows fathers to use formula but experience breastfeeding and bonding with the baby? I saw a guy on ER using one and he had a harness ( holding the milk) and a tube with he strapped using tape to his chest and nipple. I guess there was a nipple on the tube so the baby could suckle both. Apparently it's a fantastic way for dads or gay men to bond with their babies for a friend.

I would like to buy one? Does any one know or can help PLEASE!

Also is it possible using oestrogen injections for men to produce breast milk is it an old wives tale?

You can email me alleynews@hotmail.com

HELP PLEASE - I am on a rapid learning curve and merry christmas

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I think this is the product you are looking for:
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The Grandpa in Meet the Fockers (or was it Meet the Parents?) had one. It was an exact replica of his daughter's breast.

I hope you find what you want, there's got to be something out there somewhere! Have you tried called the LC department at a large hospital? Or contacted a LLL person?
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You could use an SNS.

There was a thread on here about male lactation a bit ago too. Men can lactate, if you're into it.. I think it will take some trial and error to see if you can get something to work for you if you're interested in that. I don't think estrogen would be the way to go- maybe herbs and simple stimulation. Go from there.
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You might also check out the feeding the adopted baby thread in the adoption and foster parenting forum. There are a bunch of suggestions there.
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I think short of producing milk somehow fathers cannot come anywhere near the feeling a woman has in breastfeeding a baby.
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