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Episiotomy-pain after a year?

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hey all

I had a episiotomy when I had my son last year. My midwife did it against her better judgement as I had been in med-free, induced active labor for about 6 hrs and then pushed for 3 hrs...and my son wa sjust NOT popping out, and the doctors who were on duty that night threatened a c-section as my sons heart rate was dropping.
ANYWAY, she didnt do a normal epi, she cut on the sides, stitched me up and I healed very easily and quicly-dare I say, pretty painlessly.

But, fast forward almost a year and suddenly the areas which were cut hurt-and sting...I dont understand why?
Can someone tell me wether this is normal or what?

I cant see a ob-gyn until the semester goes back in early january.

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I've heard of several women this happened to. I know at least one had to have surgery to fix it. Something about a nerve & scar tissue I think.
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This happened to me. My OB gave me a completely unnecessary episiotmony w/ my 2nd (he was my smallest baby w/ a head in the 50th %ile, and I did not tear w/ his brothers who had heads in the 98th.) I had pain and itchiness, and it fet "tight" (for lack of a better description of how it felt) a year afterwards. I think it was the nerves reattaching. It last off and on for a few months and was fine after that. I hope yours goes away as well.
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I had pain for about 15 months after my DS1 was born. I had a horrid episiotomy that tore an extension and had a lot of scar tissue. It started feeling better after DS1 nightweaned, which was around 15 mos - the hormonal shift that happened then (my periods also came back then) helped that tissue to feel more normal.
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I didn't have an episiotomy but I tore with DS. I had pain in that area for about 9 months after the fact. It went away on it's own.
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i had a pretty radical epi (meaning I was cut from one end, almost to my anus) for similar "medical reasons", my sons heart rate was decelerating and I had been pushing for a couple hours and he was posterior. I dont think the epi was needed upon looking back, however.

It has been 6 years and during my menses I still feel a dull, heavy, painful feeling right on the episiotomy scar. it hurt for 4 months and longer to even try to have intercourse. it was very painful after birth and I have mild urinary incontinence due to this procedure (and probably due to not doing enough kegals) to this day.
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