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Are the saponins in agave the same in quinoa? Like all recipes call for, I wash my quinoa to remove the saponins. I've never had an adverse reaction to quinoa, even when I've forgotten to rinse it. Hmmmm....
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Originally Posted by MamabearTo4 View Post
You know, I think I might have been full of crap when I posted my stevia finding, because I can't find it anywhere, now. I was sure it was one of the 'herbs to avoid during pregnancy', but can't find the source anywhere, which is great - I loooove stevia!

Sorry for the misinformation, mamas!
Well that makes me happy!
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Warning!!!!  Agave May Promote Menstruation and Birth Defects

Some herbs such as agave and aloe vera are classified as emmenagogues, which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, and are menstrual promoters, particularly in high doses. Those in early pregnancy, or those who are at high risk for miscarriage, should not consume agave nectar.

Herbal preparations are not regulated under the Food and Drug Administration, and some therefore are not well studied in pregnancy. Agave is considered a potential teratogen, which means that it may disturb the development of the fetus and cause birth defects.

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Wow. I just made bread with agave this weekend (the same weekend I found out I was pregnant). It wasn't a very big dose, but I guess I shouldn't make any more.

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Norma1 - Welcome to MDC. Would you care to provide a medical study to back up your warning?
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