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I'd get him a travel bag for the game. Have him put everything back in the bag when hes done. If something gets lost....IT HAPPENS hes a kid. The game was given as a gift and it now belongs to your child. They need to get over it. I would tell your son not to stress about it everthing is replaceable but he should try his best to keep his DS things together but again hes a kid and things get lost and break.
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Game Stop has the Nintendo DS for $79.99 right now. I was in there this afternoon and they had and extra $10 off sticker on them. I would definitely recommend going there considering that they cost about $130 new!!! My brother owns one and he had a lot of problems with misplacing it(he was taking it to school and to friends houses all the time) so, he was getting into a lot of trouble with my mom~it was like a whole paycheck for her.~ Anyways, in order to stop that they made the rule that he could only play it in his bedroom. Unfortunately, she had to make him come out of his room to interact with the family more!! or you could just tell X to kiss it because once the game was given to your son it was no longer his to command.
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Originally Posted by Elvirnon View Post
OP, if I were in that situation, I'd ask my child what course of action he'd like to take. Refusing to comply with his father's demands, for example (what, realistically, would your ex do if your DS decided that he wanted to leave the game at your place when he went to Dad's?) or maybe investing in a backup set of accessories to keep around in case one of the originals goes missing. If he'd like to go in on another game system to keep at your house, that sounds like a good compromise too.
I agree except that I wouldn't offer son (ie condone) the option of refusing to comply with dad. I don't think just refusing to do what dad asks should be condoned by mom, but if he seems inclined to go that route, let him know that talking to dad about it might be an option.

Maybe help your son brainstorm ALL the possible solutions, then talk about each one and decide on which one(s) he would like to try out.... a great life skill for dealing with difficult decisions and finding solutions to problems.

Good luck! It must be hard for your son to have gotten such a fun present only to have it turn out to be stressful.
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Maybe I sounds like a jerk but I don't think the ex is being that unreasonable. I planned on getting my DSS a gameboy when he was 7 or 8 but his stepdad beat me to it. Well, after he lost that we bought him another one. Then he lost that one and was so torn up about he got another one (can't remember who bought it that time). It is so hard to buy him things that go over to his mom's and never come back. His room there is like a sea of toys, and then he is bored to tears when he comes to our house because he doesn't have any of his stuff here. I'm sorry but when the shoe is on the other foot I don't think OP's ex is being that unreasonable.
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I kind of agree with Leila1213; I don't think the ex is being that unreasonable. Maybe a little militant about gameboy inspections, but still, he's trying to teach his child about taking care of the things that mean a lot to you.

From my perspective: my DSS is a compulsive "misplacer" of things. We used to buy him expensive toys, books, clothing, and he would invariably lose them or break them by being careless. He's a boy, I know, so he's clumsy and highly energetic, but eventually, he started losing or breaking *our* stuff, and it had to be dealt with. Now if he receives something expensive/meaningful as a gift (or if he buys it for himself), it is HIS responsibility to care for it. If he damages or loses it, we do not replace it. He has to work around the house, doing chores or whatnot, to make some money and buy himself a new one. As a result, he's a lot more careful with his beloved toys and games.
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We are having the opposite problem. Everything we send home with DSS gets lost, broken, torn, or given away or viewed as inappropriate by his mom and DH gets a lecture. Therefore, we no longer send any toys, games, or even clothing home with him. In fact this Xmas will be the first time we have given him clothes that will be taken home with him. I really wonder how long they will last. The game "guitar hero" was taken back to his mom's house and completely destroyed. The two guitars that went with the game were given to friends. We realise now that his mom denigrates the gifts so he destroys or gives them away to please her. Any money given to him goes in her pockets or is spent by him on gifts for his friends. That way he doesn't have to defend the things he bought with Daddy's money from her. My suggestion is to buy your own gameboy for your house as soon as finances allow.
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I would send the gift to dad's permanently. THat way, dad knows EXACTLY where it is, and can always have an eye on it. And the child has something to look forward to when he goes over there.

Then, when you can afford it, buy your own version for your house...but don't NOT pay bills to buy it. If he wants one for your house, he CAN help you save for it, it won't kill him. and, in the end, he'll probably be happier because he doesn't have the stress surrounding "keeping the game DAD proof" while he has it at your house, you know?
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I agree with courtenay_e response. Leave it at dads house.
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Considering that the DS is of a size where you can put the game system, charger, styli, and probably every single game that's made for it into a child's shoebox, I'd also suggest buying a travel case rather than a second system. Yeah, I think the ex is being sort of a booger, but it is an expensive toy.
If you do get a travel case, be careful if you get this one. I did, and returned it because the latch kept popping open if I had the silicone sleeve on the game system. I wound up with the little padded zipper case , but the zipper on the game-storage pocket died after about two days. If you can find one of the metal briefcase-style cases, or perhaps one of these, that would probably be the best thing for a kid who's doing a lot of traveling.
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DSD has a DS and she's never lost anything that goes with it. She's had it for a year. I think that, at 10, your son should be perfectly capable of keeping track of the pieces himself - maybe he just needs to have a place where they belong, so that he doesn't have to remember where they are all the time. DSD has a case for hers.

I think the way your son's dad communicated with him about the whole thing is lame, as it sounds very threatening. However, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that an expensive toy come back for visitation. Of course we're more often on the other side - buying toys and clothes that are never seen again.
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